🛑 God Says: “Sorry” You Skip Me. Now I Will Skip You |

my dear child you have been given her

lovely living by God would you kindly

set aside only minutes to hear what

God has to say

God declares all of a sudden you’ll have

enough cash on hand to pay off all of

your debts and provide for your

household I’m sending you gifts that

will change your life

to claim it type .

the Lord declares even when everything

seems impossible I may find a way I’ll

recover you and heal you if you believe

in God watch this video Until the End

say this aloud every time every minute

and every breath I take I need God

you’ll acquire unexpected Blessings by

the grace of God before this month is


Jesus declares you will get an

unexpected miracle that will resolve

your financial issues tomorrow morning I

adore you

type I love you Jesus

God declares before this week is over

I’ll send you countless blessings bigger

smiles and economic victories as well as

greater opportunities than you’ve ever


God will perform the Wonder You prayed

for tonight while you are sleeping it

will be magnificent and free you from

all your worries

dear God I am helpless without you you

have treated me so well I want to ask

for your power nowadays

the remainder of this week will be

filled with amazing Miracles thrilling

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