???? GOD: “YOU GOT THIS MESSAGE FOR A REASON” God’s urgent message I God message today #godmessage #god

you have overcome many obstacles this year my darling but I have never abandoned you the arena is filled with

speculation about contamination lack and starvation however I am extending my

everlasting love to you my beloved I have safely nestled you and your loved

ones as they enter my body listen to the three words echoing in your soul they

will imprint themselves on your heart and soul serving as a salve for all sadness and wielding immense power are

you ready to get your hands on them give me your trust doing it is easy let your

faith be as simple and pure as a mustard seed not burdened by complicated concoctions or difficult rules I the

Lord am the one who uses your Faith’s power to perform Miracles even when you

wake up to dire forecasts of tough times have faith in me because it’s true that

the industry circumstances could not immediately improve my Ang angels are

circling the planet and Redemption will soon come to you I’m about to make my

magnificent appearance there is no one else like me so I am completely alone I

am the most powerful ruler enthroned and I lovingly supervise your petitions even

though many have tried to call upon me and mimic my might I show you the way so

that my angels may help you reply to those who pray for you strengthening their resolve to make your path easier

take a Firm Stance with your light with your lamp blazing and your chalice full of oil the most efficient among you who

are ever watchful will hear the trumpet call transformed and freed from Earthly

shackles in the days leading up to the day when you join the Heavenly tune and prepare for the last mission a class

period and a new chapter filled with Marvels are just around the corner this encompasses boundless Good Fortune

incredible wonders and gifts that never end even if all of the industry’s

problems collapse I promise that you will always have my undivided attention my children are in for a very exciting

Day of Victory you may rely on me as a guide healer guardian and sustainer In

My Embrace you and those you care about are safe from harm a thorough relaxation

of your faith in me leading to your Triumph may cause the sufferings of this world to vanish are the scars of

disappointment still visible to you for sto puts her faith in meaningless promises keeping in mind that although I

am the only one who is unwavering in this world my love is stronger than my kindness my words may heal your broken

heart and ease your sadness end the stress of remembering those who have betrayed you and brought you shame the

numbers will go down the healing of your spirit as well as the complete and utter submission of your soul to my will are

of the utmost importance I am here to help you rebuild your dreams and give

you hope again I want to take you to places you’ve never been before riding the Winds of Change to the highest

mountain peaks we’ve ever imagined denial of chances and attempts to suffocate you with shame and taint your

dignity were all part of your enemy’s plan to bring you down they tried to devalue you by removing the value I had

assigned you but they failed I Hold Your Divine Destiny and your value surpasses

any Advent with which is why you experienced a period of righteous confusion with your faith strengthened

you will no longer listen to those who would deceive you or attempt to injure you again despite the rise of Legions

against you you will remain unharmed no longer do you place your trust in frail

humans who have influence over your life and emotions instead you place your confidence and trust in me these are

mine keep them to yourself and do not give them to anyone else from this very

point forward I will cut all connections between your soul and those who have deceived you learn to serve your God

with all your heart your existence is of the utmost importance to me I vow to

give you Everlasting lives refrain from succumbing to false assurances of Perpetual joy and unwavering loyalty

feel the depth of my affection for you as you discover more about who I am no

matter where you go I will find you because you are my Bel beloved lamb if you see any threat you will face a

devouring fire in the face of any threat that you see I protect and defend the people I care about feelings of immense

Joy will fill your being as you let go of your suffering reiterate your belief

that engaging in conversation with me promotes healing when fear Despair and a

lack of calm overwhelm you being in my company will give you the strength to face these challenges head on having a

conversation with me is all that’s required do it right this second once you have absorbed my words

put your responsibilities aside and give me your undivided attention confidence

and Faith for every moment you spend with me I may increase tenfold everything you give me when you really

sigh in my direction I will grant you many years of life with every kind word you say I can help you feel better and

happier love knowledge and an unfaltering compass are the gifts I

shall bestow upon you when the clouds part if you will only repent I am willing to place my holy presence around

you you are my beloved daughter and son and I will make it clear to anyone who

questions that you are also the recipient of my miraculous energy if anyone else is looking for a miracle you

will direct them to the part of me they believe to be true the joy I provide is unending and unbreakable it thrives in

the wilderness and in the midst of of storms it keeps you going through tough fights and even when you’re exhausted

you can still feel the joy and pride of your accomplishments this is something to think about it is up to you whether you

believe this promise or not regardless of what other people do or what happens in the market this deep Joy is dependent

on your choices and trust each morning as you rise joyfully your spirit kisses

your cheek within the Brilliance of dawn enveloping you in a lovely sweet and gentle Delight stay quiet for I am here

in all my Majesty’s Majesty your heart’s rhythms and your expression’s Mastery

are audible to me you must remain steadfast in the love it bestows on you keep in mind that your heavenly father

loves you and longs to see you and talk to you first thing in the morning regardless of how you’re feeling speak

these words out loud from the bottom of your heart and let them sink in my loving and Powerful God has always

treasured me and that will never change you remain in my memory I am testing your faith while

simultaneously strengthening your spirit and filling you with my holy presence

you’re growing up and getting ready for some new technology that will do beautiful magical things you are the

only one who has faith in me so everything is possible for you nothing can stop you and the record of your life

will reflect every intelligent Move You Take by taking taking advantage of others I willfully remove the feelings

of rejection and helplessness ingrained in you you had a negative outlook on

life from the moment you were born full of doubt and anxiety I hold you in the

highest regard and deeply value your presence in my life how can I leave you

when I care deeply about you and have planned many benefits for you no amount of accusation can make me leave you even

when you have questions in your heart and speak and think with a hint of unbelief there has been no change in my

affection for you my affection for you is unbreakable who needs to go through needless pain let go of pain-filled

uncertainties I can alleviate sadness and Melancholy if you give me the chance on the contrary you may Escape disaster

in fact you’ll do really well a lot of your problems will go away and transform into opportunities knowledge and power

please consider me give me your trust I pray that my love may envelop your whole being including your family I can

envelop you with this immense affection if you want me to be there for you and shield you from the Flames of pain it’s

not worth bothering you put this indelible mark on your soul everything your enemy has stolen from you and even

more so I will return to you better and more abundantly keep your cool stop

becoming upset or crying and push off any thoughts of death keep yourself informed of the enemy’s whereabouts I

like the two of you together so please don’t put space between us I can continue this Quest we have already

defeated our enemy my love is palpable in your spirit and your whole being as

my words eloquently capture your essence I affirm this to alleviate anxiety and misery no matter how hard things have

become my love for you has remained unwavering your unwavering faith in my

statement is clear to me your heart is filled with expectancy as you pray expecting miraculous answers have faith

I will never let you down if you believe in me you will find great tranquility

and the news I have heard will offer you comfort today stop for a while and be quiet when you think about the wonderful

future I want to give you however you must put more emphasis on yourself and

embody the love and blessings I am bringing your way do not immediately

toss them out because you feel unworthy or because you fear it will be too soon

do not believe the falsehood that my love for you is insufficient to provide you with countless blessings this way of

thinking has now come to an end I will transform your thoughts and emotions you

are not going to stay the same I may reignite your faith in me igniting A

Fire and Desire within you to seek me out and engage with my words daily every

time I speak or simply spend time with you my presence will instantly remind you of me from this point on you could

have so much happiness that your previous failures will seem like Distant Memories and you’ll want to advance in

your spiritual life you are my beloved child and I will pick success and wealth

for you keep your eyes on the beautiful future ahead and your ears close to the

lies of your enemies you and your loved ones will reap abundant benefits I can

make more of what you need and put the pieces back together easing the pain you’ve been through I’m alone with you

my love and acceptance are part of what I provide you would not worry yourself to sleep about insurmountable issues if

you knew the depth of my love for you despite the difficulty of your circumstances I implore you to consider

my promises to free your mind from the shackles of dread and to stop worrying and anxious thoughts they are pointless

embrace the power of surrendering your cares and problems to me there is no need to waste time and energy on a

deadend road your overwhelming anxieties are dragging you down even if you don’t

realize it no harm will come to you that is my wish it is my intention to break

the bonds of anxiety and help you overcome your fears I extend my hand to

save you from the depths of fear and uncertainty everything I do you know has

the goal of drawing you closer to my love and Redemption I am glad that the lives I gave up while traveling were not

in vain brace yourself for . days of strength my blood’s efficiency usually keeps me

close to you in the depths of our souls there is no longer any distance between us and neither does your history nor the

transgressions for which I have already atoned I’ve cemented it in the ocean’s

depths you must not return to the depths to pursue it if your past persists in causing you distress the bonds that once

bound you have now crumbled ask yourself honestly ly whether you still hold

yourself responsible for things that have happened in the past think about all the wonderful things I’ve done for

you and how much I love you please refrain from using such accusatory and

dishonest language and instead focus on me the immense sacrifice you have made

is evident to everyone even if you sometimes feel alone in seeing the love

that is around you at difficult times when you feel abandoned or punished in the herea after know that this is no

longer true think about my sentence and consult it even though I’ve forgiven you

for everything I may not bring it up again do not linger there it’s okay it’s

okay I don’t believe in miracles in spite of your Despair and belief that your Miracle would never arrive your

sorrows sufferings and anxieties will soon pass if you still have questions

about my abilities I am here to show you my unwavering love I must say you’re

completely mistaken truthfully I can’t deny that I adore you despite your

rejection I sought you out in times of sadness and I treasured you then will

you fall for those who use deceitful rhetoric I have bestowed many spiritual benefits upon you and you are sitting by

my side right now so please pay heed the onus is now on you to take this heavenly

message and live it out right now I dare you to take a step up this metaphorical

staircase whether you choose to live a supernatural lifestyle or sit here and watch other people climb the choice is

yours I cordially invite you to my presence May the sanctity of this anointing oil shine a light on your mind

and Kindle a fire inside your soul then open your hand to me embark on The

Fearless journey ahead gather around the banner of unfaltering faith and resolve

to embark on this holy mission to Proclaim to the world the ways of a caring God who seeks out those who have

