the Lord has spoken to my precious little one telling me that someone has decided to help you financially because

they are aware of the hardships you have endured there will be times when we Face

difficult circumstances and challenges that seem impossible to overcome in such

times we may wonder whether there is someone on Earth who really understands our hardships and even question our

faith but when we are weak and discouraged we should remember that

there could be a stronger power out there that Watches Over Us cares for us and provides us with advantages just

when we need them the lines serve as a constant reminder that we are not alone

in this world and that we have a caring father in God who understands our pain

and struggles a gift from God like a gentle Embrace from a worried parent

these words provide comfort and confidence no matter how bad things become they always make us remember that

we are loved the realization that someone wants to advise us financially is the next part of the message a

substantial second as it shows that God has arranged for all the other characters to be generous so that we

might have what we want that only goes to show how kind and caring individuals can be when they step forward to help

those in need the fact that this individual is aware of the trials we have had in the

past is strong evidence that God knows everything about us it seems like God is

still cognizant of the challenges we’ve overcome and the limits we’ve pushed past our pain and suffering have not

been forgotten and there are those that understand and share our journey this is

a much needed reminder of that what a remarkable Act of generosity this person

has chosen to do by providing us with financial assistance as a result it

serves as a gentle reminder that decent people do exist and that they are eager to lend a hand to those in need it’s a

demonstration of how God’s love and care are being worked out in the lives of individuals who are prone to be vessels

of his grace we believe that religion is important and we are reminded of that

when we repeat this word from God problems make us want to give up but we must remember that God has a purpose for

our lives no matter how cloudy the road ahead may seem we must trust that God is

leading us to a better better place the power of thankfulness is another lesson we learn from the gospel when someone

helps us out we should be sure to let them know how much we appreciate it

expressing gratitude helps us appreciate the positive things in our lives even more and draws more of them into our

lives God has sent us a message to let us know that we are not alone in this world someone or some higher force is

keeping an eye on us and we have supporters sending best wishes love and

a bountiful windfall my little child and I are reminded of the power of faith in God’s

grace and the inherent Good Will of humankind this is a word from God that

is both deep and reassuring they serve as a constant reminder of the kind

people that are there for us even when we’re down and out they encourage us to have faith be thankful openly and Trust

in the divine design of Our Lives we are never really alone on this journey called life and God’s word serves as a

Guiding Light That illuminates our hearts my little one I know exactly what

is going to happen to you soon and I am very certain that it will bring you much joy in this world as God says we often

wonder what the future holds because of the weight of uncertainty in these times of

uncertainty and curiosity we want Direction and confirmation a reassuring

reminder that we are not embarking on this journey alone and that there may be a higher power who knows us well my

beloved child is the word from God I will cherish the time I spend with my

pricey baby the way it reassures us that a protective force is looking out for us

is reminiscent of a parent speaking to their beloved children it makes us feel loved and protected we are not aimless

Mortals lost in the Labyrinth of life rather we are special predestined children of God God knows precisely what

will happen in our near future the message says taking a dramatic turn

everything we’ve learned here is both humbling and encouraging it serves as a reminder that God’s attitude is timeless

and Universal and that his awareness includes everything that exists will

exist or will exist in the future it only goes to show that God knows

everything that’s going on on in our lives including the future I’m very encouraged by the assurance that what

lies ahead may be a fantastic experience it suggests that God has structured

events and circumstances to bring about something of great quality because of it

we are able to pursue our dreams and look forward to the future with enthusiasm and confidence this message

encourages us to consider several important principles that might shape our perspective on lifestyles

we are encouraged to ponder our future in God’s wisdom when we realize that he has a plan even if we fail to discern

his perfect plan we may take comfort in the fact that he’s directing our events

to bring about our greatest good while it’s natural to want to know how things will turn out this message serves as a

reminder that there’s Beauty in the unknown unexpected opportunities

difficulties and setbacks in life often pave the way for personal development

and change perhaps the most powerful inspiration is the hope for a better

future in this message we are encouraged to bring religion into our homes and

into the developing divine plan Destiny holds great potential but we must not

lose sight of the importance of savoring each moment as it comes you have the opportunity to make new Unforgettable

discoveries every day as we go forward into the future may we find joy in the

ordinary and leave a remarkable impression on those around us we may be thankful for the direction and comfort

offered by this Divine message which increases our blessings and draws more kindness into our lives I can already

tell you what’s in store for you soon and I can guarantee that you’re going to have an amazing time deliver a heartfelt

message of hope faith and Heavenly Direction as a constant reminder that we

are loved and cared for they inspire ire us to face life’s mysteries with hope and conviction a Guiding Light amid the

night of doubt this message shows us the way forward and encourages us to welcome the future with awe and Delight

according to God my precious child they could be behaving this way because they know you have spiritual problems in the

Hereafter our lives are like a roller coaster with many highs and lows and

many obstacles to overcome at times these challenges may be so burdensome

that they make us feel helpless and unsure of what lies ahead when things get tough we might start to wonder

whether everyone knows about our past studies and the challenges we’ve faced a

reassuring word from God tells us of his existence and the good willll of others

during those times of uncertainty and reflected image my darling baby’s words

carry the warmth and tenderness of a person speaking to their beloved children with their empathetic tone

those remarks serve as a gentle reminder that the Divine is at our side and that a benign power is keeping watch over us

out of genuine concern for our welfare the Insight that someone is acting on our behalf because they know the

struggles we’ve had in the past is consistent with God’s message our challenges and difficult circumstances

are no longer being disregarded and this realization is proof of that this means

that that there are others out there who understand where we’re coming from who have been through similar struggles and

who are motivated to make a positive difference in our lives this selfless

Deed by a different character serves as a powerful reminder of the inherent goodness in people a helping hand to the

downtrodden is a perfect illustration of the inherent human desire to lighten the

load of others the world would be a better place if more people exhibited these compassionate and empathic traits

feelings of longing and relief are heightened when we learn that someone is acting on our behalf as a result of

their attention to our previous difficulties it gives us hope that our

hardships have not defined us or gone unrecognized but have instead brought us

kindness and understanding from others around us all of our evaluations good

and bad help shape our identities and this serves as a reminder of that the

courage and perseverance we showed in the past are still visible now as humans

we are bound together by the strength of our empathy when others realize how tough it is for us they may be more

willing to help us out in any way they can whether it’s financially emotionally

or practically it might have a significant impact on our lives it

serves as a gentle reminder that we are not alone in the difficult times we are experiencing ing expressing thanks and

appreciation in a public way being thankful makes the wonderful things in our lives more noticeable and enriches

our relationships with others they are taking action because they care deeply about you and your previous struggles my

darling child and this is a beautiful manifestation of both Divine and human

compassion that our plight has not gone unnoticed and that others are motivated to lend us a hand is what this serves as

a reminder of array of optimism this message bolsters the belief that empathy

and compassion are powerful energies that can guide us and comfort us when we’re down recognizing the pleasant

things happening to us and keeping in mind that we are never really alone on our Journeys are both encouraged by it

according to God my precious baby they are aware of this since they have seen your struggles firsthand life is full of

difficult events and tests that test our strength and determination rather than shattering us

those trying times should mold us into better people when you’re going through tough times it could seem like everyone

is looking down on you you have a lot on your plate but remember that I’m always

here helping you get through the worst of it eventually in your life you will

not be traveling this path alone there have been times when you felt down and

unsure about yourself there have been moments when you have doubted your abilities and wanted to quit nonetheless

you have become stronger with each challenge you have overcome the challenges you’ve faced and conquered

have only served to equip you for the future all around you people have seen

the hardships you’ve endured and can feel the level of commitment you have everyone around you admires your courage

since they’ve seen you stick it out when things get tough your steadfast faith and ability to bounce back have been an

inspiration to many remember that challenges are inevitable they aren’t punishments but rather chances for

personal development in the midst of hardship you have the opportunity to learn grow and ultimately become a more

knowledgeable and empathetic person remember those times when you felt like you couldn’t go on because your troubles

were too heavy but you probably did and you came out stronger than

before contrarily you have grown into the person you are now thanks to the

lessons you learned from your hardships also keep in mind that

difficulties affect everyone problems will arise for everyone at some point in the future regardless of their

background or the specifics of the event you have the ability to overcome

challenges and persevere through tough times which is what makes you unique you

possess the inner strength to overcome every challenge that crosses your path your previous struggles have finally

been acknowledged many people who know you admire and respect you for your

determination and persistence even when you feel disheartened or overwhelmed by

cuttingedge challenging conditions they have seen your unfaltering faith and your capacity to discover a desire even

in the darkest of times take stock of your life’s narratives remember the

times when you conquered seemingly impossible obstacles you have the inner strength and will to overcome every

challenge that crosses your path when uncertainty arises rely on your faith

and acknowledge its validity within the greater scheme of things no matter where you are I am always by your side keeping

an eye on you and pointing the way your trust in me has kept you going on your

trip and it will continue to do so difficulties do not exist to destroy you

but to shape you into a better person they shape you into Who You Are and unite you for a better future they are

