🛑 God Message For You Today 🙏🙏 | So Many will skip however I Recognise You May..✋| God

God is saying to you today

my beloved ones in moments of

uncertainty the act of closing one’s

eyes serves as a symbolic reminder of

our limited perception

when our eyes are shut the world is

obscured from our view reflecting the

unknown nature of the future conversely

when our eyes are open the world unfolds

before us representing our ability to

perceive events as they occur

in Bible verse Timothy for to says

physical training has some value but

godliness holds value for all things

offering promise for both the present

life and the life to come yet life’s

unpredictability extends beyond our

sensory experiences the future remains

shrouded in mystery impervious to our

attempts to unveil it in the face of

this ambiguity

individuals often turn to Faith and Hope

as sources of Solace

the belief in a higher power often

expressed through the phrase my God will

provide everything

exemplifies the trust placed in a

guiding force to navigate life’s


however despite professing this belief

humans frequently succumb to worry when

confronted with difficult situations

this Paradox arises from the struggle

between faith and doubt between

acknowledging a divine plan and

succumbing to the weight of personal


man if you believe in God Jesus


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