wandered and long to surrender their spirits to me under my guidance step

forward with confidence take in this heavenly power feel it right now and see

how it completely changes you you will have the exceptional ability to walk on

water calm storms with words and call upon Heavenly Fire to devour obstacles

in your path Celestial troops will protect you no matter your current

position take a moment to reflect on and appreciate the benefits in your life

your family’s finances and your own home your enemies may have driven you to the brink of Despair and deprived you of joy

and happiness had I not intervened as your ally protecting you at all times

you may doubt my existence at times yet I know the difficulties you face but I

beg you stay the course and keep going because the praise you’ve been waiting for is on the way let me enter your

heart and you will get the Miracles you believe are possible listen carefully to what I say I convey them with great care

if you have faith in me I will fulfill all my promises without embellishment or

concealment I say my sentences exactly as I mean them donate your riches to

those in need I have no say in the matter I no longer call for massive palaces to be built even when no one

will help you keep benefiting others today I encourage you to trust in the

benefits I bestow upon you even when circumstances are financially tough they

could emerge from the most unlikely of sources stop your Prejudice and criticism of those I’ve placed in your

path for the benefit of others in my name I have not pushed for the construction of massive palaces continue

to bless everyone even if no one will help you these days I want you to know

that the blessings I bestow upon you are sufficient even when money is tight

these will originate from unexpected people or places stop being prejudiced and critical of the people I’ve sent to

be your allies and blessings my eyes search the world for humble Souls who will love and believe in me I have just

discovered you may our bond grow stronger my roles as your father and trusted Confidant can remain

unchanged if there are secrets and techniques deep within your soul you can confide in me be at ease confident that

that I have already identified them regardless of what you do I will find them I have forgiven your shortcomings

accept the present and put your mistakes in the past avoid allowing them to dominate you everyone here will remember

you for who you really were you have experienced a significant metamorphosis

recently you are different people you have transformed your heart into a tool

for self-punishment as a gift from me I give you the sword of my resurrection use it

to withstand the defamation and attacks that the devil has brought about through his lies and arguments take it easy

their attempts to hurt you will fall flat on their faces as you ride the wind to Revenge those who wrongfully sought

to do you harm rekindled love can end suffering and bring genuine joy into

one’s life come to me for peace and comfort accept my Holy Spirit as an

inheritance and live a life of superhuman abil abilities because your Miracle is on the horizon no one can

bring you down but I can raise you up no one can Crush you but I can protect you

no curse can befall you but I can bless you and discouragement cannot overcome

you because I am with you the Holy Spirit who lifts your spirit each morning bringing with him confidence

excitement and joy in the face of moments of Despair and the assaults from

the arena that plunge you into Prof Prof found discouragement and bewilderment embed these words that I share with you

today in your coronary heart and place your steadfast attention in my love and

affection listen intently to the person speaking to you in times of need I am

here to lend you a helping hand I am the Lord Of Your Existence the creator of

the universe your father your guide and your friend your undying devotion and

unwavering support are all I ask my sympathies with the Catch you’re in I

know firsthand how stumbling happens in vulnerable moments I know that you are determined and do not want to fail I

will pardon you and give you another chance if you come to me in Contrition and pledge again to follow me even

though the righteous stumble seven times they will always get back up because I

believe in the love I bestow upon you you will no longer partake in dishonest Behavior I am pledging my my infinite

Mercy to you do not model your behavior after those who live in deceit taking

advantage of my call and making a fortune at the expense of others regardless of their physical

attractiveness their deceit ultimately ens snares them keep your wits about you

and avoid these traps for those who truly live out my teachings I offer boundless love mercy and forgiveness you

are well aware of this but remember I was once in a position I of authority

protecting my loved ones from harm and preventing them from succumbing to evildoers following that I speak to your

soul today pleading with you to focus intently and emotionally in my prayers

and meditations each morning I ask that you put your faith in the miraculous plans I have for your life and family

and that you follow my lead in seeking your freedom and healing ignore those who tell you that you’ll only ever have

a hard time that your past mistakes Define you and that you’ll fail at everything you try you must not pay

attention to such lies know that I am yours and that I will always be here for you I have seen your contrite heart and

your genuine desire to follow my way to grow stronger and prosper you are forbidden to associate with the wicked

or return to old ways get away from people who are negative or hostile

toward you and surround yourself with people who will encourage and support you

I long to ReDiscover the joy of my love to understand its depths more fully and

to know that I hold no resentment against you as we draw near I hope that

your health improves dramatically with my help you will learn to control your feelings and remain calm Under Pressure

you’re about to embark on a deep trade where many will fight to catch you your expression will change from worried to

joyful you may act with determination and your words may convey empathy the on

a daily basis I am able to establish unshakable faith in you always keep my

word listen to my voice and follow the paths I’ve shown you to avoid thieves and deceitful people in the dark of

night I can silence those who speak ill of you know that Divine means are

protecting you what I seek in return is your undying devotion your honesty and

your faith I don’t want to discourage you from pursuing your goals or dreams but rather to be the rock upon which you

can build your strategies I have already blessed you greatly and could continue to do so so put your trust in me and see

the Abundant Blessings I pour out on everything you do therefore listen to

what I say in this message and understand the reality you cannot shatter my love for you you cannot take

away my love for you it is Everlasting steadfast and real allow the words I

speak to weave themselves into into your thoughts soothing your spirit my God I really like you is a great way to

express your feelings in a conversation you have my undying devotion and I will

love you no matter what for the rest of my life you can always count on me to be

by your side and protect you I am no longer the type to make a promise of pleasure only to leave you hanging you

are real to me and I have loved you from the beginning of time I fully support

you if you’re seeking a way to overcome the inner storms that prevent you from staying on course and instead steer you

towards A New Path I get it you don’t believe in love you’ve endured the pain

of those who profess to love you and you’ve waited patiently for them I am reliable so you can have faith in me you

are deeply treasured though it’s hard to understand why someone would love you so much you should either Believe it or

accept it with unfaltering conviction I welcome my love let the words I give

you fill your mind do not give in to the devil’s temptation to bring you down to your knees in my presence I have already

told you this and he will come to accuse you of it every day I’m here to affirm

it and my words do the same fearlessly approach me in safety and confidence

knowing that the doors to my heavenly Throne are open to you my love for you is public and unabashed as I have

already said starting now I will not turn you down I have told you many times

that you have received forgiveness you should find solace in the possibility that God will hear your prayers never

fear or lose heart I will bring you up keeping you from falling using my power

and Beauty my personal mission in life is to assist you in staying on the right

path always keep an eye out get well and need my words listen to my voice voice

and let me lead you to the place where my will is for you everything will rise to the surface everything including the

difficulties has the potential to blossom into blessings and prosperity in the long run the devil is always trying

to undermine your faith and confidence but you must not let him I can’t wait to exploit you I implore you to change your

perspective and stop acting like a despondent unwanted child after I tell

you repeatedly that you are beloved you will agree with me and repent of these thoughts I want you to publicly

acknowledge receiving my love and opening your heart to this immense peace right now as you shut your eyes and

focus your thoughts on me I am listening intently no matter how softly you speak

a prayer God understands your words and accepts your tears as a sacred offering

the tears that fall freely before your father’s Throne are Priceless drops of Love That convey your plea

I hold them close to my heart Treasures are in my hands your sorrow is not in

vain the Heavenly court has acknowledged it do you ever wonder if God hears your

prayers I am here listening to your cries for help confident that God will

answer your prayer your tears have composed the melody and tune of genuine pain and I’m answering you because of

that the pain knows that the same omnipotent God has acknowledged its application and will provide it with

relief check out my electronic book with the precise shade of your tears I

inscribe my response to you your reply is heading your way as you cry it out it

is my own work the sound of the trumpet signifies the ceiling and registration

the torrent of your sorrow which beg me for Mercy will eventually flow Downstream and return to you changed and

gushing with new water all in an attempt to Grant you the joy and contentment you’ve craved speak to me honestly and

sincerely I am here to listen feel free to express your frustrations and share

your feelings angry is no longer an option for me my goal is to show you how much I value and respect you by giving

you my undivided attention I hope that the words you choose to express yourself will help

alleviate the Stress and Anxiety you’re experiencing in the midst of your lowly

kneeling in prayer no know that from my Throne flows a living water of healing and Tranquility therefore if you feel

the need to cry out do not be afraid for your tears will return to me as a shower

of my spirit blessing you and strengthening you there is purpose in your tears I hear you and am always

ready to listen I have reserved a spot in my heart for you one that will remain empty forever may it be so if you want

the important people in your life to feel the love and support that have changed Your Life share this encouraging

message with them join my Army of good news and let us continue to serve the

World by improving people’s lives there will come a day when what you currently

lack is more than enough the promises I make do not remain just words for those

who are religious and persistent they become reality what you want and what’s

ideal for your loved ones are both clear to me strategic plans are in the works

stop letting the conflicts you’re facing depress you remember those words in

difficult situations I am able to communicate and react gracefully let my

Holy Spirit sprinkle holy oil on your head dispelling mental chaos and anger

and I will paint a smile on your face so that you can stay positive I will not

punish you for your mistakes do not even consider it you have faced the results

of your actions but I have not yet let go of the favors that I per personally extended can you recall spending an

afternoon in an hour with me as I eliminated those benefits someone lied about me and tricked you my lies have

ended and I want you to know that I mean no harm I shared my mobile lifestyle I

don’t see why I should curse you you sought my forgiveness after you repented and distanced yourself from sin and I

granted it we understand and appreciate your regret are you expecting something

right now if problems emerge do not misunderstand the circumstances if

disputes appear to be temporarily in the ascendancy please do not become irritated or react angrily if you think

differently I have no ill will toward you stand up to the deceiver who led you

astray have you ever stopped paying attention to what I say the almighty God loves you eternally and Promises to