The Crucible you have the knowledge and tools from your trials to face the challenges that lie ahead with

confidence your experience exemplifies the strength and determination that you possess you have encouraged others

around you to face challenges headon by doing it with poise and bravery thanks to your evaluations we

now know that there is a path ahead even when things become tough so my darling

have have faith in yourself and take heart you defined not by your difficulties but by your strength in the

face of adversity thanks to the challenges you’ve overcome you’re ready for a future full of possibilities and

optimism you’re not supposed to be interrupted by life’s troubles rather they are designed to shape you into a

more resilient and empathetic individual you may have astonish those closest to you with your resilience since they have

seen your challenges firsthand have faith in your self and Trust in the divine plan no obstacle is too great for

you to conquer during the next week my darling child you will face half new experiences

that will change your life forever as a result getting ready is key

unpredictable turns are par for the course in life and in the days ahead you’ll encounter challenging

circumstances and opportunities as you try to alter your trajectory through the adventure of living at times the known

May teach the unfamiliar proper etiquette when things get tough that’s when you have to be flexible develop and

find your hidden abilities you could have this type of leisure in the next two weeks the prospect of dealing with

the unknown on top of the unease that comes with trading may make anybody anxious however keep in mind that I’m

always here to support you and lead you on your journey no matter how difficult

things become know that my love and support will be there for you as you get ready for what’s to come find quiet

times to reflect Center yourself strengthen your faith and trust in the plan I have for your life you may draw

strength and resilience from your faith praise be remember everything you’ve

learned in school if you seek God’s favor the numerous challenges you’ve overcome have sharpened your resilience

and self-awareness to help you navigate the unexpected terrain ahead training also includes practical measures that

you may draw upon make the most of your time by carefully planning and preparing

your Affairs you could feel more prepared and in charge if you do this anticipate potential problems and come

up with Solutions as you go along rely on the support of those closest to you

tell those who care about you what’s on your mind and what you expect to accomplish their advice and support

might be useful in times of need you may be more resilient when you confront front the forthcoming life-changing

events together Embrace an attitude that is adaptable and open unpredictable

possibilities arise often as a result of life’s unexpected turns be open to new

possibilities that may come your way during this time occasionally the greatest life-altering experiences arise

out of nowhere no matter what challenges you face know that you are resilient and capable of overcoming them you have

shown remarkable res resilience in the face of adversity becoming stronger with each passing trial over the next days

and weeks believe in your ability to overcome obstacles and take advantage of

opportunities stay alert for any symptoms and keep moving in a safe Direction subtle hints and signals from

the cosmos might sometimes shed light on your path determine these signs as you

go on this transforming path by agreeing with your instincts and internal understanding

even when faced with uncertainty strive to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness

one should always be thankful for something find comfort in contemplation and prayer gaining Insight tranquility

and a sense of belonging are all possible outcomes of such routines during times of deep contemplation you

may gain wisdom and guidance that will guide you on your path just know that

you’re not the only one dealing with this a lot of people have been through tough times and come out stronger and

smarter for it if you are seeking advice or guidance from someone who has been

through the same thing reach out to them when you feel overwhelmed by uncertainty

just remember that you are a cog in a much larger wheel you develop and change

as a person as a consequence of the many tales that make up your journey in the

next weeks you must come to turn terms with the fact that everything that happens to you no matter how profound

contributes to your bigger story maintain your perseverance and trust you

have Limitless potential when it comes to versioning and expanding embrace the

unknown with courage and a hopeful heart knowing that I’ll be by your side every

step of the way my little baby be strong within have faith make a plan and be

open to new chances as you confront life-altering events in the days ahead

you may overcome obstacles and become the embodiment of possibilities because of your

perseverance recognize that a higher power is guiding your path and that you

are never truly alone what you’ve done wrong and what you’ve attempted and failed at in the

past do not define who you are now as God says my little

baby life is a roller coaster ride with plenty of highs and lows a winding route

is the best way to describe it occasionally we Veer off course and make mistakes but those mistakes do not

Define us classes could be offered you are the one who day after day steps

forward into the light there is always a fresh threat and an opportunity to rise

remembering that even the most intelligent individuals make errors might help you learn from yesterday

that’s okay it’s human but that’s not who you really are it’s really a minor component the bigger picture is the

action that follows your upward push imagine a youngster who has just mastered walking they fail often yet

they persist in trying they strictly prohibit Falls draw a picture of them

they’re focused on the act of walking you want to grow and improve just like that little child your gaffs won’t stick

around forever they’ll fade away they EB and flow like clouds in the sky the sky

is All That Remains your true nature is vast and unaffected by clouds much like

the sky your attention is focused on your strengths you possess them your

love such things Define you more than anything else they could even represent your true Essence bring them in and let

them be the Stars gain knowledge from the afterlife but leave it behind just

like reading an ebook you can’t just keep going over the same page you have to turn the page to find out what happen

happens next the following website is constantly updated and offers a plethora

of fresh opportunities give yourself a break this is crucial keeping your shame

at arms length is like lugging around a hefty bag your speed decreases allow it

to go weightlessness will wash over you quicker circulation is possible your

past has shaped you but it does not represent your future Freedom of Choice determines your future at this

particular time choosing comp passion is fraught with danger Choose Love choose

development look around stories of those who triumphed in the face of adversity

abound in this field instead of stopping they persisted who they were was not

defined by their past something similar to their bravery was transformed into it

it’s possible that no one else exists who is exactly like you embrace the path you’ve chosen Flaws and All although

they are not the destination they are integral aspect of the trip think about it trading can work it is far from late

new Dawns with the Rising Sun it symbolizes optimism and serves as a continual reminder that Fresh Starts are

always an option your past mistakes served as lessons they showed you how to improve and what to avoid love is a

powerful thing it heals it uplifts and it reminds you that you are precious

your failures were just steps on the adventure to fulfill fillment they are no longer signs of defeat instead they

are opportunities for growth and self-discovery be patient with yourself trading takes time just like planting a

seed you may not see the flower right away but it’s growing and eventually it

will Bloom will you agree with yourself when you believe you find the strength

to move beyond the past and create a new future that reflects who you truly are

remember that you are cherished by God the universe and the people around you

the mistakes aren’t the mistakes per se but rather the reasons for your actions they’re normal and they can even be

great right now it’s a gift the predominant is so named because it poses

a danger to starting to Sparkle and becoming oneself maintain the kind of

Life necessary for survival in this vast mysterious Cosmos of mine that I have

conjured up as the ultimate provider and Defender I am your God acknowledge this

within this Limitless love and energy that I have for you I vow to provide it to you in a miraculous way and to

protect you with a Heavenly hand as you go through life This Promise May provide

you with calm and a guarantee for your heart I want you to know that my provision isn’t limited by whatever this

world has to offer it goes beyond knowledge status and chance the manner

in which I can meet your needs whether they are material emotional or spiritual

will go beyond your wildest dreams keep in mind that I am the one who issued you

these tools so even when things seem Bleak and uncertain I am here to help

you and your aspirations are being watched after by the same God Who provided food for multitudes with a few

loaves of bread fish and Mana from Heaven even in a globalized world where

threats and anxieties abound my heavenly protection Watches Over You you like a watchdog your mental and spiritual

well-being are also protected from the dangers that lurk in the shadows so you don’t have to worry only about your

physical protection my ability to supply and protect is based not on your strength intelligence or understanding

my darling rather it is my unending strength and unwavering nature so keep

that in mind I the god am capable of parting Waters calming storms and

overcoming death except for my usefulness in times of need there is nothing else in your prayers come to me

between us there’s a strong bond my miraculous Supply and divine protection

are most experienced in times of genuine prayer however you must have faith in my

timing and methods and take them at face value I may not always be able to meet

your expectations or achieve your aims with the methods I approach imparting and safeguarding what you may see as

rejection or delay is really my means of guiding you to a higher place if you love

Jesus I am inspiring you to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness by acknowledging and your trust is

strengthened by valuing the means I have previously provided and protected when

you give thanks you can see my hand at work in everything even the tiniest details and it changes your life have

faith that my love for you is consistent and unfaltering as you go about your daily life

I am committing to you because of this love it’s an unending love that never

gives up on you and is always looking out for your best interests there may be many different challenging circumstances

and obstacles that you may face on your trip these aren’t indications that I’m

not here but they do provide opportunities to feel my provision and protection more fully the risk of seeing

my power at work in your life is a secret gift for every task reflect reflect on the faith experiences of

those who came before you their accounts of my provision and protection are more

than just anecdotes they serve as reminders of my unwavering character and loyalty just as I was with them

therefore you have my support refrain from letting yourself be swayed by the

murmurs of doubt and anxiety that permeate your surroundings your God is greater than

any challenge you may encounter my love and strength are always there to support and shield you as you hold steadfast in

your faith when faced with Doubt cast your gaze beyond your circumstances and

fix it on me your Refuge Fortress and savior are all in me you will discover

the strength and serenity to face every challenge that comes your way in me as you bask in my miraculous Supply and

divine protection be a lighthouse of faith and desire for others around you

make sure others know about these things studies help others who are struggling with self-doubt and anxiety by sharing

your story Peace of Mind comes from knowing that you are never really alone no matter how tough life gets I am

always by your side ready to provide you with remarkable strategies and protect you with my heavenly energy Embrace that

time as a time for healing every individual who hears these words from God’s mouth will be changed forever with

only nine words a profound message of Hope Revit ization and Supernatural

intervention is communicated an intimate Bond and love are part of the bargain which implies

