🛑𝐀𝐥𝐥 𝐒𝐎𝐔𝐋𝐒 𝐖𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐑𝐞𝐬𝐞𝐭! God Told Me To Be On ALERT MODE | God’s Message Today #god Lord Helps Ep~1420

be prepared for God is about to shake

your family through a big shocking

incident on this particular day if you

will pay attention to these words and

listen to them closely and without

distracting yourself you will realize

that it is actually CAU present right

beside you and speaking to you about a

shocking incident that is going to shake


family the chosen

one God has chosen you and your family

for this shaking because of the shocking

move God is about to make in your

lives you have been in a similar

situation for a long time and there

hasn’t been any change but now God has

revealed that he is bringing a major

significant shift in your life this

season this is a sign that he has a plan

and purpose for you in the coming days

you will see his plan manifesting in


lives this is what God is speaking to

you my Chosen One every day is not a

similar one for there is a day coming in

your life when I will reveal some things

to you that will shake your family on a


level for I the Lord your God is going

to reveal the hearts of the people who

are closest to you so that you will get

have to know who is actually for you and

who is just pretending to be with

you listen carefully My Chosen One the

day I speak of is not a day of fear or

dreat but a day of Revelation and

understanding it is a day when the masks

will fail and the truth will stand

tall it is a day when you will see the

true colors of those around you not to

cause you pain but to bring Clarity to


life you may

wonder why this day is

necessary why would I your God allow

such a day to come the answer is very

simple it is because I love you and want

the best for

you I want you to be surrounded by

people who generally care for you who

support you in your

aniverse and who wish to see you

succeed this day is not meant to break

you but to strengthen you

it is meant to remove the false friends

from your life and to make room for

those who truly deserve to be

there it is a day of cleansing a day of

renewal remember my chosen one that

every person in your life serves a

purpose some are there to teach you some

some to help you and some to challenge

you and some to love

you but not all who are with you are for

you and it is these people the ones who

are merely

pretending that I will reveal to

you when this day

comes you may feel a sense of

betrayal you may feel hurt and

confused but know that this is only for

temporary the pain will pass and its

place will come a new found sense of

Freedom you will no longer be burdened

by the weight of false

relationships you will be free to move

forward with those who truly value and


you so fear not this day My Chosen One

embrace it for it is a day of growth a

day of Truth and a day of

Liberation trust in me your called for I

will guide you through

it I will be with you every step step of

the way providing comfort and

guidance and when the day will pass you

will look back and

realize that it was not a day of loss

but a day of gain for you would have

gained the invaluable knowledge of who

is truly for you and who was just

pretending and with this knowledge you

can move forward in your life with

confidence and

peace so prepare yourself My Chosen One

the day is coming but remember the

hearts I will reveal to you includes

your family members to you so be

prepared for this day for it is a day

that will bring you closer to the truth

closer to freedom and closer to me your

God also my chosen one

remember I am with you always guiding

and protecting you and revealing the

truth to you not just this but many

more trust in me and you will never be

led astray for I am your God and you are

my chosen one and together we will

overcome the obstacles that may come

ahead for you are never alone and with

me by your side you have nothing to

fear this is Lord’s Ministry and let me

make it clear to you that God gave me

these words during yesterday morning

when I was praying and they are clearly

indicating about the biggest reveal of

your life so far you will come to know

who is really for you and for your

family so I pray and request to you

please let this message be a testimony

of Supernatural change in your life I

pray for a mental shift for those who

need God to intervene breaking down

strongholds and removing un ungodly

thoughts may the Lord renew your mind

and bring you to a place of Victory and

peace for those seeking a shift in their

walk with the Lord Desiring a higher

Dimension Revival or a change in this

spiritual journey I declare an increase

in knowledge wisdom and

Revelation May the glory of the Lord

fill your life and may you operate under

a new Grace and a fresh

anointing Romans is speaks of your

season of

manifestation to those trusting God for

a financial shift I pray for

confirmation and blessing may the

windows of Heaven open over you bringing

Financial rain into your life may you

experience a significant shift from your

current Financial level to a higher one

for those hoping for a shift in their

relationship status seeking a life

partner I pray for Supernatural

connection and divine

appointments may God bring the right

people into your life if you are seeking

healing especially related to stomach

issues receive healing and a

breakthrough in your health God is

shifting you from sickness to health

from limitations to

abundance for those preparing for exams

I declare success and

breakthroughs may you overcome

limitations and experience the grace to


succeed remember Isaiah

forget the former things God is

doing a new thing in your

life may you welcome this newness in

every area of your life as this word


forward I believe it is time may the

Lord confirm his word in your life and

may you receive the glory

amen if you are seeking for the Abundant

Blessings in your life this prayer will

help you manifest those blessings in

your life far F and quicker so I request

you that you don’t leave this message

without completing this prayer say

this dear Lord

teachers I lift my pra and gratitude to

you acknowledging that in every moment

you have never left me

alone your promises which fill your word

provide constant encouragement and

uplifting during low time times I seek

to draw Close to You recognizing you as

a wonderful counselor a mighty God an

eternal father and the prince of

peace I believe that my trust in you

will bring about a positive turnaround

in all aspects of my

life mark assures me that with

you all all things are possible and I

trust you as the Sole Provider for all

my needs from your glorious Heavenly

riches I pray for the removal of burdens

and anything weighing down my heart dear

Lord I seek strength and

courage especially during challenging

and uner in

times in moments of trial remind me that

you are my RO Rock and

Fortress I boldly declare in the name of

Jesus that I’m more than a conqueror

through his love grant me the fortitude

to endure difficulties and the faith to

trust in your unfailing love and

power I ask for clarity of purpose oh

Lord reveal the unique path you have set

from my

life may my actions choices aligned with

the calling you have placed upon me in

Jesus name I declare that my life is in

harmony with your Divine

Purpose and I’m walking in the destiny

you have ordained for

me gracious Lord teach me obedience and

surrender as I seek to understand your

will help me submit my will to you yours

acknowledging that your plans are higher

than mine in every decision let me seek

your face and follow your guidance I

bind any Spirit of rebellion or pride in

Jesus name declaring a Hur that is

receptive to your leading I pray for

trust in your timing almighty God help

me be patient as a wait for your

guidance knowing that you make all

things beautiful in your time I rebuke

any Spirit of impatience or

frustration declaring that I will wait

on you with faith and

confidence I extend my prayers to my

loved ones Lord may your blessings

guidance and protection be upon them I

declare that they two are walking in

Your Divine purpose shielded by your

Mighty hand amen you Lord are my refuge

strength and defense I thank you for

being my shelter and safety net in your

presence I find strength peace and

everlasting life I desire to draw near

to you as it is in your presence that my

worries and anxiet ities are dissolved I

praise you for your worthiness and

perfection in all your ways I believe

that you’re hearing this prayer in the

mighty name of Jesus Amen

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