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my child I want to help you feel better

and be

happier forget about your past and feel


hurt your future will be amazing full of

good things and

learning I’ll help you understand things

better and be

brave think my future is full of good

things I’ll show you how to be kind with

your words not worry too much and change

so you can be

better let’s start by being excited to

make things better and leaving bad stuff

behind don’t keep this good news to

yourself share this message and join us

to hear more good things every

day let’s make the world Better

Together decide to make your life better

and you’ll find many good things waiting

for you

I wish you a future full of good things

like having enough being happy and being

kind I see you’re having a hard time

feeling sad and ignoring hopeful

words but it’s time to listen to what I

say believing in something bigger than

ourselves isn’t just about seeming good

it’s about changing deep

inside think I’m ready for a new

beginning with

God when you feel alone don’t let fear

bring you

down instead look for the happiness that

comes from believing

strongly don’t let hard times from

before make you feel unsure about how to

feel please take my

advice believing isn’t about being

perfect or never having problems but

about trusting in good things even when

when bad things

happen remember God helps me when I need

it believing in God means you’ve given

your life to him trusting his

promises he’s like a shield keeping you

and your family safe no matter

what he’s always with you protecting you

from things you can’t even

see so say with hope God keeps us safe

faith is like

bravery it helps you stand up brush off

the dirt and keep going for your

dreams even when you feel weak or make

mistakes remember these

words especially at night when you need

peace read Psalm out

loud Let its words surround you like a


blanket when you say God take takes care

of me like a Shepherd it means you’re

wrapped in peace and your heart feels

calm close your eyes and be thankful for

your life family and the love you get

today listen give your whole life to God

and let go of

worries you don’t have to feel trapped

by feelings that make you tired and

worried do your part

now stop carrying too many worries and

start trusting the loving God who wants

the best for you don’t let tricky

feelings make you feel

weak God is here to help you and lead

you to a bright

future believe in love and let it hug


tight do you trust

me say yes and feel my love wrap around

you like a warm

hug if you felt blessed share the these

words with others who need

them join us in spreading goodness and

together we’ll make many lives

brighter every morning brings new gifts


God even when things seem tough remember

that tomorrow can bring wonderful

chances for good things to

happen together let’s ask for help with

our worries and troubles and replace

them with happiness health and peace

peace let’s pray for protection from any

dangers we can see and those we can’t so

that every plan against us

fails if you believe in this type God is


me even when life gets tough and

everything feels like a big wave

crashing down you won’t fall because I’m

here with you always ready to

help feel my presence beside you hold on

to my hand tightly and let’s go forward

together towards your

success say it with confidence God is

always with

me when things get hard I’ll give you

strength and

courage don’t be scared because I’ve

already planned for you to win with my

love and

support face life like a brave hero who

already knows they’ll

win remember how strong you are and know

I’m always with

you you’re special chosen to inspire

others by showing them that they can

overcome any problem difficulty or

sickness you’ll prove to everyone how

good you are at facing tough

challenges one day everyone will

celebrate you for being so

amazing Shout with happiness I’m here to

shine for other others chosen by

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better I trust you with this important

task I’ve given you my love and wisdom

to lead this generation with kindness


humility you’ll do a amazing things and

many will see it happening through

you always stay humble my

dear remember being humble means being

kind and caring towards

others God wants us to be humble and

loving it’s time to do what we’re meant

to do what God wants us to

do let go of worries and stress give

them to

God he’ll take care of them and you’ll


peace be grateful for God’s

love don’t carry heavy burdens

alone God didn’t make you to be weighed

down there are things that want to stop

you from being happy but we won’t let

them no matter where you come from or

what happened before give your life to

God he deserves the most important place

in your your

life believe in faith and

positivity if you agree type

and if you believe in God’s love

type I love you Heavenly

Father for those who hold God close to

their hearts express your love with the

words I really love you

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