The Giver views the receiver with tenderness and concern this sentence creates a soothing mood mostly I just

wanted to let them know that they’re not alone this is the time for you to rest and recharge it gets the job done and

makes you feel better what this means is that anything that may have been damaged

or lost in the past is about to be restored revived or fixed this healing

is not haphazard but rather a component of God’s plan since the word season

suggests Supernatural timing the idea of restoration is deep it suggests more

than just going back to how things were it suggests that God can take anything that is injured lost or broken and make

it whole again depending on the person’s requirements embody healing on a bodily

emotional or spiritual level customization is emphasized with the

term season it is not an impersonal vow but rather a carefully chosen

declaration made just for the recipient God is indicating that this particular moment is set aside for the

rehabilitation of each individual and every person’s path is timely now we’ll

explore the idea that seasons in nature fluctuate to indicate states of flux

prosperity and growth character I spring seasons of harvest in the fall and

winter mean rest and Leisure and similarly a season of recovery marks the end of a tough period and the beginning

of a new more prosperous one in one’s life feelings of Brokenness or

disorientation may strike at any time whether as a result of internal conflicts external events or even

religious difficulties when this happens we could also ask whether there is a desire for

healing the answer answer is yes according to God’s message it tells us

that our lives will go through Seasons just like in the natural world the hard

times will pass and then the good times will come but how can one really live out

this time of healing believ in God’s promise and his power to make a difference that’s all it

takes part of this process is letting go of our concerns and uncertainties and

having faith that God has a greater purpose for our healing than our own the method relies on prayer and scripture

for direction finding strength in the teachings and wisdom found in the Bible

part of the way is forgiveness whether it’s of ourselves or of others who may

have contributed to our hurt by doing so we may release the weight that prevents

us from fully experiencing God’s healing in our lives many parts of life have the

potential to heal for others it may mean getting back on one’s feet after

suffering an accident or sickness on the other hand for others it may mean

mending broken relationships and finding Harmony in their spiritual lives one

would have to ReDiscover their faith or become closer to God for this to happen the message’s use of seasonal imagery

serves as a gentle reminder that life is repetitive much like the passage of time

from Winter to Spring a way to desire and flourish May emerge from our hardships even if our struggles are

difficult they are not insurmountable God’s promise of restoration encourages us to keep going for the better days

ahead the term is also important because it shows that this time of healing is

not something that will happen in the future but is happening right now God says healing is taking place right now

the invitation is to learn about and be a part of the healing process that is now in place the term in the letter

alludes to the second in the Contemporary era here we are in this season of recuperation no matter what

has happened or what may happen in the future it is an affirmation of that the

message is clear focus on the present moment rather than dwelling on mistakes

of the past or worries about what the future holds the core of the deity’s

message is the Everlasting truth that he is the deity who restores broken

relationships the Bible is filled with accounts of individuals and Nations who were able to recover from adversity all

of these accounts attest to God’s Fidelity and his power to change lives

you are entering a time of Rejuvenation hope love and faith are the themes of the message it gives us Comfort to know

that God cares deeply about us and is committed to repairing Us in every way

this passage encourages us to trust in his energy embrace his timetable and see

the present moment as a time of rebirth in the end this is a message of great

mercy and divine promise and it has the potential to encourage and soothe anyone

who hears it God promises to restore everything that the adversary has taken

from you even your precious toddler peace prosperity and purpose a message

of longing healing and divine intervention is conveyed in this stirring Proclamation from God it

captures a deep promise that speaks to everyone who has been through loss or hardship in just words the speaker

God looks at the receiver with care and concern in the deal with my dear child

which provides a feeling of personal connection and love I am not alone in my

troubles as this term says setting a soothing tone and reassuring whoever it

is that I am the basic idea of the sermon is restoration and reclaiming

what the adversary has stolen it asserts that God is willing to do just that

there are three main components to this first and foremost the importance of peace is significant in people’s lives

when peace is broken it is usually because of something happening on the inside or something external the

adversary here is whatever it is that has caused the discontent or

suffering a feeling of Serenity and well-being is Promised by God who has

the ability to soothe the storms in our lives in addition to material wealth

Prosperity also refers to a state of complete satisfaction and growth in all areas of one’s life through difficulties

obstacles or unfair circumstances the adversary May Rob individuals of their

wealth God’s Proclamation gives us confidence that he is prepared to restore us and shower us with plenty the

concept of cause is crucial to our lives because it represents our Direction our

feeling of accomplishment and the finalization of our specific Mission or

undertaking the enemy might take away our Reason by planting seeds of

uncertainty disillusionment or despair God intends to lead us back to our true

purpose in life the wording of the message itself evokes a sense of immediacy and excitement for God’s ‘s

intervention it says that he is not waiting for anything to happen but is instead actively seeking to restore what

has been lost being prepared shows how much God cares about our health and how

committed he is to helping us recover healing is a beautiful metaphor for God’s power and love since it suggests a

change for the better not just a return to the old or Worse condition in ways

that we can’t always fathom God has the power to restore broken or stolen things

and make them whole again we should be aware that there are spiritual and material forces that might work against

us the enemy’s argument serves as a reminder of this personal difficulties

setbacks or negative influences are other possible manifestations of these

forces God’s word gives us hope that his intervention May undo the enemy’s actual

damage no matter what they do faith and contemplation are necessary for seeing

God’s sovereignty and his power to Vanquish all restrictions we must approach him in prayer seek guidance and

sacrifice our anxieties and fears in order to experience the restoration of what the adversary has stolen this

process also heavily relies on forgiveness on a regular basis our

adversaries are those who have harmed Us in order to let go of previous wounds and let God’s healing work in our lives

forgiving them is a crucial step also the message stresses how generous God is

he plans to reward us abundantly not only restore what has been lost it is a constant reminder that our previous

studies do not limit God’s intentions for us but rather they are filled with

his love and kindness which is in harmony with the biblical concept of healing that is found throughout the

Bible Recollections abound of individuals and countries who were able to rise above adversity and rebuild all

of these accounts attest to God’s Fidel Fidelity and Redemptive power whatever the devil has taken from you God is

ready to give it back to you a deep message of desire and guarantee is sent

by blanketing peace prosperity and motivation this serves as a reminder

that God is working to restore what has been stolen from us even if he may not always be the most cognizant of our

troubles this message is a call to trust in his plan to follow his guidance and

to live up to the hope of a future full of joy success and purpose it’s an

expansive Declaration of God’s steadfast love and his commitment to helping us get back on our feet according to God my

dear even though we are back together you will always have a special place in my heart because of the reasons I have

forgiven you forgiveness May unite people’s hearts like a bridge as we let

go of resentment and go on with forgiveness we cross that threshold and

become closer to one another and to understanding you are one of a kind and

meticulous in every way drawing you closer to love your flaws although

inherent do not define you they are Milestones on your path to success and

Mastery I’ve decided to forgive you not because your mistakes weren’t significant but because my love for you

surpasses everything love like this looks beyond shortcomings and the grave

not because you are flawless but because you are human flawed yet beautiful suffering but trying yet falling and

thus deserve an honorable place in my heart this Rose has risen to the top of my heart because it is a symbol of the

mercy of Second Chances no matter what happens it will always be there to tell

you that you are loved and treasured there have been many highs and lows in our path together but each one has been

essential we have arrived at this point of competence Beauty and reunion thanks

to every every step that has preceded it keep in mind that although everyone makes errors not everyone grows from

their experiences it is yours you are special because of it that is the reason

why my heart has a particular space for you your mistakes are now more than just mistakes their training has been ongoing

sometimes challenging but essential training they educated you they shaped

you you owe your identity to them nothing goes to waste on on This Global stage even our mistakes don’t have a

purpose they provide the way for introspection and development toward a more profound comprehension of existence

when we forgive it’s not necessarily about the past it’s about the future it

may be surprising to think about the reasons we need to forgive when you consider the possibility of starting

again with optimism a fresh start and a refreshed sense of logic reason being

forgiving someone releases a lot of pent up emotions guilt wroth peace and

perhaps most importantly a particular place in my heart as you grow and change

it becomes more than just a memory it becomes a place to live it’s everchanging much like our courting

lives though you may be confronted with several challenging circumstances

remember that you are not alone anymore I’m in your hands this unique spot is

yours to my very core it is a refuge of peace and safety falling isn’t always

the defining feature of an experience you have risen with Grace bravery and a

determination to put things right and that is how it is portrayed our connection is stronger than ever before

because of forgiveness it can withstand any test it will last a lifetime and it

is founded on something more substantial than just being Flawless here in the recesses of my

heart you will find nothing but love wisdom and above all else a rock solid

belief in your own greatness goodness and value you are more than the sum of

your physical actions you are a spirit seeking love and Enlightenment as you strive to become your best self a new

narrative may be written with the help of fresh choices made possible by forgiveness a story of redemption and

hope can be written when you are free to be yourself I am not arguing that what

happened became okay okay I’m saying that you are more essential than what happened you are more necessary than

whatever error you may have committed being a placeable person is all about learning and developing and you’ve

