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God is saying to you today my sweet kids

not handiest to issue all the matters in

case you still attempt it through

yourself will never work out how

frequently you have been doing

that uh usually you’ve got been annoying

and losing a precious day I actually

have given you by means of doing that

how many times you have realized that so

stop doing everything everything by

means of

yourself before you do something first

talk approximately that to me latter

element I will look after put me first


everything like the video if you have

faith supreme

god and bible verse Psalm

to one always says unless the Lord

builds the residence the Builder labor

in vain unless the Lord watches over the

Metropolis the guards stand watch in

vain my child inside the tremendous

expanse of Lifestyles your whispered

prayers resonate via the cosmos fear no

longer for I am the keeper of

tranquility and your plea for peace has

reached my Divine

ears let the gentle breeze be a grass of

Solace calming the storms within your

coronary heart know that amidst the

celestial Symphony your voice is a


melody in moments of unrest are trying

to find shelter within the sanctuary of

your personal Soul there you will

discover the Eternal Flame of Serenity

an ember that even the strongest winds



embrace the Stillness and sigh for its

far end the quietude that my Divine Cal

Whispers to

you if you have assurance and Lord

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individual may your thoughts be a seren

pond reflecting the readability of

cosmic information as constellations

weave memory ra throughout the canvas of

the nighttime sky let their luminescence

light up the carers of your

soul your adventure is interwoven with

Celestial threads and in each step my

Cosmic Grace accompanies

you take solace my light for the

universe cradles your Lifestyles and the

A and Float of cosmic rhythms locate the

dance of Peace your prayer isn’t simply

heard it Smiles woven into the very

material of Advent an everlasting himym

in the cosmic choir of

Tranquility Lord claims type why he yes

if you want my

blessings the God Jesus are keeping

watch I am your help and your Shield pay

special interest to the possessive

pronoun your am no longer only help and

the shield I am yours for all time and

at some stage in

eternity let this all the time

dedication toughen and encourage you as

you walk with me via at the moment I

will in no way depart you or forsake you

you can rely on me because I am your

help you don’t need to worry your

inadequacy when the project beforehand

of you appears daunting have a good time

that I stand prepared to help you openly

well known your

insufficiency and agree within my

endless sufficiency you and I together

can accomplish some as long as it miles

my will you actually need am as your

Shield I guard you from many dangers

bodily emotional and spiritual

sometimes you are aware of my shielding

work to your behalf however I also

protect you from perils you in no way


suspect find comfort in this assurance

of my powerful presence watching over

you fear no evil my loved one for I am


you type I love you

father cast your cares on me and I will

preserve you carrying your personal

burdens is wearing you out your

shoulders were no longer designed for

sporting heavy hundreds so I need you to

learn to solid your burdens on

me the first step is to apprehend that

something is weighing you down next look

at the problem to determine whether it

is yours or someone else’s if it isn’t

always yours surely permit Cross of it

and depart it at the back

of if it is your problem communicate

with me about it I will help you see

from my angle and I’ll display you the

way ahead be prepared to do so as needed

however do not allow issues weigh you

down by way of turning into your

recognition. make it concertive deer to

cast your cares on me

for are

even then genuinely do the following

issue in Glad dependence on me be

recommended via my promise to sustain

you to maintain you up and provide what

you need I will supply all of your

desires in keeping with my riches and

Glory typs if you

agree God says worrying in no way

accomplishes whatever but your religion

on me opens up a manner of opportunity

and lets in me to change the

entirety I recognize on which day on

which month on which year on which time

you will be crying and praying before

you ay and pray I realize on that day

that month ther that point I recognize

what you’re retrying and praying

for so just do not forget before you

were born I know this will take place

long before you AR andne pray I already

made a solution for everything do trust

me nothing occurs apart from what I

realize for your

Lifestyles I shaped you and breathed

into your nostrils the breath of

Lifestyles after which you be became a

residing being from that day onwards the

entirety occurs to your life eyes as

consistent with what I

say so don’t worry considering what will

appear inside the subsequent moment I

will lead you and I will supply what you

want in its time so rather than

disturbing start trusting

me type if you agree

listen up can you image how the smart

men felt as they first regarded Upon Our

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as a part

of their worship they desired to present

him presence they gave treasure divs to

symbolize the love honor and

appreciation of their

hearts to accept it with belief please


trust within the Lord with all your

heart and lean now not in your very own

information and all your ways submit to

him and he’ll make your paths directly

Proverbs –

– beloved listener join this prayer

with me and repeat after me dear Jesus

you created the solar and the Moon and

the stars with your creative hand you

designed sunsets that take my breath

away and sunrises that Supply me

desire and but I struggle to surrender

my worry and pressure into your very

successful and loving fingers I struggle

to agree with the best one worth but I

need to live the manner you would have

me stay father I won’t surrender you are

incapable of breaking your

guarantees your love is unfailing I long

to post out my soul to you and give up

now not only the stress of my ordinary

to-do list however all that burdens my

soul and stops me from living completely

unfastened today I pick out to maintain

my mind on you and find


I recognize with you father I cannot de

move and I can discover the relaxation I

so desperately want instead of anxiety

Lord I are trying to find your pleasure

and Lord I recognize you will supply me

wings to fly like meagles as You Raise

Me Up and live by way of my aspect

forever thank you you Jesus for your

love your faithfulness and for being the

Rock in whom I can constantly consider

in Jesus call I pray

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