Grant you eternal life give this some serious thought find a peaceful spot and

tell me your sins without making a sound voice your uncertainties get those

questions out of your chest refrain from bending over backwards if necessary the

first thing in the morning is a good time to cry and pour out your heart I pray that you find Swift relief from

your feelings of Shame and remorse I will communicate with your soul and help

you see that a beautiful scheme has already taken shape the ways you grieve

over the unfolding events should not dis discourage or confuse you you should know that I am not irritated that I have

no grudges against you and that I genuinely like you I would prefer not to put you through that make your steadfast

conviction very apparent at first light I will speak with you revealing my

Splendor so that you too may feel my soul inside you I will be with you in

spirit and I will wrap my arms around you in a gentle Embrace that envelops

you completely screening my extraord ordinary eternal love for you can make

it quite clear that you are mine by screening my extraordinary eternal love

for you you are my beloved discover gently and organically at all hours of

the day and night dispel any remaining uncertainties consider the following

what benefit do I get from making you suffer I’m no longer leading you down the path of Ruin instead I await your

arrival so that we may discuss your offenses you are of an age to understand that errors have consequences and that a

slip up can also lead to failure I am neither your parent your friend nor your

God remember that I am both your Defender and your food source as well as

selecting and eating fire the documentation and proof of your innocence are with me My Sacrifice

atoned for your transgressions however even if you have to endure the anguish of the world’s repercussions I will save

you please stand study up on the lesson and don’t break the rules again avoid

offending anybody plus it is ideal if you have not done so before make an

effort and show courage so it doesn’t happen May my blessings be with your spirit as you bask in the freedom I

offer approach me fearlessly and confidently and seek blessings for your loved ones knowing that I will grant all

your good requests even if they aren’t exactly as you’ve asked rest assured my

darling I will provide something more substantial stay away from the idea that

I’m furious with you I have always loved you and will always love you so I can

protect you with devotion I have fulfilled all my promises and the only

reason you haven’t received your blessing yet is because I prefer not to rush things bask in the sun wait your

turn and trust in God you may soon experience joy and contentment in your

heart have faith in these words they will mend you soothe you assist you

individually envelop you in love and fill your heart with immense tranquility and delicious feeling their arrival

Heralds a fresh day free From Misery suffering and bewilderment you know that

I’m always eager to help you relax cure you of any mental or physical ailment and free you from any spiritual shackles

of suffering so that you may always live free from Fear I hope you find happiness

and contentment in your life and share them with the world every day this is your day your second opportunity to make

your biggest decision so enjoy it and know that plenty of gifts are on their way in the midst of tempests you remain

strong and unwavering they may be dead or vanquished so your adversaries can’t hurt you you exude an air of confidence

and Faith you’re transforming your demeanor and personality anxiety has

left and will never come back no matter what happens today tomorrow or in

eternity I will always be here as a gift from God Jesus your Everlasting friend

you may feel my presence inside you and I will be there to fulfill my word I

will always be by your side never leaving you you’re really loved by me

your self-doubt might move me to forgive you for the things you’ve done wrong in the midst of your kind stumbling I may

strengthen my hand to lift you up ensuring that you never fall there is no way for you to separate from me your

originality is no longer a factor you may be sure that I will be present today

before your eyes can physically absorb my love I may provide the long- awaited signal that reveals the depth of my

adoration you and I have a special bond and it is only fair that you both experience joy as I reveal a deep truth

about your soul you are amazing and oneof a kind because your heart heart is

delicate and special I fix my eyes on you soon you will witness this for

yourself preparation for a new life begins here for I will bring back much

that has been taken away and much more what your adversary took from you will become better for you I love you since

this is an intimate relationship between us it is perfectly okay for you to experience a mix of emotions when I

reveal a deep truth about your soul you are both unique and fantastic IC your

delicate and unique heart is the reason I fixed my eyes on you you will witness

this in due course get ready for a fresh start because I will restore many things

that have gone missing and some will come back much faster than before what

your adversary took from you will become better for you I would rather shower you

with blessings try your best now while you’re on your knees and in quiet let us

discuss the moments before I give you this magnificent present if you present yourself as a Victor others will see you

as a powerful leader just as your heavenly father intended use the knowledge I’ve given you to prepare pray

and think about what you may say before you receive your benefits when it’s necessary speak out when it’s not be

quiet however never be afraid to stand up for what you believe in and defend the people you care about be on the

lookout for any coward who attempts to harm your house and be careful to protect your family and friends at all

costs your joy contentment and strengthening of your faith are my

desires permit your heart to remain stable typically I feel secure knowing

that I am on your side I believe in you my Brave fighter of unfaltering Vitality

therefore shout and write with joy you have everything you need to conquer any undertaking with the fire of resolve

that burns inside you do not avoid the difficulties you are facing avoiding

them will not always make them disappear you are strong you must fight you must

remain in others company I wouldn’t be speaking to you if you were weak willed as my words reverberate in your soul

remember that I am reinforcing what I have always told you that you are unbeatable even though your enemy may

try to confuse you on a daily basis by suggesting that I have left you when times get tough no know that I am right

there with you every step of the way through Joy sadness Despair and blatant

loss I am by your side whenever that happens I pull you closer and do my best

to show you how much I love you much more than you could ever imagine I am speaking to you we are trying to find

you and I will be here every step of the way to make sure that no matter how hard life gets you never have to worry

question or feel abandoned remember and have faith that I have taken control of

this planet and given you stronger weapons you may trust in my love your

desire and your faith in me because my love is true may your spirit be filled

with desire and your mind Guided by it use your faith as a shield against your

enemy attacks you will eventually overcome your difficulties feel free to

observe with delight in the past have you overcome challenges and regained

advantages you thought had vanished forever I would rather that those words bring you immense Delight why wallow in

self-pity when you can control everything that’s accessible to you ascend my throne with confidence and

tell me what you want listening to you is something I really like doing so that

you may go confidently and fearlessly in your path I want to respond to your offer have peace of mind about tomorrow

the here and now I will see you through to a pleasant future I have chosen you

to succeed not fail just believe what I’m saying follow my instructions and I

will show you the way you know that wealth and success are about more than just having stuff instead of focusing on

material wealth I will seek my condition and righteousness live my life and cherish it deeply I promise to provide

everything else for you with my blessing I will fulfill all of your heart’s desires and bring success to all of your

dreams and efforts My Hope Is that you will be a channel through which good

things arrive for others and that you will share what you have abundantly so find Solace and vitality in my person my

beloved child and come to me let the Fountain of my love overflow into you

and the lives of everyone around you your heart yearns for a magnificent

interlude meticulously crafted just for you your unfaltering faith is about to

get some very stylish accolades and I’m here to tell you that living your life amidst a tapestry of blessings enriches

the lives of those fortunate enough to share it with you trust me I’m always here for you even in the most trying

times I know that life can have its ugly and difficult sides but even in those

moments when doubt tries to undermine you stay calm and courageous because my

love for you is unwavering I will not let you become lost in the midst of hardship you are an

invaluable component of my creation and it’s my sincere desire that you have a

life that is joyful fulfilling and profoundly meaningful therefore I implore you to

remain Brave and determined despite all your worries and hardships trust me with

all of your heart let me direct your paths and I will give you strength

accept this as real with my affection and unfaltering ing trust in spite of

everything that may come your way even storms I am certain that you will prevail temporary setbacks should not

discourage you I possess the ability to transform any situation into a wonderful

benefit in the face of life’s unexpected obstacles I can create Pathways where

none seem to exist and transform your grief into boundless joy in the face of

Despair resist the urge to give up rest assured that I have painstakingly

designed a Flawless blueprint just for you out of the fabric of your lives rest

assured that I am diligently attending to your needs carefully coordinating every detail with Limitless affection

and concern even if there may be moments when you can’t see the big picture my

love for you with all my being is beyond imagination it is a tangible power as

real as the air you breathe more powerful and a inspiring than any one you could ever seek my love which

surrounds you infuses the center of your existence with Vitality never forget

that it is the greatest gift that anybody could give you I feel a profound sense of appreciation every morning when

you wake up and trust me with your days and fate it’s like listening to a beautiful tune in the midst of ridicule

from those who reject the invisible all powerful God your unwavering faith in me

knowing that I am watching over you and caring for your needs is what propels you forward in life as a beloved child

of the universe’s maker your unwavering self-confidence your smiling smile and

your thankful everpresent attitude are a source of brilliant warmth that sustains

My Broken Heart your amazing heart has an abundance of love and compassion as

the sun rises and sets I will be able to return to this place at a later date ready to shower you with my Limitless

love I value you deeply even if today’s challenges seem overwhelming if you

listen carefully you will find the solution despite how tough things seem

right now you have put your faith in me with your life and heart with my Essence

infused into you I can promise you that nothing is impossible mostly think about

it with unfaltering faith yet see it as a call to ponder assert affirm and

inscribe your principles declare with confidence that the Divine can do anything at this turning point in

your journey become fully present with the knowledge that you are not required to Bear the load in isolation give me

control of your problems and concerns I know your deepest thoughts and aspirations this act of surrender allows

you to embrace Serenity and let go of the weight of isolation I am the one who

will keep you so put your faith in me my eyes are always on you even when you

don’t see them them give me control of your life and I’ll teach you how to manage the resources I provide with ease

keep in mind that my deepest wish is to enhance and enrich your life in every way put your trust in me my precious

little one and watch the floodgates of blessings flow wide the sky will split

revealing a treasure Trove of holy Treasures that will fill your spirit with joy and serenity like never before

so as you go through life remember that you are being led included and loved and

live out the story of your coming to terms with the fact that each chapter is written with purpose and flare I am

ready to bless your efforts goals and Ambitions so think of me my beloved even

in the midst of your trials my favor will be with you every step of the way

have faith in me and see how I can enhance and broaden your endeavors it is

my deepest hope to see you prosper to show shine a light on your lives the way the steady Morning Sun gradually

illuminates the day until it is wonderfully dazzling Earth could be a tough Place full of unknowns even though

you may face challenges to your faith rest assured that I will always be by

your side you can trust that my intentions for you are faithful since I am always by your side working to ensure

your and others safety always keep in mind that your faith faith is like a

little seed waiting to grow into something really miraculous excessive self-criticism is

something you no longer engage in be the most valuable and impactful gift I can give you since you have learned from

your failures and are changing your mindset my love Embraces this gift

symbolizing my forgiveness earned through immense sacrifice I want you to understand that

you have already attained cleansing and peace seek retribution for your past transgressions or mourn the missed

opportunities have faith in me because I have a sophisticated plan for you I vow

to always absorb my lessons and I am famously kind and forgiving I understand

the challenges you face your worries and how you feel I pay close attention to

what you want or need while you mourn I am aware I never let go of your hand

when you go through times of Despair and loneliness once again I understand how

much you want my company earlier you struggled with grief and physical pain and in your