accomplished both you hold this distinct place because of it this space is a

tribute to your strength determination and ability to change as a seed

forgiveness has the potential to blossom into a strong resilient and everlasting

entity in the same way way forgiveness is the Fertile ground on which our connection blossoms every day you strive

for Greater Heights a preference for bettering yourself and living a life of more significance and I am here

believing in your love and cheering you on you have a special place in my heart

it is timeless unaffected by the passage of time physical distance or any other

external Factor it serves as a constant light a symbol of our triumphs and our

potential for future triumphs my darling little one go forth with trust and

Assurance knowing that you are loved that you are forgiven and that you will always have a special place in my

heart I am the embodiment of everyone who Delights in making a glittering start in life God says to my pricey kid

like a new dawn A New Beginning ushers in a plethora of light a fresh wish is

an opportunity to start again to look at the world with fresh eyes and to let go

of the past if you believe in angels life is full of exciting Beginnings that

progress every day is like a blank page fresh and unexplored you might use it as

a writing surface every one of us may be you get moving it is a gift an important

present it is absolutely not past you so please remember that in most cases you

can start again regardless of how old you are or how much you’ve accomplished there is always an opportunity to start

again in a nutshell a sparkling start is all about forgiveness forgive yourself

and others letting go of the past and embracing the future it’s also about Freedom the freedom to change grow and

learn embrace it embrace it and you’ll become better stronger and wiser with a

fresh start comes the chance to learn develop discover have fun and most importantly live fully and assuredly

don’t be scared to start a new doing so now shows courage not failure embracing

the unknown with each new beginning leaving the safety of the known and embarking on a whole new Journey

requires courage every farewell has an origin yeah that’s right life is a

revolving door of birth death and rebirth take part in the loop it is

breathtaking A New Beginning gives you the opportunity to become the person you’ve always imagined yourself to be

while still enjoying the kind of life you you’ve always fantasized about to achieve your goals you must be willing

to take risks feeling afraid is normal while starting over from scratch might be terrifying it also offers exciting

possibilities make a vow confront your fears live out your joy and embrace the

Beyond’s cross everything is done that was then you may learn from it but you

can’t trade it it might serve as a springboard for your fresh beginning a place to start

visualize a butterfly unfolding begins Life as a caterpillar Metamorphoses into

a cocoon and then emerges as a new and improved version of itself every level

is significant every step adds to The Thrill of the journey although you hold

your previous evaluations in high regard you should realize that they do not represent your

future what is ahead of you is both Unwritten and waiting to be written

there is a feeling of Adventure and Discovery when one starts aresh it is a

voyage a voyage of the spirit into the arena and into one’s own soul strive for

greatness show bravery have guts and take chances explore other areas meet

interesting people and try new activities living is an adventure embrace it wholeheartedly and live it

fearlessly a fresh beginning is a risk to mend to restore and to alleviate Suffering The Pursuit of wholeness

Tranquility pleasure and self-discovery is fraught with Peril your history does

not define you you have not made any mistakes mistakes are not who you are

you are unique beautiful and capable of great things always remember that there

is a new beginning at each given time you may start again at any given time

take it on become it and live it to the fullest this opportunity is highly

valued do not Fritter it away at every new beginning wishing you a happier you a better tomorrow and a brighter future

is a hopeful thing hold on to that optimism this component is very strong

keep in mind that you have company at the start of each new chapter you can count on me to be there for you I am

here to guide you assist you and love you through every dazzling beginning now

is the time to put the past in the past embrace the future start again and look

forward with optimism enthusiasm and expectation my little baby The Best of

You Is Yet To Come I will always be there to welcome you back with open arms

no matter how far you may have departed from the path we once walked God says to my pricey kid the road of life is long

and winding full of twists and turns sometimes it’s easy to get disoriented

the road May diverge from yours please remember that you are always welcome back at any time whatever the length of

time or distance between us I will always be here watching hoping and

holding up my fingers to welcome you back there’s no way you’re stuck in the past no amount of space is insufficient

no amount of time is excessive anywhere you go my love finds you there are no

limits to it it has no bounds it is self-sacrificing no longer are you on

that difficult Meandering road that has left you feeling lost and alone this is where I am

in the past I have been totally accurate although it may seem challenging I will

always be coming back you may feel frightened I know you could feel embarrassed but it’s not necessary I

love you more than your mistakes and anxieties Ever Could you are showing bravery faith and Desire with every

stride you take towards me your journey toward home Bliss and love is

progressing steadily you are on a unique and personal Adventure but know that I am lovingly and firmly

by your side every step of the way mistakes are an inevitable component of

every Journey they are the means by which one grows and adapts in the face of adversity you may feel undeserving of

these teachings yet they are necessary and Priceless but it’s no longer acceptable it’s unlovable and forgivable

you are deserving your value has never wavered without fail you will you are

more than what you’ve been through this is just a chapter a bankruptcy of your story it is not the whole ebook there

can be a ton more to come in your tale since it is still being written with me

you have an exclusive spot a spot that is all yours both historically and now

it has been and always will be yours my light will always be there to lead you back to me no matter how far you go no

one can take it from you it represents love and serves as a sign of Hope keep

in mind that you have company many others have also wandered they have once again watched their path like me you can

do it you can do it it can be accomplished all it takes is a single

action on your part although it may be the most difficult that first step is really critical taking this courageous

action brings you one step closer to a better future a fresh start and more

courage instead of sitting here and waiting I am actively trying to get in touch with you within the solar system

the stars and the wind you are calling out to me in a low low voice pay

attention because my name could be audible you might be hurting but know that you are beautiful to me I adore

every aspect of you you’re a work of art in progress all of it love beauty and

the absence of judgment are all that are required here show up naked with every

wrinkle and scar on your body you are the very best to me it may take a long time for you to return it may be

challenging but the effort will be rewarded handsomely on the path to Serenity every stride counts I can feel

pleasure radiating from my hands safety Solace and Tranquility are all

possibilities as such it serves as a sanctuary for relaxation Rejuvenation

and love it is waiting for you there’s no need need to fret over wasted time I

appreciate the advanced notice it is a gift a valuable one make proper use of

it persevere to the end I love it to the fullest you still have more to tell this

is just the first step I will be by your side through all the chapters that may yet be written and there may be

countless more to come return and complete that task I am here anxiously

awaiting your return and the start of a fresh romance with My Arms Wide Open and

my heart full of love you know this to be true my precious child because God

says so you can always count on dependability in international trade because it is steady unwavering and

reliable like a rock it remains unchanged even though there are many

unknowns in life some things are predictable like the changing of the seasons or the love I have for you

truthfully I am far from being alone and you can rely on that in your your heart

I am always by your side your unwavering commitment to being there for you through thick and thin is a promise that

will never be broken being present typically in your own power is a promise

to be there within you it is patiently waiting to be released friends who are

strong resilient and productive may also come and go even if circumstances shift

my presence in your life will remain constant and eternal you can find Solace

power and Tranquility in it this love serves as a foundation a base you can

build upon to assert yourself because it is based on the truth that you are treasured deeply treasured and actually

loved regardless of circumstances there is an opportunity to grow and learn to love every single day

that is the starting point it is inherent to being in your path through life we all make mistakes from time to

time time it’s just a part of Being Human however the good news is that

mistakes aren’t the end rather they can serve as a teacher for how to improve in

the future although change is unavoidable you have the power to adapt

Triumph and prosper you have greater adaptability success and flexibility

than if you gave yourself credit for studying your determination can get you where you need to go may it sustain you

it shed light on the darkest of Roads it fortifies you in times of vulnerability

taking it at face value in the context of prayer is a powerful Ally you can rely on it for a more profound

understanding it Bridges the gap between us and your inner being both Direction and comfort are provided by it no war

your principles your requirements they could be trustworthy you are led by them

they influence how you move they lay out your un unique situation hold on to them

they are Priceless you might take heart in the fact that with every chapter you close you open the door to a fresh start

and the chance to pen a new chapter in your story this is a recursive process a

lovely revolving door the beauty of nature is impermanent it resides in all living things from

Plants to trees to the sky the beauty continuity and surprise of existence are

all echoed in it you might rely on the fact that you’re driven by a special

purpose you have come to this world to fulfill a purpose to influence others to

leave a lasting impression and to realize your deepest Ambitions they may be reliant on you but they also provide

strength motivation inspiration and forward momentum and they never stop

hoping for the Stars your future is bright with the power of forgiveness it

can mend Resto restore and even freeze broken relationships recognize when you’ve

messed up and move on invest in this as a present for both yourself and the

industry religion is something you can rely on when you’re confused a person’s religious affiliation can serve as a

