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God is saying to you

my dear children the matters which you

are going through can also make it hard

to agree with me don’t permit that occur

when Peter heard the storms even as he

was on foot on water he commenced to


he knew closer to whom he became

strolling nevertheless he commenced to

fall he centered extra on the typhoon

instead of trusting me when he targeted

more on the hurricane the hurricane made

him too difficult to agree with him even

to your existence some storms may

additionally come

the storms might also make your

cognizance greater on it instead of

trusting me at that time don’t allow the

typhoon makes it hard to agree with me

by using focusing more eye at the


you realize that you’ve got promise and

I’m all the time devoted closer to those


so in place of focusing x-ray in the

storms start focusing more on knee dot

have religion in me I actually have a

plan for you through what you’re facing

type amen and if you believe in

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