desperation you prayed where are you God right now I’m extending to you a concrete symbol an embodiment of my

steadfast focus on your desires even if you don’t have access to specific details I am here to listen to your

cries and let you know that I am with you until then you’ll have to wait until

Clarity hits hold firm to your regular devotions please stay close to me and I

will do my best to fulfill my role as your caring and loving father I just wanted to let you know how much I love

you as I Proclaim my love for you you will believe me when I say these things are real your happiness is my top

priority and I want it to endure and hold significance every day I bestow upon you may your strength flourish as

you prepare for the path that awaits you so from this day forward I will

continually f you with Motivation by speaking words of encouragement and love

into your heart first thing in the morning your scheduled moment has arrived your Victory is imminent at this

moment keep in mind that I have never set out to feel discouraged or defeated

there are certain individuals in this world who intentionally try to bring you down by making you feel small they

labeled you a loser and said you wouldn’t succeed therefore they were right they their empty threats will not

affect your future so ignore them get your mind off of them and their criticisms I will win this time I am a

constant source of Allure for you I understand that in the midst of your busy life you might unintentionally

ignore me or put off our communication but I beg you to give me the chance to

enter your heart completely so that you can experience the full depth of my love and style through this communion son and

daughter see the miraculous change that has come over your lives the healing of deep wounds the calming of Storms and

the bestow of everlasting peace living a solitary existence is not something you

have to worry about when everything seems to be falling apart I beg you to

come near in times of tough choices you may lean on me to help you through the

challenges your facing you’re looking for my comprehension and you’ll also

find Clarity from the devastation of daylight to the Stillness of night I will listen carefully to your petitions

and my Mercy has no limitations no matter how big or small your transgressions are my grace is a

constant presence a source of comfort and acknowledgement that may break the chains of Shame and guilt that have kept

you from me in the past my love for you is boundless and my compassion for you

is boundless too find Limitless benefits ease and Tranquility I am implore you to

pause my love and think well before you open your coronary heart the path that promises Joy rather than grief while

navigating life’s challenges may also seem lofty you may have faith that I will always be there for you supporting

you and making sure you have a firm foundation to build on no matter how difficult things become so my son I beg

you to remain unwavering in your understanding my daughter I beg you to be steady in your beliefs the second

coming a period of glory and praise for your steadfast Faith Has Come Here Comes

Your much anticipated moment rest assured I am always sensitive to the heartfelt cries of your coronary artery

these days I have painstakingly planned a magnificent interlude primarily

reserved for you I am here to tell you that your unwavering confidence is about to receive a magnificent reward those

fortunate enough to cross paths with you will feel blessed and your life life will also be beneficial to them the

shadow of embarrassment will fade from your lives as my graceful touch and the soft murmurs of Elegance sweep over you

my compassionate hand may be with you at all times on this auspicious day I wish

you an abundance of opportunities and benefits that will transform your life into a harmonious tapestry of success

put an end to the era of financial hardship and debt because I am announcing a plethora of advantages that

surpass both the material and spiritual spheres your heart will be filled with

boundless happiness and you will sing songs of thanks singing My Name with every note stay steadfast in your faith

in me and watch as your life is filled to the brim with miraculous blessings my

grace possesses the power to motivate you supply you with resources and unlock new opportunities in all your endeavors

may you always remember that I will arrive at the ideal moment to fulfill all your requirements

feel the Heavenly warmth of my presence enveloping you which will bestow upon you an aura of Limitless elegance and

unbreakable power I pray that the healing energy that flows from me May seep into your very being and restore

you physically mentally and spiritually in the midst of life’s Darkness your

prayers have reached the halls of heaven and your Soul’s yearnings resonate with me like sweet Melodies your

steadfastness and perseverance through adversity have not gone unnoticed and

your tears like Priceless gems have not been in vain recently I shine a bright

light on all your anxieties and uncertainties because of your Fidelity I say that the time has come for you to

enjoy the fruits of your labor I am prepared to bestow on you my abundant advantages via a miracle as deep as the

Sunrise hold your head high and Forge away the weights that have waited you as the hard times fade away like Shadows

running from sunlight the writer has prepared a lavish dinner party for you surrounded by your enemies

where you will experience unbridled delight and fulfill all your deepest aspirations that you confided in me

before they materialized go forth with confidence my darling baby keep moving forward with

steadfast Clarity my dear daughter circumstances should not shackle your

dreams stay strong in your faith and ignore the nagging doubts and false prophets who would make you believe

otherwise never forget that I am the deity of the unimaginable and since I am

all powerful anything is possible even what seems impossible will become your

real reality more than ever I beg you not to ignore my name today I am

reaching out to you with words of love that come straight from my soul in my ideal world my voice would reach you

wherever you are at the most profound level of your existence I implore you to listen and accept the flood of my

unending love primarily composed for you my dear son and my dear daughter now

more than ever remember that I have stood by your side sharing in your triumphs and tragedies accomplishments

and failures I see your every move and am well acquainted with the weight that you carry I want you to know that I have

not stood idly by as your life unfolded even when you were absent I still

preferred the results of your highquality work this very moment I stand at the very edge of your heart

pleading with you in a very sincere manner to let me join the colorful fabric of your lives join me on this

adventure and I will be there every step of the way bringing pleasure happiness

and advantages to every aspect of your life in my ideal world I would not be a

distant God but your loyal companion helping you face your fears and then flooding your heart with unquenchable

delight when you succeed my love for you has never wavered no matter how far apart we are

or how many times you have been a mystery to Me Gently tapping on your heart’s door seeking entry into your

world I beg you to open it and let my heavenly Essence flood Your Existence

filling it with the life-changing power of my Limitless love and beauty feel the

weight of guilt melt away as my graceful touch and style Whispers envelop you my

benign hand might lead the way in every action you take in an Endeavor to turn your lives into a harmonious tapestry of

success I bestow upon you a multitude of possibilities and benefits on this auspicious day Embrace a new era free of

financial hardship and debt as I proclaim a bounty of benefits that transcends all boundaries both secular

and otherwise as you sing songs of thanks my name will ReSound with every beautiful note and your heart heart will

throb with boundless Delight you will reap many rewards if you keep holding fast to the unshakable faith you have

placed in me by my grace you will be able to unleash your creativity tap into

a wealth of resources and find new possibilities in whichever path you choose I will appear at the perfect time

to meet all of your needs whether or not you have it written in your heart I beg

you to hold tight to your faith because it is only with this this unfaltering faith that you will find the strength to

endure the trials and difficulties that life throws at you let your heart’s

desire burn brightly inside you do not be afraid or apprehensive because my

vows are unwavering and my commitment to you Resolute is that I will remain by

your side until the Divine Purpose written for you miraculously

materializes you are aware that I stand by your side no matter what gently

embracing you with my affection please understand the depth of my love for you

right now I am showing it to you those who have let you down have marked you with derision but I am healing the scars

they caused I will accept it as it is for the time being it will not matter

what you have been through the moment has come for you to be free to fight for the people you value and to help those

who have endured difficult circumstances like yours now that you have the tools

you may be a tool of my love a light to others in darkness but watch out know

your strength stand firm in the face of conflict and protect your peace lest they disturb it if you stray from your

faith and fall into the pit of dread my holy spirit will protect you from attacks repeatedly no matter how many

times you fall I can still lift you up I want you to know that I am not avoiding you in any way I will continue to keep a

close eye on you if they encounter difficulties on their Journey silence is not the solution I have the strength

Serenity and wisdom to teach you how to handle these situations with compassion and empathy give your children the same

love and salvation you have given to yourself for I have not treated you cruy

nor punished you as your sins deserve your eyes will open to the infinite

opportunities that await you when you place your faith in me the fabric of

your life is priceless even on my own the plans I have for you are magnificent and your family is proof

of that with my infinite grace and power religion will make your dreams come true

the voyage is a testament to your unfaltering attitude and the excellent path that lies ahead may it inspire you

always remember my darling that you will make mistakes and shed tears but the Redemption you have experienced will be

much more generous for your children when the time is right they will reach the limits I have set for them and

genuine repentance will Blossom guiding them home and providing opportunities to

grow your own family add to your joy and create greater forgiveness and style

keep praying for your children and then come up with another threat that way you can rest certain that your children are

safe in my arms and feel the overwhelming calm that comes from being in my presence I will make whole the

broken piece pieces of your life and provide Fresh Starts out of the wounds you’ve suffered do not be afraid my son

do not be afraid my daughter because my Infinite Strength and Limitless love

surpass all Endeavors whatever I want to do in your life is within my power so

come to me with all your might and fulfill my commitment to you while you

hold on to your faith in me let your heart be open to the miraculous opportunities that await you

when my beloved door opens I will show you the straightened roads that I have created with my heavenly hand I will

transform the seemingly impossible into evidence of my infinite magnificence so that you might be a

living testimony of my grace and love I ask that you keep your heart open and

receptive ready to welcome the miracle for which you have prayed and fasted

give me permission to see into every corner of your life and shape it according to my perfect plan weaving

reason and Grandeur into the fabric of your story with each chapter trust me

when I say that I the writer am hard at work behind the scenes the meticulous

crafting of every thread twist and flip has a deeper purpose than just your

state-of-the-art expertise in the grand scheme of things the impending Miracle isn’t necessarily

only for your benefit it has a function within the fabric of mankind there is no

way that a cunning coward can hurt you which person are those words addressing specifically they have communicated with

you my beloved allow these words to fortify you etching them into your mind

and transforming them into a symphony that resonates throughout your heart

praise be to my God who is virtuous free intelligent and endowed with the

steadfastness and bravery of a true conqueror raise your fingers once more to declare that the Lord my heavenly

father loves me eternally inspiring bravery and perseverance with every

stride may this declaration serve as a stirring hym to your journey every

morning I hope that you feel that way and it’s a feeling that comes from the lessons I give my loved one do you still

remember that I’m making heavy use of your feature on your own you can rely

you no longer require the attention or company of others you are the most beloved child in my life I’m looking for

ways to make you want me more than anything else because you are the Beloved child of my heart you do not