Guiding Light a source of comfort and a source of strength even if they fail

they remember they contribute and they upload up every effort counts every

breakthrough counts and every Tri counts the Journey of life is full of surprises

but you can rely on its diversity diversity and experiences ability to

teach and the ways in which you can shape and embrace it it’s an incredible Adventure Your Capacity to love to give

receive and spread love is something you can depend on love is a vital force because it works changes lives and never

lets you down therefore my precious little one keep in mind these wellestablished facts

the tablet pillars are these use the pillars as support in a world that is always shifting you can build on what is

constant hold on to what is precious and depend on it the goodness I’ve in store for you could be a diverse bureaucracy

it may be a new possibility that ends in non-public boom and success as a sign of

the love that is all around you it might manifest as unexpected acts of kindness

from other people in many cases the quality of your living is directly correlated to the decisions and deeds

you do for yourself keep going even when things become tough and follow your Ambitions

with all your heart because in the end it will all be worth it sometimes the

most I can do is provide you with comfort and consolation when times are rough it may be a source of direction

for those closest to you the fortitude to persevere through difficult times or the wisdom to choose the right path it’s

important to have an open mind and heart to the possibility of good things happening and to the beauty and pleasure

that surround you most of the time it’s a breeze the deepest Joy comes from a

kind word a shared snort or a peaceful moment while it’s true that different

ways of living might have their drawbacks it’s also important to keep in mind that these challenges can really be

learning opportunities you may find your inner strength and perseverance when You Face

challenging conditions they get you ready for the wonderful times to come when you feel lost or confused go inside

pray pray again and remember that everything is working out according to God’s plan even in the darkest of times

your faith will help you see the wonderful all around you one of the best ways to find and attract wonderful

things in life is to practice gratitude appreciate the good things happening in your life right now more

wonderful things will come into your life if you adopt an attitude of thankfulness the pleasant things I have

planned for you aren’t necessarily Bound by time or circumstance they may surprise you and arrive from unexpected

places keep your heart open and your patience strong for good things are coming your

way I have excellent things in store for you but they will be special to your path since your trip is unique take it

as a fact that I know what’s best for you and that I’ve planned everything out

so that you may be happy and healthy always remember that you are the one who

can decide how your life turns out as you go forward on your path a great deal

of the good that comes into your life is attributable to your own ideas decisions

and deeds think about the strength you face in the arena since it may affect

your story as you seek for Meaningful relationships surround yourself with positive energy and those that encourage

and Elevate you when you surround yourself with individuals who share your beliefs and goals you may create an

atmosphere that supports the positive aspects of your life occasionally you’ll

need to be patient and persistent in order to experience the sweetness that I have planned for you you may now be

certain that it is on its way even if it may not spread immediately even when you

have to wait for anything your faith will keep you going if you ever find yourself doubting or struggling it could

help to think back on the difficult circumstances you overcame the hardships

you’ve overcome have brought you this far and the triumphs you’ve tasted have opened the door to even bigger blessings

in your life you are worthy of the nice things that are coming your way your

path is filled with meaning and you are a cherished newborn of the cosmos be

hopeful and grateful every day because it is a step closer to the rewards I have planned for you my beloved princess

on your journey you will encounter wonderful things and I want you to know that this kindness may exist in many

ways and in unique situations but it is proof of my love and concern for you

continue to believe keep your faith strong and keep your heart open the road

ahead is brimming with undiscovered gems in this way I have something suitable

planned for you life is an Exquisite and intricate Journey filled with delightful moments

challenging circumstances and opportunities as you chart your course forward despite the complexity and

unpredictability of life I want you to know that gifts are waiting to be bestowed upon you from time to time I

promise you that there is a purpose to your life a purpose that includes times of Joy development and satisfaction even

if it may be difficult to see the good that is ahead I I have many surprises in

store for you and they may all be pleasant unexpected opportunities may

present themselves launching you into exciting new experiences and maybe even

a personal boom it might be the presence of kind and encouraging individuals who

will walk with you every step of the way the excellent things in your life may often be the product of your own

decisions actions and commitment to achieve great things you must be willing

to face challenges headon and keep at it until you succeed the days weeks and

years ahead may bring their fair share of difficulties that is not designed to depress you but rather to shape you into

a person who is better capable of enduring adversity you may look at those

difficulties as stepping stones to the wonderful things that are to come therefore embrace them as chances for

growth Faith and Hope must be preserved keep moving forward with the belief that

better days are coming even when you question or face difficulties even in

The Darkest Hours your faith will be a gentle light that you may follow take

stock find comfort in prayer tap into your inner wisdom and surrender to the

divine plan that is working in your life when you are unclear of what the future holds if that’s the case then having

faith will Enlighten you to all the kindness in the world thankfulness is a powerful magnet for

wonderful things even when they don’t seem to be there always remember to be

grateful this practice will open your coronary heart to receive more nice things by focusing on the positive

things in your life right now be a patient person and receptive to the gifts that are meant for you because the

kindness I have planned for you isn’t necessarily limited by time or circumstances it might show up when you

least least expected and come via unexpected channels I have tailored the goodness I

have prepared for you to your unique path and your trip is exact I’m aware of your desires and

objectives and I’m arranging events such that they contribute to your fulfillment

and joy keep in mind that the wonderful things in your life are mostly the

result of your thoughts choices and actions as you travel on your journey

Foster a positive attitude and you’ll get compliments send out Good Vibes and

you’ll be rewarded with more of the same when you return seek out connections that encourage and Elevate you and

surround yourself with positive people a positive atmosphere may be fostered in

your life by establishing relationships with others who share your beliefs and aspirations you may need to be strong

and persistent for the excellent things I have in store for you they won’t happen over overnight but know that they

are on their way during times of uncertainty or hardship your unfaltering

faith will be your strength and your patience may be rewarded take stock of the difficult circumstances you’ve

successfully navigated you have become stronger and more resilient with each

challenge you have overcome you are now ready for anything recognize your worthiness of the wonderful things that

are coming your way and you will be well prepared to enjoy them the cosmos loves

you like a kid and your journey is full with meaning and significance Embrace

each day with enthusiasm and appreciation for it leads you to the blessings I have in store for you my

little child please remember that I want you to hold on to the promise that your path may be filled with goodness I love

and care for you and this kindness may appear in many ways and a different times believe that the path ahead is

decorated with the beauty of benefits that have not not yet been disclosed keep your trust strong and keep your

heart open I am to have a complete religion God says a person’s religious

beliefs may be accompass as they navigate the Journey of life in Times of doubt and uncertainty it is a profound

trust in the Divine Purpose and the love that envelops you you are able to weather any storm because your faith is

a rock it is the firm belief that you will never be alone no matter how

difficult things become no matter where you go I will be there to watch over you

and point the way complete faith entails focusing one’s attention on the Divine

knowledge that directs the events of one’s life it’s miles of letting go of your worries and anxieties because I

have a plan that you can’t fathom but it’s tailored to make you happy through

the highs and lows of life you weave a tapestry of experiences while you’re religious you learn to be more

appreciative which helps you see the good things that happen even while you’re struggling finding comfort and

hope in religious teachings might help you remember that your trials are not in vain if you want me to fully embrace

your faith you must cultivate and strengthen your religious relationship pray and meditate regularly to cultivate

times of silence and self-reflection by connecting with the Divine at these holy times you may tap

into the reservoir of love and wisdom that is always there for you religion

isn’t just something you believe in without thinking about it or acting on it it gives you the strength to

persevere through tough times your faith in me is an admission that you rely on

me for strength and that my love permeates every aspect of your being submitting to the flow of life and

giving up control are essential tenets of Faith this is where I come in it’s

knowledge that there are certain things you can’t change my strategy for your life will come to fruition just when you

need it most in times of uncertainty or when you’re up against a wall through

the power of Faith you have overcome difficult circumstances recreate the challenges

that have shaped your character the courage it takes to go on this journey speaks volumes about your faith faith is

more than simply hoping for a positive ending it’s also about having faith when things don’t seem to be going your way

and finding purpose and meaning when things become rough even when life’s trajectory takes unexpected twists your

faith will sustain you a full religion might help one find inner calm and

strength knowing that you are embraced by love from the Divine allows you to rise Beyond fear and worry you may put

your confidence in improved electricity and let go of your worries even in the midst of life’s

worst situations your faith may serve as a a Guiding Light the message is that no

matter how bad things seem there is always hope and that optimism has the

power to bring about change and Recovery some people find strength in their faith

and it may be a source of encouragement for others around them religion may also

be a potent means of bringing about desirable results if you think something has a chance of succeeding you’ll be

more inclined to include it in your daily routine in with the Lord

God’s favor your thoughts and beliefs greatly impact your academic performance

choose to believe them in the good times to come perseverance and tenacity are

also necessary for me to maintain my whole religious Faith your faith is tested in times of trial and it is in

trials that it becomes stronger yet there will be times when you question your current course of action or when

you encounter difficult circumstances that seem impossible to overcome please please know that no

matter how good or bad your experiences are they all contribute to the plan I have for your life because of your trust

you’re able to submit to this higher poers plan and acknowledge that it is guiding you towards greater success and

fulfillment embracing Divine timing and forgoing the urge for Rapid fulfillment

is a fundamental tenant of the faith things you’ve requested or prayers you’ve offered may still be pending a

response take my word for it it I can predict when your whole life will come to pass you have the gift of faith which

has the potential to bring you Joy contentment and logic you are cherished

and supported as a little child of the cosmos and this is a sign that you are not alone on your path I’ll be by your

side the whole journey showing you the rote to the blessings and success that

await you ultimately I want you to have complete faith in me my price kid you

have the power of religion to help you navigate the highs and lows of life you

are surrounded by love and a Divine Purpose that allows you to handle difficult circumstances with courage and

