🛑 God Is Saying To You Today 🙏🙏|| Be patient, God is watching everything….✋|| God

God has spoken to you my dear children

when you consider doing something you

could say you cannot do that you don’t

have the guts to do this

you sense so shy to do this you can feel

so scared otherwise you may think in

case you do and if it goes wrong but

some things you only do without having

any of the above thoughts

do you understand why because I

understand you higher you can’t do that

now due to the fact that time has no

longer come what will do this when it

comes slowly we’ll prepare you and you

may do it

sometimes I will pull you return because

I actually have every other plan on the

way to do

always remember nothing will manifest to

your existence aside from what I say so

consider me please like this video If

you believe Heavenly Father some matters

taking place in your life can be making

you fear of proximate tell your

Lifestyles do you do not forget that you

have surrendered your Lifestyles into me


if you don’t forget that then believe in

me know what I’m doing to your life God

type Amen in the comments and get

blessed today


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