need anybody else’s approval or company my love for you is ever evolving and I’m

always looking for new ways to show it to you be kinder to yourself and show me

how much you love me with all your heart I know and love you very much in addition to forgiving you I am here to

support you on your path and I have par pardoned you you are my property the purpose of my visit was no longer to

exact revenge on you your errors vanished before my eyes my Justice is upon you and you stand pure even if it

may be hard to believe that your mistakes were due to diversions problems arise and you are

becoming more agitated rest assured this is not the place for me to punish you or

withhold my affection I get you but stop being so hard on yourself for the

problems you’re facing right now you need to find methods to find comfort in me but I know that you’ve had a tough

time in the past and that you’re afraid of making the same errors or suffering the same pain again hold my hand tight

and feel my presence most of the time I’m here to keep you safe at all times watching over you with vigilance you

should seek peace and establish even a modicum of trust before I can show you the way to avoid more errors you drew

strength and desire from me so keep your eyes fixed on me when fatigue sets in I’ll try to lighten your load in

preparation to support and lead you I am ready trust in my unwavering commitment

as I will fulfill every promise when the time is right accept my promise to mold

you into a person brimming with wisdom and bravery resist the need to be hesitant give yourself over to the

embodiment of my fingers the unfaltering faith inside me with all my heart I

promise you that you you will be able to rise above the difficulties that have befallen you in the past do not let your

faith waver I have orchestrated these trials so that you may grow in faith and

learn to rely on me more heavily when you encounter seemingly impossible obstacles just call out my name and I

will respond so you can rest easy you will be able to overcome every obstacle that comes your way because I will give

you wisdom and direction as seemingly insurmountable doors open unexpected opportunities will

emerge ready to weave themselves into the fabric of your enhanced lives once more let your financial hopes and dreams

rest in my heavenly care as I extend an open invitation to you to trust in me

with everything and watch as I bestow blessings upon your undertakings I possess everything

rightfully and my gracious Supply aims to bestow blessings and prosperity upon you in every manner I will monitor your

well-being to ensure Harmony in your family family ‘s Fabric and Grace to maintain your physical and mental

equilibrium my presence is a constant reminder of my all-encompassing and unconditional love for you your

existence is a symphony of love come to me my beloved child and put your faith

in me so that I may lead the way as you travel through countries filled with wealth and prosperity see the paths of

righteousness that I light up for you do not be scared about the future I do not

have any Grand or immediate plans for you your personality isn’t the most admirable yet it makes me happy just the

same I respect the depth of your feelings and the honesty with which you express them in our talks as you draw

close to God In Prayer May the happiness coursing through your soul fill you to the brim with Heavenly pleasure this

heavenly Delight permeates your whole being and it will ease whatever pain anguish or suffering you may be going

through I want you to to soak up the deep love that surrounds you once you’ve digested my words the difficulties you

encounter no longer compel you to walk the road of Despair I have strong

feelings for you and I know that one day you will find many methods to experience

this love with the power of my holy word I will reveal it to you and make it

tangible you could feel the Heavenly love around you quickly in times of trouble my arms will wrap around you

easing your pain and filling your heart with boundless Delight your enemies will withdraw realizing they can’t harm you

or frighten you anymore while your friends will be amazed by their Newfound Delight a Heavenly Guardian Angelic ring

of protection will surround your home protecting you from harm to put an end

to any residual Sentiments of inadequacy or pessimism that weigh you down protecting your family now represents

the actuality of negative beliefs my holy words will be a salve soothing the

soul and rekindling the fire of Joy your soul may be filled with fresh hopes and

dreams and I see you beaming with joy your heart overflowing with love the presence of caring Spirits assures me

that your life’s journey will continue indefinitely it is a long tapestry filled with delightful surprises and

your unwavering Vision promises that you will treasure yourself and adhere closely to me my commitment to cherish

Ing and caring for you has no bounds it is far more Timeless my heavenly love

for you is permanent and unchangeable the grand designs complement my desire

to hold on to my hand and find pleasure and serenity with each stride speed isn’t the measure of the voyage but

perseverance and Faith are I hope you’ll remember me and I’ll always believe in what you want even though the distance

may appear vast know that you’re closer than you think on the long road of life

you have risen above the transient surges of emotion and crossed the terrains of adulthood my holy purpose is

to bless your family with strengths that will illuminate their Journey with Heavenly light giving them the courage

to face adversity headon even if the road ahead is Bumpy

you can be certain that you will overcome your enemies and any obstacles that stand in your way your side will

support the unmovable foundations of faith and electricity in times of

difficulty you may find Solace and strength in me put your trust in me without reservation and I will never let

you down or leave you because I am the god who is all powerful and everywhere at the same time I will be with you

directing and protecting you through life’s twists and turns just as I was with the prophets of old always keep in

mind that you are my most prized property and the heir to incalculable benefits my little one you were here in

this world for a specific purpose to shine a light and provide joy to everyone who sees you recall that I

sacrificed everything for you ensuring you could reap the Bountiful and far-reaching benefits that existed for

you even before the establishment of the sector even before your mother’s womb formed you your love for me knew no

bounds I treasured you before time began thus my love continue to progress

ceaselessly nothing can stand in your way of achieving your goals you have the power to do all you set your mind to

strengthen with unwavering conviction determination and courage recognize what

is truly yours I have given you the power to do so so embrace the adventure ahead of time knowing that my love for

you will continue forever and that we will conquer any challenge as easily as a kid and a backpack if you want an

Embrace feel free to wrap yourself in the Assurance of my everlasting love know that I have sown the seeds of

strength love and power inside you while you travel the path ahead remember that

my spirit is inside you a source of unfaltering strength keep going because

the holy energy coursing through your veins is stronger than anything or anyone standing in your way my heavenly

gaze recognizes in Treasures the profound affection you have for your children in the hallowed pages of my

book I have painstakingly documented not only their names and physical

characteristics but also the core of their thoughts aspirations shortcomings

difficulties and wishes recognizing the significance they have within the vast fabric of their life

stories I beg you to stop beating yourself up over your child’s decisions if they seem to be going in a different

direction than you had hoped never give in to the temptation to annoy other

people about things you can’t change let me take care of all all your concerns because worrying too much saps your

energy and robs you of inner calm focus on your own lives for the sake of your

cherished children hold on to your beliefs and pray this is the perfect moment to release what needs releasing

your children like mature doves should proudly spread their wings and fly away embodying their freedom you may rest

easy knowing that my protecting Shield will be there for them every step of the way offering wisdom and comfort as you

earnestly pray for them I have Divine intentions for your family and you should listen to my advice and Trust in

them if you feel the need to micromanage your children or decide what they should do resist the urge doing so will only

prevent you from embarking on your non-secular journey put your faith in my experienced hands and know that there

are boundaries they must find ways to overcome particularly when it comes to protecting your family and home my word

is a champion strength and it dwells in your heart’s Sacred Space because of your unwavering Faith you will overcome

the obstacles that stand in your way from the depths of my heart it is time to stand firm and face your problems

directly I reassure you take possession of how you see me Proclaim it write it

down again and again and keep in mind that in the Divine domain nothing is impossible imagine that you are now

performing my sacred service I don’t know how I could ever stop loving and helping someone as wonderful as you

giving you Eternal salvation is my top priority there is no power in fear

typically convey the profound comfort that comes from knowing you are safe and loved carry the incalculable dimensions

of my love around you as you make your way through this planet think of the sacrifice you made when moving as proof

that you triumphed over adversity while other people may suffer from isolation

pain rejection and Agony I got up at / hour so that you may have a supernatural

existence that goes beyond the material things of this world even when your frailties and exhaustion cast a shadow

over your spirit you remain unique as a symbol of Triumph lift your hands and

push yourself upward tell the Four Winds that you are more than just an introduction you are my beloved son or

daughter a symbol of courage and strength a Victor in many conflicts and

a champion of the powerful let it dwell within you there is nothing that can compete with or beat

your sheer strength since you aren’t a lonely spirit being alone isn’t for you

feeling down and depressed is not part of who you are pay attention to my call

you are rightfully in my jurisdiction as you kneel in prayer my Legions charge in

your direction casting out the evil that threatens you with their d dazling swords your spiritual enemy is fleeing

in Terror at your surroundings sheer magnitude might and Splendor even if his threats are far away they will never

really reach you join me on this journey of unfaltering faith and obedience and

see your life turned into a masterpiece adorned with extraordinary blessings I

am the one who provides for you your father and your God let us establish a

covenant and embark on a journey Guided by the guidance of good fortune and

divine will moreover my beloved child May these

words like a Gentle Wind touch your heart and strengthen your trust in the

next blessings you will see the expression of My unfaltering caring so let my likeness be a note in the

Symphony of your life never let uncertainty take up residence in your heart instead tend to the seeds of

insight and watch them grow into a a lawn of steadfast Faith hold on to my

words cherishing them as a precious gem in your heart’s Sanctuary cultivate an

attitude of Perpetual thankfulness it is a religious practice that reveals the

abundance in your life and draws benefits from those around you as you go on let your faith be the lighthouse that

guides you through the ups and downs of life’s path inside the fabric of your Pursuits never let the shifting Winds of

circumstance or the temptation of world Pursuits derail you from the path I’ve set out for you use the unique abilities