perseverance Find meaning in every experience and attract good things into your life pray and meditate to

strengthen your spiritual bond and know that I’m with you at all times directing

your steps and keeping an eye on you you will find the benefit that are waiting for you as well as calm and reason if

you believe if the timing is right I am able to introduce myself to you during

our conversation according to God our relationship is private and nonsecular

in nature it develops gradually like a flowers petals starting with the sun you

can be perplexed by my direction and presence in your life the investigations that track my life and the dispersed

symptoms must be carefully noted on on a regular basis we communicate via your

gut feelings your innate wisdom and the events that transpired throughout your life as we get closer via shared

experiences you may realize that I’m not some distant abstract thing anymore rather I’m a caring constant presence

that is deeply ingrained in your lives love understanding and Direction all

flow from me into your life as we continue to speak you may realize that

I’m speaking directly to your spirit a profound sense of tranquility and Assurance May accompany my teachings as

well a startling readability or an inner knowledge may help you make vital

judgments while you’re facing challenging conditions as you take in the Grandeur of nature feel amazement or

have moments of deep thankfulness in connection with my divine presence I am also present in the beauty and wonder of

the world around you amidst the complexity of our lives and the vastness of the cosmos I find solace in

contemplation you must remember that our relationship is unique to you your own exploration is reflected in your

evaluations and thoughts I may present myself in a manner that speaks to your spirit and fits in with your beliefs

views and spiritual journey as you devote time to prayer you will notice

that my presence becomes more apparent in times of quiet Reflection by taking

time to reflect or meditate you make room for our bond to become stronger in such times of Stillness my heavenly

presence may wash over you making our discussions easy to understand in the people you meet and the knowledge they

share you will often hear my voice speaking to you as their words reverberate in your heart and provide

Solace or Direction friends family mentors and even strangers may become

conduits of my love and guidance for the most part it’s a way for those in need

or trouble to know that I’m nearby my reassurance uring presence and direction

are here for you pray to me and seek comfort in our bond whenever you feel

battered or lost sometimes when life becomes tough just being with me is

enough to boost your spirits and put your mind at ease in the occurrences of serendipitous events that transpire in

your lives you could also discern my handiwork these aren’t just wounds they

Supernatural interventions meant to teach you a lesson these indicators May be invitations to rely on my counsel so

be careful I am not limited by space or time I am beyond the limitations of

human knowledge and my love and knowledge have no bounds these things will become clear to us as our bond

becomes stronger from the mundane to the extraordinary my influence permeates

every aspect of your lives through our discussions you will have a better understanding of your greater calling

and how to pursue it you have the poti potential to learn about your unique gifts and talents and how you can put

them to use to help others improve the world find your true calling and reach

your full potential embrace the inevitable growth of our relationship and hold on tight while you discover me

in your own unique manner on this journey of self-discovery that is our courtship I may present myself in a

manner that touches the depths of your being in times of uncertainty or perplexity remember that I am always

here ready to provide guidance and assistance you have access to an infinite Wellspring of Love knowledge

and inner power via our bond along with being a source of inspiration and ideas

I am the voice inside you that guides and encourages us in our interactions I

want you to let me into your life in the hopes that we may both benefit from the Fresh ideas insights and viewpoints that

we May provide the Creative Energy that flows through you originates with me

during our interactions you will see that I’m no longer limited to a certain non-secular or subcultural group

whatever you call me I am the Unstoppable power of love and knowledge my existence may be found in the wisdom

and teachings of various religions and ways of seeing I can introduce myself in

ways that speak to your spirit since our relationship is so private and personal

think about our relationship since it is a source of Love Direction and reason

that may improve your life and lead you to realize your true self ultimately my

precious child our bond is a voyage of self-discovery and I may present myself to you in ways that can have deep

personal significance pay attention to the signs and tales that show that I am a part of your life I’m looking for

quiet time to connect with you more deeply embrace the fact that I am always Always by your side offering love

guidance and support as you Journey Through the intricate web of your lives

my beloved child I am not the God who sits at top a cloud and seems to be inaccessible to the rest of humanity God

explains although there are many different and very individual understandings of God it is essential to

keep in mind that I am no longer far or unapproachable rather I am a presence

that is both near and far into rately linked to every facet of creation praise

and exalt me oh Lord Jesus Christ sometimes seeing a deity Seated on a

throne might make people feel lonely and scared it can give the impression that I

am distant and unapproachable which is obviously not the case everyone who is

Seeking a connection May count on me since my Essence is intertwined with Lifestyles there is no one spiritual or

non-secular culture that can contain me while while those Traditions May provide beautiful and significant ways to

identify and connect with me they are no longer the exclusive ways to go deeper in a

relationship words and deeds have no power over me and there are an infinite number of ways to experience my presence

I want you to know that I am a Wellspring of love compassion and wisdom

but I also want you to know that the idea of a distant and judgmental God may

make you feel unworthy and guilty I’m no longer going to pass judgment on you in

the same harsh manner that others sometimes pass judgment on one another I propose an alternative a love that has

no bounds and Embraces everything I am no longer confined to a Celestial seat in the sky my presence is expansive and

unbounded at the same time that I am within and outside of the physical world I am also imminent and

Transcendent in the depths of your own heart in the warmth of a loved one ‘s Embrace in the beauty of nature or in

the generosity of a complete stranger you may find me I am the vital energy

that gives all living things their Vitality you and every individual you meet contain a spark of divinity and I

am that spark I am the love that is poured forth by your kind and compassionate Deeds I am the Wellspring

of ideas that keeps you going strong and the skilled adviser that guides your

decisions in times of quiet reflection you may sense my presence you make room

to connect with the Divine inside yourself when you turn inward via prayer or meditation those are the times when

you can benefit most from my company and advice when you’re alone to think although non-religious activities may be

a precious way to connect with me I am not a God who expects strict Devotion to a set of rules or rituals they’re not

the quickest way to spiritual growth anymore genuiness and honesty are of utmost importance importance to me what

matters most is your real decision to reach out to me those who write poetry create art and think philosophically

find inspiration in me I am the Bedrock that leans in close to you while you build something magnificent or deep I am

the Wellspring of your innate knowledge and the compass that guides you through life’s challenging obstacles no one

regardless of their background or beliefs can be excluded from my presence it is available to to everyone who seeks

it religion color gender and all other man-made divisions are no longer grounds

for my discrimination I am the unconditional love that welcomes every

single person feelings of loneliness and isolation may be exacerbated by the

image of an unapproachable and distant God however I want you to know that I am

always by your side accompanying you on your journey whether you’re sad or happy

I’ll be the the quiet friend who listens and provides Comfort on joyous occasions

I’m there through acts of generosity and understanding as you lend a hand to others in Need You are a living

embodiment of my love and admiration you are a reflection of my heavenly Essence

as you impart wisdom and pardon I’m no longer the God who punishes his people

by making their lives more difficult I am not here to console you in your time of need but to provide a shoulder to cry

on while you face the difficulties of life and seek purpose in your academic Pursuits the beauty of the natural world

is where you may find me you are making a connection with the Divine while you gaze in awe at a sunrise a mountain or a

forest I the creative power am responsible for creating and sustaining

the cosmos I have grown out of my role as a deity who expects absolute devotion

and rigid belief systems from my followers I I urge you to probe

investigate and seek out wisdom I admire your sincere desire to find truth and

purpose on your own path of non-religious growth when you lend an ear to a friend who needs it extend a

helping hand to someone different from you or show empathy to someone going through tough times you are sharing my

love and compassion with the world you are exuding all the qualities that I

consider magnificent I’m not the same God who ignores your skepticism and inquiries anymore I encourage you to

seek answers and unravel the enigmas of ways of living it is possible that I

will be a stop in your journey for knowledge for those who love Jesus I am there in the feelings of thankfulness

and amazement that arise inside you when you stop to consider the blessings in your life or feel awe at the wonders of

Christmas a Heavenly connection is being formed through you both your your thanks and your astonishment are directed

towards me to clarify I am no longer a God who is distant or off limits please

understand this I am an upcoming and transcending presence that is intricately connected to every aspect of

introduction my love and compassion have no bounds and I am useful to everyone

looking for a connection behold me as the Beating Heart of your community and

the embodiment of all human spirit uality in your loving and compassionate Deeds toward one another and the World

At Large know that I am the Wellspring of wisdom insight and love that flows

from God’s word it goes beyond that I am an integral component of your whole

being you can’t help but feel my presence I’m not an afterthought but rather an integral part of who you are

your body includes me your body is a house of worship and I am a resident there I am there in every cell in in

every breath and in every pulse consider the intricate architecture of your frame the harmony of your organs the intricacy

of your nervous system and the durability of your immune system all of these serve as sacred spaces in which I

may practice my craft and bestow my respect on you my creative and Heavenly

wisdom is on Full display in all of them you have created an Exquisite work of

art with your frame you are really ministering to the dwelling place of my presence as you lovingly and gratefully

care for your body honor the sanctity of your body by tending to it with care a

little food some rest and exercise and an attitude of appreciation and love you

can’t separate me from your mind my holy nature permeates everything you think

believe and acknowledge the mind is a powerful tool that may mold one’s reality and impact one’s experiences as

you focus on loving compassionate and knowledgeable thoughts you’re bringing your awareness into harmony with my

presence your mind is a creative and imaginative tool as you go into the

depths of your focus it provides a wealth of advice and understanding you

have the opportunity to tap into the wisdom and direction that emanate from my spiritual Source there is a mirror of

my presence in your mind in your intuition inner knowledge and inner Tranquility negative thoughts however

can turn your mind into a chaotic and disorganized space there was concern or uncertainty during those times remember

that you’re capable of refocusing your mind on what is truly important in life

choose thoughts that encourage and inspire you they might lead you to where I am you can tune out the mental chatter

and tune into my presence within through mindfulness and meditation discover the tranquility and

