🛑 Jesus:- Wait!! I Need To Reach You Urgently…😱 | God Message For Me Today 🙏🙏 | Angel Message

future is secure and filled with

Everlasting Delight though you may face

challenges in this world take heart for

I have prepared a glorious place for you

in heaven this knowledge fills you with

hope that overflows voids by the power

of the holy spirit let this hope be your

anchor grounding you in times of

uncertainty and lifting your spirit with

the Assurance of a beautiful eternity in

my presence as you walk in step with my

spirit you will navigate life’s twists

and turns with confidence and Grace I

will light your way Illuminating the

path before you with your trust in me is

a testimony to the world of my

faithfulness and love in your moments of

rest and reflection seek my guidance and

listen to my voice I speak to you in the

quietness of your heart and I will not

lead you astray your faith in me is a

source of strength and Assurance rest in

my presence knowing that I am with you

always guiding you on the path of life

in your moments of rest you will find

refreshment and renewal my presence is a

Wellspring of life and in it you will

discover the peace and strength you need

to face each day trust in me and you

will find rest for your soul type am in

in the comments and get blessed today

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