God has given you to succeed professionally and personally and always act with honesty and kindness in all

areas of your life I will bless and multiply you so you may see the fruit of your labors growing as a consequence of

your efforts you hold the promises close to your heart if you choose to believe me do it with all your heart stay away

from those who claim to love me but don’t really really believe it they trust others opinions and take the scorn

and criticism that others pour on them a lot of people try to shape you into their idealized version of themselves by

demanding things from you that they can’t provide even while you’re going through a deep personal transition

claiming to be good while hiding behind masks of apparent Purity and fake Holiness is a sign of how resilient they

really are no matter what others think you aren’t the worst offender

welcome to the liberating path that leads to complete Independence where you may unwind in peace your desire is to

embody gentleness my darling you will one day mature into an intelligent and

perceptive young woman who exemplifies kindness and strength I feel that the

emptiness and deep worries that shape your life precious baby and your faith

Ardent strong and stable are like a light shining brightly in spite of all

the unknown I beg you not to give in to anxiety everything will be okay if you listen to

what I say in these holy pctures that is my promise to you a path to your choices

luxurious answers to your inquiries and comfort in your Sorrows are all here for

you track down the promises that keep watching over you incorporate them into

your life and allow them to fill you to the brim the peace that exceeds all

understanding will be yours if you commit my my word to memory and live by its wisdom my word is a light that will

not disappoint find the strength to confront your obstacles head on as the verses

outline the roote all the while I’m painstakingly designing a layout that outshines your data you may not even

realize it there is no doubt in my mind that I am always toiling away for you

knitting together every thread with Limitless affection and concern every joy every success

and every challenge you face are opportunities for growth and Mastery and my son and daughter never lose sight of

this deep fact rest assured even when faced with challenges there will be those to help you along the way no

matter where your path may take you my heavenly presence is with you remember I

am a safe haven where you can escape worry and anxiety whenever they try to overwhelm you please pray to me and put

your worries in my hands I can handle any burden and I never disregard my

prayers I am always ready to listen to the needs of my beloved children and bring them comfort and

strength embrace the knowledge that you are not walking this precious Road alone my beloved put your full confidence in

my promises and hold on to your unshakable faith even when the results

of your labor aren’t immediately apparent stay strong for your Miracle will unfold at the last possible moment

let your faith in my infinite love and Charisma carry you through life as you walk in Harmony and submission with

me I know exactly what it’s like to have concerns and emotions running through your body and mind do not be afraid

everything will work out as planned if you Faithfully follow my instructions you are more important to me than the

passing of time and I watch your every move knowing your thoughts and desires

inside and out as a married man I am now always thinking about you and doing my

best to ensure that you are happy and healthy no matter what challenges life throws at you baby I empathize with the

challenges you’re facing when Despair and Dread try to obscure The Wonder of your life remember that I am here with

you there is no limit to my devotion to you or the depth of my affection for you

rest assured I will never abandon you since the beginning of time I have been

a witness to the the fabric of your happiness I hear and feel every Joy

sorrow and struggle you’ve experienced every tear that has fallen from your

eyes every breath that has left your body and every beat of your heart

because I am your father I know every detail of your life therefore there’s nothing you can hide from me in the

midst of life’s turbulent currents find refuge and healing in this message realize that I can calm the tempests

raging in your spirit because I am the Mastermind behind the seemingly impossible amidst the chaos of Life find

peace in your religion and Let It Be the Anchor that secures your deliverance my love for you is Limitless and I will

help you again if you need it just as the tempests and winds bow down to my speech so will the Raging Waves of

uncertainty inside your heart if you are tired and in need of rest come to me

right now returning your focus and Clarity to your mission I will clear your mind of the worries and Chaos that

have been plaguing you I hope you spend your days in tranquility and your evenings in calmness you are the

legitimate inheritor of boundless riches but sometimes the magnificence of these

blessings slips your mind when concerns about the unimaginable take Center Stage

stay Serene my darling again I beg you not to listen to the Raging Torrance of

rumors information and threats that are out to get you even though there may be

many forces working against you or Consequences stemming from your own actions you need not be afraid because

you are still my beloved child and I will protect you from evil even when the world around you crumbles and people’s

hearts Shake I will never leave you so be strong and fight my beloved fear I am

talking with you via a holy Channel and this confidence is the finest proof that

you have been paying attention and seeing these days when the time comes and your Miracle

materializes you’re delving into the depths of your coronary heart to find solutions to the questions that have

Afflicted your thoughts don’t conceal the gifts I bestow upon you send blessings and hope to those who are

still holding on to your Miracles by becoming a shining example of what a Wishful thinker should be as you offer

your testimony you are becoming living evidence of my power and love which is beyond all understanding may my heavenly

power flow through you like a healing River bringing hope and Solace to those in desperate need furthermore may your

narrative serve as a Guiding Light even in the most shadowy places my timing is

perfect my baby even if it eludes your skill and I will reveal the fact that anything is possible while I am here

recognize that the success of my assurances won’t always line up with your immediate expectations if you need

to find yourself in periods of sorrow or disappointment you must maintain your faith as I weave a tapestry of

prosperity and Joy Based on your desires keep your eyes fixed on me at all times

you are not alone my beloved child my word and my promises Shield you from the

industry’s diversions in times of trouble I your loving father am here at

all times ready to mend heal and bless you abundantly do you seek comfort in me

seek wisdom in insight and a level of luxury that is beyond Earthly comprehension at these times and always

remember that I am by your side walking with you through the darkest times I am

standing by your side supporting you and giving you strength so you may trust that your movements driven by honesty

and knowledge will succeed you will come out on top of the next experience that

my love and faith have shown a light on my darling as you lift your heart to the

plethora of benefits that are pouring down upon you right now you are heralding the beginning of a season

characterized by extraordinary plenty a life filled with health wealth and

abundance is mine to claim for you your efforts will bear fruit and the things

you’ve created with your hands may serve as evidence of my Limitless Grace also

May the gentle light of Dawn guide you as you make steady progress toward a fantastic day in everything that you

accomplish May joy and contentment always be by your side do not be afraid my peace will

be with you and you will find the strength to endure my daughter and my child even when things are tough know

that I am the one who can cure you I will break the bonds that bind you and when you are sick or sad I will hold you

in my Love’s Embrace Your Mother stitched you together with the utmost care now as a Living testament to my

love and cause I am intimately familiar amiliar with every aspect of you I have

some crucial news to share with you so please pay close attention the answer to

your prayers is almost here the supernatural signal you seek will

manifest as a sudden release of divine power trust me when I say that I have

planned your Miracle the moment has come have faith and watch as miraculous

changes occur in your lives show me your unfaltering faith and I will release you

from the the chains of this world’s misery and power outages so that you may experience the unparalleled joy that I

your creator can give you be at peace in the prayer Sanctuary please in the

infinite mercy of my heart bear the weight of your troubles so that you may find relief I am here a reliable

companion who will assist you in embracing your faith in me and my promises so that you may find Comfort

even in the midst of life’s most devastating storms you don’t have to bear this weight alone let this little

nudge ring true in your spirit I have an infinite and unrestricted love for you

and my dedication to you has no limits nothing not even the unexpected events

of life will ever take away my love for you with each new day’s Dawn I am ready

to forgive and I give you a fresh start I am here to lift you up and guide you

gracefully forward no matter how often you fall let my love’s guarantee reverse

verberate throughout you to put it simply I have strong feelings for you

make sure my words stay in your heart and memory and know that I am with you a watchful presence preparing you for a

future full of many benefits and that I am with you every step of the way so

strengthen your unfaltering faith and follow the path I have shown you so that you can build upon my lessons and

incorporate them into your daily life as I mold your events and lead you to

locations decorated with plenty of First Rate blessings my beloved child you will

see the power of transformation right now I your heavenly father am increasing the number of times

I offer you blessings and Supernatural promises in addition to health strength

and unfathomable possessions I bestow upon you an abundance of wealth so that

you may achieve success Beyond Your Wildest expectations in this holy moment I am

sending you my blessings for a prosperous future in which your actions are in perfect harmony with my will I am

there in every part of your life so you may rest easy as you begin your journey aspirations that seem impossible in this

holy moment I point you toward a future filled with success and abundance where my favor is with you every step of the

way embark on your journey knowing that I am by your side every step of the way

my Limitless Elegance will Infuse your artwork studies and Endeavors good

fortune and wealth will accompany you wherever you go and I vow to bless all your endeavors along your journey you

could come across chances that help you develop and reach new levels of success in areas like money health love and

happiness you will prosper beyond measure your purpose is to shine brightly in the shadows embodying

strength conviction and unwavering determination in addition to the finest financial and spiritual gifts I am now

giving you my toddler a bounty of pleasure satisfaction and serenity that

is beyond human knowledge today I give you power and strength so you may overcome every obstacle that stands in

your way on your journey accumulate the Bountiful fruits of your labor in

companionship Precious Child raising your hands to the heavens embrace all

the blessings your father lavishes upon you with an open heart I pray that you

receive these blessings in a spirit of unfaltering faith and I want you to know that my deepest desire is to see you

succeed in everything that you do I beg you simply do not let any shade of

uncertainty derail you from your path instead be brave and clear up even as

you navigate The Maze of life’s obstacles know that I am always by your side when others inflict wounds and

darkness looms over you hold me with unfaltering energy you are mine and I

want nothing more than to see you live a life free of the Shadows cast by hurt and rejection you provide unfaltering

guidance forgiveness and renewal and I treasure you for all of these things

together we embark on a journey to illuminate a future filled with extraordinary gifts and abilities there

is an abundance of Tranquility joy and health stand tall and proud as the heir

to the throne under the watchful eye of your Mighty Everlasting Father in Heaven recite

these statements as if you really believe them not only am I providing an

opportunity but I’m also removing the hurdles that have previously stood in your way we will answer your heartfelt

prayers bringing about change in many areas of your life and improving your personal familial and household

circumstances be wary of placing your whole trust in someone who claims to be faithful forever they could let you down

instead take comfort in the knowledge that I am your everpresent unfaltering

source of support and that the rewards you have longed for are just around the

corner peace and a wealth of heavenly blessings will replace the anxieties and

longings that now fill your head although it may not be the most effective or crucial your agreement with

my sentence is vital if you want to achieve your your Ambitions and remain resilient in the face of the hardships

that life always brings unveiling the secrets and ways to elevate your spirit

I’m about to demonstrate a deep Insight get ready to be astounded by the magnitude of my love for you and the

abundance of blessings I bestowed upon you are you ready to fully embrace the richness that lies ahead describe the

emotions that are bubbling up inside of you to overcome the trials and difficulties that life throws at you I

beg you to hold tight to your faith it is in this unfaltering commitment that you will find the strength to persevere

give yourself permission to let the fire of Desire burn unwaveringly I will abide by my word and

devote myself to you Resolute until the divine plan destined for you

miraculously materializes so do not be afraid or frightened by existence his tempests you

know that no matter the storm I will be there to hold you in the tender Embrace

of My Affection keep looking at me for I am the source of your passion and energy

when fatigue sets in lighten your load you can count on me to provide support

and assistance in the fabric of your lives intertwined with every Victory and

sorrow every word you speak will come to fruition at the set time I concur with

your steadfast loyalty keep in mind that you’re usually not alone as you Trek

through through the ups and downs of battle my heavenly presence is with you at every critical juncture you are a