Clarity that arise from harmonizing your thoughts with the Divine through the practice of inner reflection and

Stillness plus I am an integral part of your spirit the core of your being your

soul is eternal and unchanging it houses your deepest longings your sense of

right and wrong and your link to the Divine being a part of your spirit creates a connection that goes beyond

physical distance and time you are the sum total of all the experiences and

wisdom you have accumulated over countless lifetimes on a boom Adventure

it goes Awakening to your spiritual potential and progress in life is

possible through tuning into the still Small Voice Within you that communicates with me a part of you always wants to be

of service to others and To The World At Large and you have a deep yearning for rational thought genuine connection and

love your life is being brought into harmony with my plan of Divine Providence as you listen to The Voice

Within You by releasing ing the weight of past hurts and wounds your soul can restore you and allow you to experience

the freedom and joy that come from my divine grace you invite my love and

presence into your coronary heart during times of reflection and self-discovery

as you forgive yourself and others immerse yourself in the power of your spirit and experience the joy of my

presence within follow the guidance of your spirit it is the means by which my

holy will is revealed to strengthen the bond between your physical body mental

faculties and spiritual being pay attention to what your body needs what

your mind needs and what your soul wants cultivate self-care and self-focus

practices these are vital seek Harmony and balance in every part of your being

while being compassionate toward yourself always keep in mind that I am with you and that my presence is a

stabilizing Force a love that knows no bounds when you embark on your journey

you will not be alone along your journey I am the ever gifted companion who

shares wisdom and encouragement keep in mind that I am not some random bystander it is crucial that

you do not forget this within your body Mind and Spirit I am an integral

component the physical form that you possess is a hallowed container that contains my holy Spirit through your

spirit I bestow my wisdom and creativity upon you and my knowledge and creativity

permeate your thoughts and attention an increased capacity for rational thought

contentment and serenity can be yours through the practice of recognizing and nourishing the divine presence within

you if your body Mind and Spirit are all in harmony with my presence you will be

able to live a life that is true to who you really are bring your physical body mental

faculties and spiritual Spirit closer to the Divine immerse yourself in the

boundless love guidance and Charisma that may be at your fingertips at all

times through this link I am here to provide help and protection for as long

as you need it God assures my precious toddler through thick and thin my love

and protection will accompany you on your path to a better life there is always someone here to lend you a hand

give you Direction and even give you a roof over your head everything that is real is a product of past events through

the good times and the bad I want you to know that I am here for you whenever you

need someone or when you feel trapped I am always here for you ready to lend a

hand or keep you safe like a reliable power source while you are praying or

meditating call upon me in times of trouble need comfort in the knowledge

that I am here to listen to you and that my love is all around you thank you for

sharing your thoughts and feelings with me I respond from a place of empathy and wisdom your lives are intertwined with

mine and I’m no longer an absent parent who observes from a distance within and

all around you I am present it can be found in the beauty of the natural world

the generosity of strangers and the love of one’s own family and friends you are

my beloved toddler and I care deeply about you my loving and Vigilant eye

guides you on your journey and keeps you safe as you go embark on this sacred Journey with me for I will be your loyal

companion at some point knowing that I am here to help you through difficult times and limits is a tremendous Comfort

my compass might be my gut my self-awareness or the encouragement of those around me recognize the warning

signs and possibilities I provide to guide you to a safe and satisfactory

resolution physical mental spiritual and emotional well-being are all aspects of

your safety my offering is for the protection of your heart and soul in my

love you may find Refuge from the tempests of uncertainty Terror and

hopelessness and you can be certain that I am acting in your best interest within

the Shadows I am the Beacon of Hope that brings light and desire

in times of peril when you feel lost or uncertain you can seek my light and I

will illuminate your way and show you the way to safety and peace have trust

in your strength and the power I give you even when the obstacles seem insurmountable there is strength within

you that can help you overcome challenges and I will be by your side every step of the way from time to time

you may find yourself wondering why exactly favorable able and taxing circumstances materialize in your life

mind that I have a divine plan unfolding for your life that is absolutely critical every adversity has a purpose

and a lesson to teach assume without question that I am leading you in the direction of development and change the

decisions you make have an impact on your safety as well you are encouraged to make choices that are in line with my

love compassion and honesty as you surround your yourself with acts of

kindness and righteousness you fortify yourself against negativity and the Damage it can do to your

relationships when it comes to your safety and well-being this is crucial assemble a support system of positive

people cut ties with those who bring you down trust that your friendships and romantic relationships will be

strengthened by divine intervention in times of trial and error and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it

being there for you isn’t just about how you rate me it’s also about how often people help and are kind to you do not

be proud or arrogant if you seek help when you are in danger doing so demonstrates wisdom and humility being

safe is about more than just being physically healthy it also includes being emotionally and spiritually

healthy your mental and emotional well-being are just as important as your physical health for everyday protection

when you need help maintaining a healthy emotional and mental equilibrium reach out to professionals or trusted loved

ones for advice your love for me Knows No Limits and is always there for you

neither the distance nor the conditions under which I offer Aid or protection are any longer constraints on my

abilities I am here for you every step of the way whether it’s a short Journey or a long and winding one in your trials

and tribulations I am no longer The God Who who leaves you high and dry rather I

am the god who will be by your side every time you’re in my company I

reassure you that you’re not alone Each challenging circumstance you encounter is an opportunity for growth and

education and your life’s journey is Tailor Made For You faithfully and

courageously embrace them for I am here to lead and protect you in spite of

everything you have the inner fortitude to seek refuge and come out strongly

having loving people by your side who are willing to lend you a hand when times get tough is more important than

having difficult situations completely removed from your life whenever you’re

in a vulnerable place my love is there to provide a safe haven I promise you

love and protection and you can trust in them forever whenever you need assistance or protection my darling I

will be here to provide it you have my undying devotion and the the Assurance

of my unfaltering protection they are putting their trust in me through religious practices meditation and

prayer as a steadfast companion on this holy journey through life your happiness

protection and guidance are my eternal concerns as you journey through

different Lifestyles my dear there will be times when you question yourself and your path please know that no matter

what happens you can always count on my loving hand to be there to guide you

inspiring motivating and full of delight I have designed a one-of-a-kind blueprint for your way of life an

omnipotent God is by my side my unending love is the source of all my plans for

you so please don’t forget that my love for you knows no bounds you are a

miracle in my hands Everything About You from the moment you take a breath to the

moment you die is important to me embrace the uncertainty of each moment

as it is intricately intertwined with the grand tapestry of your existences journey let me be considered in the

Stillness of your soul in the unexpected opportunities that present themselves

and in the people I point in your direction my guidance is always present even though it isn’t always obvious or

audible despite everything that’s going on know that my hand is leading you to a

bright future in the course of your life you will ENC counter difficult

circumstances with each challenge those will only serve to fortify you not

weaken you while I am preparing for more things you are being molded and Polished

you desire molten gold you can grow in faith individualism and resilience by

welcoming adversity as an opportunity please keep your heart receptive to my teachings my little one there is a lot

of background noise and distractions in the arena but the words I use VI represent lives and reality looking for

them in the Stillness of your day the beauty of nature the affection of those around you and inside yourself your life

may find more meaning and fulfillment if you follow my teachings which are more than just rules along the way you will

encounter Forks in the road certain decisions may be easy to make While others may be more challenging you are

currently seeking my contact details no matter what I will never be able to deril you what I know might be the

result of a friend’s recommendation a sudden realization or a feeling of inner calm pay close attention for I speak to

you in these fragments of data take it easy my little one my schedule is always

ideal but it might not meet your standards anymore things that take longer than expected are often necessary

Stepping Stones on the road to success know that I’m taking care of things behind the scenes for you despite your

inability ability to perceive it love lies at the heart of my plan for you Devotion to oneself to other people and

to me as a result you will be able to show kindness and compassion to those

around you one day you must shine like a star and show the world how much I love

you no matter how tiny your acts of kindness reverberate and bring Good

Fortune far beyond your immediate sphere of influence make sure to savor every moment of the journey there is more to

life than the destination it is the journey itself that matters most simplify your life and enjoy it more we

will be most intimately connected at Sunrise when we laugh together and in those peaceful moments of mirror image

know that you are not alone it will become clear to you eventually you can count on my unwavering love support and