loving introduction meticulously planned not a random Cosmic occurrence draw

strength from the source of wisdom in my words backed by Divine reason and enhanced with specific Powers when faced

with difficult choices and intimidating obstacles allow the Eternal truths

contained within to illuminate the path that is right for you in in spite of my

confusion my spirit is alive and provides Insight I can’t even begin to

explain how much I adore you I now offer it unconditionally without any Reliance

on your performance or accomplishments allow these words to sink into your soul and ring true I am

the god and father of all the creator of the universe and the Everlasting guardian of your spirit I am sending you

the truth brimming with Vitality to restore your land and alter your ways of

life and it will not return empty-handed even when the prospect of change seems overwhelming remember that

you are the Beloved progeny of the omnipotent God change the way you ask direct questions you will accomplish

miraculous Feats through the power of my Holy Spirit which I have given you as

you proclaim the word of God love your neighbor as yourself control your emotions and refrain from cursing those

closest to you May the unveiling of wonderful things open your eyes as you call out to me I am completely focused

on the person I am responding to to begin your Bible study with a clear head

direct your attention to the harmonious voice of heavenly Direction no matter where you are right now my word assures

you that you have the key to a supernatural world where your heavenly father loves covers guides and directs

you hours a day however Eternal friend ships acknowledge this fundamental truth our spirit unites

binding our souls together Embrace this sacred Bond and go forth with a jolt of

inspiration and logic you stand at the threshold of a vast and magnificent realm brimming with wonders yet firmly

grounded on Earth where challenges conflicts and adversaries will undoubtedly accompany your journey

Embrace these factors as vital components of your life since nothing can utterly thwart you

my unfaltering support is at your disposal and you know that you can depend on my Almighty assistance when

times are tough when faced with challenges do not let yourself be scared you don’t fight alone anymore regardless

of the situation I am generally able to focus and you know that I am there to

help you with anything remember you should not admit defeat I will never leave you no matter what because I love

you so much rest assured your fa Faith filled prayers have reached me and I

have placed Warrior angles around you to clear your path so that you may grow and

devour your goals let calm and Tranquility wash over you the gift I’m

giving you will fill your whole being allow me to fill your heart with delight removing any worry or doubt that might

threaten your faith refrain from letting your emotions or the emotions caused by

the sector’s challenges influence your decision making put a stop to letting your heart flutter in times of

disagreement you can count on me as a loyal friend avoid being impatient we

are on our way to assist you the Rising Sun begins a new day and my gentle light

will break the spell of Despair that you have been under in the same way that rain brings relief to dry ground my

spirit will give life to your new Ambitions that you start today and all your hard work will finally pay off to

bless you persevere in prayer for your family and all the people dear to you

who look up to you as an example there are strong reasons to do so so suffer

for my sake and prove that trusting in me pays off with an everlasting and Supernatural reward threats from your

enemies should not frighten you due to their inherent value you must overcome your fears if you want to be strong with

the help of an Angelic Army you will Vanquish every enemy you face at this

very moment you will see every one of them reflect before me realizing that I

the true and all powerful God have rescued you you are the one I’ve chosen to bring great blessings to have faith

in me and continue living your lives with faith passion creativity and

foresight I will defend you we can work things out whenever a blessing falls

into your lap you can be sure that I am right there with you feel free to forward this piece to the people you

care about who you know are suffering and might use my help join my Army to

help me spread good news and together we can continue to touch people’s lives

while this world may claim temporary Delight you my lovely child are about to

embark on a wonderful Odyssey to find Eternal Joy a deep and personal trip

that takes place only in the shelter of my divine presence sharing your beautiful Pleasures with me in the vast

fabric of your life is the path to genuine and everlasting Joy my heart

resounds with joy whenever you respond with an overflowing heart and I continue

to pour forth my blessings in those rare instances when the Ethereal tendrils of

jojoy seem far away I humbly request that you come to me with an attitude of

thankfulness and watch how the joy radiating from my Divine Essence enhances the joys given to you throw

yourself into the pursuit of my face with even greater intensity don’t let the ups and downs of life or or your

emotions drag you down instead anchor your spirit to this fundamental truth

with Divine confidence I hold your hand and I’m always by your side in the denu

I will lead you with knowledge Beyond human comprehension and as you make your way through this shattered world I will

welcome you into the lovely Embrace of my presence do not stray from these Everlasting realities I am truth

personified hinge on me because I am the way and let my r rant light illuminate

your way hard times are necessary reminders that this life is only a temporary stop on the way to your

Eternal home so don’t shun them you must remember that the worldly Joys and

Comforts I provide are temporary compared to the final destination of your Celestial trip the sacred grounds

of your heavenly home in that domain I will bestow upon you Joys that last

forever you are my beloved and everlasting dis iple so there will be no more death sorrow tears or suffering

instead your Delight will be Limitless and everlasting the trials and tribulations you are experiencing right now will I

swear to you eventually find a home the trials you are now facing are just a

Prelude to The Majestic and eternal weight of grandeur that will follow you as you journey through this world so

don’t let them get you down thank me for all the good things I’ve done done for you and be kind to those who are hurting

I was there for you while you were going through The Crucible so be kind to others who are suffering too I pray that

you may find solace in helping the hurting and become a source of strength for those around you the anguish you’ve

been through takes on new significance as it brings honor to my Holy Name feel

free to share your deepest thoughts and feelings with me including your exhaustion vulnerability and

overwhelming emotions I fully understand the magnitude of your hardships with my

allseeing eye I can see everything I am your Everlasting

sanctuary and despite my all knowing wisdom I want to listen to The Melody of your heart as it shares your deepest

thoughts with me by opening up to me about the things that are hard for you you’ll find a peaceful closeness that

will help you be true to who you are in my holy presence as well as in the safe

haven of your own soul you may breathe easy in my reassuring company letting go

of the Relentless pressure to succeed at all costs since I understand you well

and will encircle you in a love that has no bounds immerse yourself in the Tranquility allowing the essence of my

existence to revive your tired Spirit while you rest in the quiet whenever you

are prepared and receptive ask me to show you the way forward remain firmly

assured that I am always by your side holding you close with tender strength

and holding your hand with unwavering devotion as you go through the complex Web of Life this fundamental truth will

give you the courage and certainty to face any challenge headon listen closely

to the reassuring murmur of my voice as I assure you not to be afraid I am here

to assist you in joyfully embracing life’s blessings I urge you to cherish

your worldly possession and Express gratitude for the blessings you’ve received yet avoid becoming

overly attached to these fleeting possessions as I hold ultimate ownership over everything take a generous stance

in all your interactions cherish your loved ones without treating them like Idols put your focus on pleasing Me

Above All Else and let go of the delusion that you can control the situations around you even as life’s

currents move without a hitch acknowledge that the final Arrangement

is in my capable hands develop an unwavering faith in me and you will be

able to confidently rely on my leadership the path is easier when it is

based on faith whether you are basking in the brightness of success or facing the shadows of hardship your Everlasting

Heritage is the everpresent presence that surrounds you it is a powerful weapon that will not back down from

difficult situations or apparently impossible undertakings put an end to fear and reprogram your mind to see

obstacles not as chores but as exciting possibilities switching from an I have

to mentality to an empowered I get to one may convert boredom into Joy even

when obligations require your undivided attention this shift in perspective can

completely change how you feel whether you’re tired or discouraged remember

that I am the one carrying out the actions thank me for giving Beast dead the power power to help you focus

overcome obstacles and become closer to my holy presence in times of confusion honor the

spirit who lives within you as the one who will always be there to Aid if you seek his guidance he will direct your

thoughts as you think about difficulties and how to solve them give the job your

whole attention as if you were working for me personally I want a life in which

we are in constant contact where you can face the challenges of each day with my

unwavering support and companionship always keep in mind that

I’m right here with you watching over you pay close attention listen carefully

and watch with wisdom be as careful with the people I include in your life as you

are with me when interacting with others approach them with a prayer spirit and

listen with purpose may my unfaltering love and the kindness around you bless

you and those you care about and bring you peace remember that you can always

put your faith in me and my promises because I am completely trustworthy even when it seems like evil is taking over

the world be strong in your confidence in me my dear child and do not allow the

evil earthquakes to sway you put your trust in The Sovereign orchestrator who is working behind the scenes to shape

every turn for the ultimate good especially during this Thanksgiving season be than thankful for all the

things in your life not just the obvious ones but for the many invisible interventions that have shaped it the

breadth and depth of my understanding surpass the bounds of human language and defy

articulation my decisions are cloaked in secrecy due to the immensity of my

methods and the fact that they defy human understanding you must have unwavering faith in me and be eternally

grateful for my everpresent Council in the Heavenly regions a Celestial inheritance is waiting for you

and a beacon is lighting your way through the Maze of life’s difficulties I am the unwavering champion who helps

you complete the fabric of your faith in the midst of chaos may your spirit keep

its eyes set on me direct your attention away from the overwhelming challenges in your life and fix your Gaze on the

constant illumination of my everpresent approachable presence I dare you to

direct your unbridled mental energy at me regular practice will solidify your

thoughts to encourage you to experience a deeper connection with my divine nature I invite you to find refuge in my

heavenly shelter where my love for you is unwavering and safe when you feel

weak Draw strength from the endless source of my heavenly power you should

Rejoice because I am the courageous fighter who battles relentlessly for you

mocking anybody who dares to challenge my sovereign will my unwavering affection Embraces you and no matter

what life throws at you I will always be there to support you I am the one who

wrote your biography and I have allseeing eyes that can see the vast tapestry stretching from the moment of

your conception all the way to the other side of death as long as you continue to

exist in my light I can see the beautiful person you will grow into yes

I do indeed consider you a royal Prince or princess in my Everlasting ing Kingdom my constant presence is of