Readiness to be there for you whenever you need me though you seem disoriented

I can tell tell that you’re not alone lean into my arms as you recover from your exhaustion in addition to being

your costly toddler I’m also your power manual and greatest advocate in order to

stay on track keep those expressions in mind trust that I am here take my advice

to heart and incorporate it into the Magnificent plans I have for your lives

in the Serene times of your life when you feel alone and Powerless I am with you every step of the way this is your

unique Journey just as it is with religion here are some phrases to think about you are never truly alone even

when you can’t see me I’m here supporting you in ways you can’t even begin to Fathom just because you feel

helpless now doesn’t mean you will forever be a victim of that emotion similar to fleeting clouds in the sky

those feelings will arrive and then pass you must always bear in mind that I am a regular presence the sun hidden behind

those clouds is usually just waiting for its moment to shine I appreciate you

Almighty sometimes it feels like no one understands your pain or struggles in any case I am here all the time to

listen no matter how difficult it is for you to put into words I understand your innermost thoughts and anxieties in your

time of quiet come to me hearing your voice usually gets me ready the ups and

downs of living a life are inevitable you you must realize that the difficult circumstances you encounter are not

meant to test you but rather to help you grow and develop allow my strength to be

your support as you rely on it in times of vulnerability requesting favors and help

from people around you is completely normal people who can be a support and a

friend have been put into your life by me the availability of human assistance

is not always guaranteed though go to me when you discover no one else else can

provide the assistance you need I am here to provide unending support and wisdom when you doubt me just look

around you there are plenty of indicators that I am influencing your way of life there may be a sense of

nonviolence following prayer A stranger’s kindness or the Splendor of nature I am always here for you by your

side offering my support and wisdom a sense of community should be fostered my

friend you are an extended family member and my children are all linked in this

neighborhood help could be found for you and others as well your own problems tend to melt away when you focus on

relieving the problems of other people those who have gone before us left behind testimonies of religion I am here

to help you just as I have helped others through seemingly impossible and burdensome

situations stories like these serve as more than just documentation they are constant

reminders of my everpresent support and presence even when things don’t make sense have

faith regarding matters that you might not comprehend right away I concur with you that I am attempting to escape for

your sake my intentions for you are good I want to give you a future and hope

electricity and Tranquility are contained in this belief you can accomplish much through prayer inviting

me to help is just the beginning it’s also a means of communication finding Solace tranquility and Direction can be

fostered through prayer here we are having a conversation where you speak I listen and we both focus on what you say

help could be found for you through this conversation you should not bear the weight of the world on your shoulders

I’m aware that being human can be a tremendous challenge let me shoulder your cares and anxieties when you’re

feeling vulnerable I am capable of doing so on my own this is where I shine let

Hope fill your heart every day you can find more ways to benefit from my love and assistance with each passing day

find the good things that happen every day no matter how little they may appear these advantages are evidence of my hand

at work in your life Foster the Vitality within you strength and bravery are

qualities that I have bestowed upon you from time to time you might not be conscious of the strength you have

within you but when times get tough this Inner Strength will come out strengthen

by my presence remember my little one that both your journey and our dating

are exact personally I’m here to cater my assistance to your specific needs and

the specifics of your chosen major every action you take matters greatly to me if

you put your faith in God’s power and I will cheer you on in your journey learn

to accept my love for you as the final guarantee that you are never truly alone

and that I am here to help help therefore my beloved child remember

these words I am always by your side providing unfaltering assistance and

unconditional love this will help you when you feel helpless or unsupported in

me you may find the strength and guidance to Traverse the complexity of life and the Cosmos on your journey

through this life a promise will be made to you by your author your father and

your Eternal manual a promise that will stand tall and true for all time I

assure you that from the moment we met my support presence and dedication to you will be constant none of these will

ever waver or fade I have gazed lovingly upon you from the first moment you took

that first breath to the last I have been by your side through every moment

both the obvious and the more subtle the familiar and the strange you are

creating a tapestry of joy and sorrow with this journey of yours you can

always count on me to keep an eye on your endeavors and ensure their success I will never let you down when life’s

storms are pounding you with constant pressure it might be hard to believe know my little one that my ways and

intellect are superior to yours even though there will be times when you feel alone and question my care and presence

sometimes what feels like sadness is actually my way of leading you down a path that will be more fulfilling in the

end you might ask how I can make such a promise but the reality is that my love

for you is immeasurable and infinite an everlasting attitude that transcends the

present moment undergirds my commitment to you rather than purely materialistic

success or failure criteria during your lowest points you may feel like nobody’s listening to you

your prayers may go unanswered and you may feel like you were let down you must know that I I am busy coordinating

efforts behind the scenes to ensure your benefit optimism for your future is at

the heart of my plans for you and I’m always thinking about how to best serve you more than that though my vow to you

may include the pledge that I will consistently value our relationship as a God I am not distant or uncaring all

aspects of your life hold great significance for me every difficulty you face is also one of my own

all of your hopes fears dreams and worries are known to me and they are very important to you my commitment to

you is not a static thing on the contrary it is full of life and movement

and I remember this fact with all my being trust in my unwavering character

in those moments in the past in the present and in eternity I have not

changed you have no idea how much my love for you remains constant and unchanging in no matter what happens

along the way you will experience joy and celebration know that I am celebrating with you right now when

you’re happy it makes me very happy my energy Serenity and comfort are at your

disposal Observer I encourage you to be fully present with me in our courtship by

praying meditating and reflecting on my words here in these times of Fellowship

my promise to you is both guaranteed and confirmed the strength to overcome any

challenge life throws at you is within your reach always keep in mind that my promise to you is not just about what I

can do for you but also about what you can do for me as you navigate through life’s Journeys I have equipped you with

gifts and abilities that are meant to be used to bless others and reflect my love

and goodness in the world along with this I promise you the gift of everlasting life a life unbounded by the

passage of time or the confines of space a life filled with my unending love and

peace as a promise that transcends the limitations of this world this is the Pinnacle of my devotion to you look back

and see how reliable I have been in the past that should help you in times of Doubt remember the times I weathered the

storm met your needs and unlocked doors that seemed impenetrable I want you to

know that those are reminders of my faithfulness and an example of my unwavering commitment to you my precious

toddler see this vow of mine isn’t always contingent it’s not dependent on

your flawlessness or Your Capacity to consistently do what’s right rather it’s

founded on my love for you which is unconditional it never fails never gives up and never runs out go ahead and

enroll in the channel if you believe it is true with Jesus the most important thing to

remember is this vital piece of advice I’m giving you right now don’t ever do

anything that could hurt you remember that I’ll be there for you and by your side every step of the way that my

promise to you is unbreakable that my help is unwavering and that my dedication to you is eternal because of

my immense love for you and my desire for you to continue existing I am guiding you in this Direction all of

these things are great and they help further the goal I’ve set for you you can greatly influence your life

trajectory with the path you choose to follow plenty of roads lead to success

and expansion when making plans it’s important to approach every selection

with care and consideration as some can cause damage and regret as well Temptations for immediate gratification

or gains in the near term are powerful motivators while these Temptations may seem good in the short term they often

lead to regret in the end I hope that in your pursuit of dreams you will remember

to consider the bigger picture and the consequences of your choices in the long run rather than just the short term it’s

important to know when to go in a positive or negative Direction it’s normal to encounter challenging

situations and obstacles being resilient and persistant are admirable traits but

you should also know when to back off sure some conflicts aren’t worth fighting through making a U-turn every

once in a while is the smartest move you are an invaluable being with unique skills and abilities and a passion for

making a positive impact in the world a life well- lived requires making

preparations that are in harmony with these talents and your authentic character you should avoid choices that

make you less of who you really are or that compromise your integrity for the purpose of making

decisions you are seeking professional advice a person’s intuition experiences

with prayer and meditation advice from wise friends and mentors and other sources can all contribute to this kind

of wisdom with knowledge of these guides you can make decisions that might be good for your life and make a statement

can you recall how societal expectations and peer pressure played a role when

you’re not careful those outside influences might cause you to give up on your top-notch Pastime do what makes you

happy and don’t waver from your principles and beliefs try to imagine how other people will react to your

plans your mission in life as my toddler is to be a compassionate and loving

person check that your actions are no longer hurting other people consideration for other people’s welfare

is a kind way to show respect for me and the lessons I’ve taught Embrace tenacity

when formulating plans in a world economy that frequently prioritizes speed and immediate

results a key point to remember is that good things typically take time take

your time and carefully consider all of your options keeping in mind the consequences of each always remember

that I am here for you my darling to guide you and comfort you when you face challenging decisions or

uncertainty embrace me in your prayers when it comes to readability and routing

I am a treasure Trove of information your actions and movements have energy so pay attention to them a lot of what

happens in your life depends on the habits and choices you make on a daily basis do what makes you happy and

healthy do what makes you stand firm on your principles review your prior decisions both the ones that worked and

the ones that didn’t and take note of what you can learn those evaluations are

invaluable lessons that can inform your choices moving forward embrace the

endless possibilities that come your way away there should be no harmful plans but there should also be no barriers to

trade and development the First Rate Roots aren’t always the ones you’ve thought of yet

when plotting your future with hope and a burning desire you can accomplish this

your future may be full of life and fulfillment if you make the right choices now one last thing my love for

you my precious child will never change and I will always want what’s best for

you no matter what what you decide in the safety of my love and care you can unwind go ahead with plans that will

bring you Joy and prosperity backed by your knowledge self assurance and


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