Paramount importance do not discount it it pains me much to see how many people

claim to believe in my everpresent presence yet in practice they go through life as if they are on their own calling

out to me in prayer when they are overwhelmed coming close to me is a sign

of your steadfast faith in my ever present support and loving care the undeniable truth of my enduring

presence is stronger than any difficulty you may face no matter how heavy it seems when

fatigue and difficulties overwhelm you turn to me for Solace your tired spirit

will find solace in my promise of Peace the victory shield in my right hand will

support you whenever you face opposition my atoning death on the cross and subsequent miraculous Resurrection ured

victory for everyone who put their faith in me as Lord and Savior your role in

this EP story is fundamentally simple have faith that a savior is necessary to

pay the price for your sins recognizing that there is no other way to Salvation

your trust launches you on the Heavenly route to Paradise as you navigate the intricacies

of this world the unbreakable barrier of my Triumph envelops and shields you when

you’re in the thick of things lean on your unfaltering faith to protect yourself from the enemy’s flaming arrows

and see you through the storm if you need my help Lord don’t be shy about contacting me I have faith in my

dependence on you with unwavering support my all powerful right hand will hold you in the EB and in any situation

I am not just a shield but also a kind guide who will gently Lead You Through The Maze of life’s obstacles take solace

in the knowledge that I will be by your side until the end of your Earthly Journey the one who directs your every

step awaken to happiness in your heart because your daily leader will never

leave you with my firm hold on your hand I will be the rock that you can rely on

as we go into the unknown together unwavering and unmoved by the Cadence of truth I will lead you and teach you

knowledge my beloved child I am the god who fortifies you and leads you safely

via my commandments so that you may make wise choices please come to me in all

your Brokenness and sin own your guilt and pray that I will take them away stay

in my presence where your shortcomings are completely apparent as distant as the East is from the West see your

shortcomings as empty vessels begging to be filled with my power and ask me to infuse you with strength take Delight in

my Limitless Supply your way is protected by me I aim to alleviate the

burden of stress and meticulous preparation from your life keep me in mind while you go about your day rather

than dwelling on the future I will be there to keep you on track as long as we are in continual contact in order to

clear the way for you I shall walk ahead of you have faith in me to ensure that your travels are filled with the

greatest possible circumstances have no worry I am right here with you protecting and directing

you there will be times when you don’t feel my presence even though I’m never far away I want you to get back in touch

with me because fear might might be a wakeup call when worry starts to set in

be still and know that my loving light is shining on you and within you you’ll

start to feel that icy Terror fade away as you unwind in the warmth of My

Affection affirming your love and faith in me is the best way to show me how much you care keep in mind that I am the

god who watches over and directs you would be astounded if you realized the dangers I Shield you from your

Everlasting spirit is my greatest Shield being a disciple of mine means that your

spirit May rest easily you are mine to hold forever moreover I will show you

the way to Paradise from now until the end I shall remain by your side you may

experience a little bit of paradise if you live in close contact with me it is a beautiful way of life but it is also

quite strenuous and Demands a lot of mental and spiritual energy with the words he had set me always before him as

a she shepher David described this wonderful lifestyle in the Psalms he had plenty of time to come up to me and

enjoy being in my company you will also learn from me how to live this way a lot

of hard work and focus will be required but being around me will provide new energy and enthusiasm for everything you

accomplish rather than detract from it to find solace in me you must have faith

in me and surrender your whole being to me telling me you trust me is the perfect thing to do at any moment

regardless of how your life is going if you’re not ready to let me in on your innermost feelings just yet it’s okay

just remember that there will be times when you have to deal with the demands of your circumstances first in my

presence you are free to speak your friendship with me will become stronger and this in-depth conversation will

provide you with genuine relief at all times I’m here for you shining a light

on the path ahead and providing protection listen Jesus when I am afraid

I will hide in you in our happy dependency on one another the Bible’s lovely promises decorate the friendship

I offer my love for you is Flawless and eternal no matter what happens in your

life I will be there with you I am well aware of who you are and I have already made atonement for all your

transgressions Heaven stores your inherited wealth ensuring it never rots decays or fades in the end I will be the

one to lead you into glory after guiding you through life being dependent on other people is part of Being Human many

people attempt to hide their needs from others and seem self-sufficient but I made you dependent on me all the time

and there’s Delight in that admitting and accepting your dependence makes you more attuned to my loving presence which

in turn brings us closer and makes our time together more enjoyable

I hope that we can spend more and more time together in the future may our paths cross joyously as you go through

life please assist me in any way you can everyday chores take on a new light when

I’m involved nothing in all creation can ever separate us from one another and

this wonderful journey of ours together may continue eternally because when you do things for my glory I bless you and

make your hearts rejoice when things are going smoothly let go of the false sense

of control you have it’s easy to think you’re in control but when difficulties

come you’ll fall much harder since you’ll regard yourself as a master when

things are going smoothly Savor them avoid becoming fixated on feeling in

control there will be storms and doubts you are more likely to collapse when

faced with challenges if you insist on having things done your way and cling to

control I’m here to teach you to have faith in me no matter what because I am

your safe haven adversity destroys the illusion of control freeing you you may

find solace in knowing me the ruler of life and all things when you look to me in times of future uncertainty about

your situation when worry overwhelms you find comfort in me everything you could

possibly need is right here in my warm embrace compassion understanding

assistance motivation comfort and relief but as your anxiety levels grow you tend

to concentrate on yourself or your problems ignoring me and the assistance I may provide concentration makes your

anxiety worse whisper my name and bring me into your troubles let the pain of

worry be a signal to reconnect with me come to me and I will console you with

my empathy and Care seek my counsel comfort and assistance your issues are

very clear to me and I am well-versed in how to resolve them my loving presence will strengthen you and alleviate your

anxiety as you relax no matter what happens my love for you will remain

unbreakable my consolation brimming with Benefits will satisfy your soul my dear

for those who seek solace in me in times of peril I am a protective barrier keep

this Priceless promise in mind those who seek my comfort in times of need can be

sure that I will personally defend them it could feel like terrible news is everywhere at times and people can be

rather judgmental about what is good and evil if we don’t keep in touch this

whole thing might become too much the atrocities in this world hurt me but I’m not shocked since I’ve seen firsthand

how evil and cunning people can be anyone can engage in any evil deed they desire unless they find Salvation

through their faith in me even when evil seems to be winning I want you my

followers to be lights in the Darkness more resolved than ever to accomplish Good Deeds so that the world doesn’t

discourage you on one hand it’s standing up for what’s right when you see wrong

on the other it’s using your skills and resources to promote biblical righteousness in your own special manner

instead of dwelling on bad things try doing positive things a lot of people are picky about what they bring to me in

prayer some don’t want to talk about things that make them feel bad and some have gotten so used to dealing with

feelings of Shame guilt isolation and fear that they no longer ask for

assistance I don’t want you to become one of those people who get so caught up in their problems that they completely

disregard my presence may my unwavering affection provide you with Solace

Comfort eases grief hardship imparts strength and hope my love which is

unwavering and unfaltering no matter the circumstances is the greatest source of these benefits my love may comfort and

uplift you but it is up to you to seek my assistance I am happy to provide you

with everything you may need and I am always available I get you and I know

exactly what you’re going through do not engage in excessive self-reflection turn

your attention Inward and ignore me because my comprehension is greater than

yours when you come to the realization that you have done this pray quietly to me me I am the most important thing in

your life Jesus therefore keep that in mind find solace in my loving presence

and let go of the world’s burdens do not let evil win you over instead overcome

it by doing good you will endure trials but have courage because I have conquered the world I desire to mend the

broken pieces of you some of them are intrinsic to who you are because you’ve had them for so long no matter where you

go you can’t shake them and you hardly notice how they affect your life your

Independence and the ability to walk it out are my dreams however if you’re accustomed to

certain uncomfortable routines it may require some effort to break away from them on several occasions you will only

discover long-term healing when you subject them to my loving presence your increased Freedom will multiply my

happiness for you my tired one come to me come relax in my rejuvenating company

whenever you need me you can count on me to be there the needs of Others May easily take precedence over my own and

there are moments when you fail to remember me demands like these whether they’re kind or cruel guilt inducing or

not add up quickly and become too much to bear please come to me for assistance

when you feel that you are unable to cope with these heavy loads if you’re feeling overwhelmed please let me me

bear your burdens and listen to your worries then I’ll help you find a path ahead by shining my light on them as it

goes deep into your being the same light will calm and fortify you allow my

Divine Healing presence to enter your heart with open Palms my blessings will

pour into you as you joyfully worship me come relax with me my darling sit back

and let me bestow my Tranquility on you find happiness even when things don’t work out the way you expected don’t go

out on your day intending to manipulate events to your advantage you’ll face

something that refuses to budge on a daily basis it might be something as little as looking in the mirror or as

life-altering as the tragic loss of a loved one making your life easy and

satisfying all of your desires are not my goals for you I want you to learn to

trust me in every situation constant frustration is inevitable if you demand to be heard and

understood at all all times I would prefer that you not use unnecessary mental energy dwelling on the past you

can’t erase what has already happened but I can assist you now and give you hope for what is to come so please try

to relax and believe that I am in charge of your life keep in mind that I never

far away and being in my company brings you boundless happiness I direct the

happiness that illuminates my face towards you like a a bright torch guiding your way through the dark

passages of Life The Sacred Scriptures act as a tried andrue map directing your

movements with pinpoint accuracy as you confidently walk in the light of my word

trust in the source of my unfailing love and open your heart in gratitude for the obvious and hidden blessings bestowed

upon you within its sacred pages I alone possess the knowledge of the best path

for you to follow I implore you to stay steadfast in your faith even when the

shadow of evil casts a long Shadow over the Earth have faith that I’m aware of

the fight going on around you and that I am not unable to stop it I am quietly

arranging for a harmonious display of kindness among all the Mayhem my knowledge is incomprehensible to humans

my judgments are baffling and my methods are complex therefore you should Express

gratitude not only for the obvious gifts but also for the hidden ones when you

feel like you’re slipping and sliding instead of focusing on Mortal tracking root yourself in the practices of trust

and gratitude always keep in mind that I am by your side walking with you leading

the path and preparing the way for your Everlasting reward those around me often

disregard and underestimate the value of my presence despite many claiming to believe in my Everlasting company

isolation is a common theme in their everyday lives I’m very saddened by this

fact whisper my name with a loving heart staying close to me during challenging

times is a powerful expression of your faith in my constant support and careful

attention recognize that no matter how heavy your troubles seem they are nothing compared to the weight of my

presence amen

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