🛑✝️JESUS Says❤💫:You Are Not Allowed❌ To Skip This Message💌 If You Believe In ME🌠| God Message

being I beckon you to lend me just a brief instance of your treasured time

immerse yourself fully in each word I speak letting the world’s distractions fade away the message I bring to you

today transcends all Earthly worries stay with me a little longer share your

deepest feelings Let Me Gently lift the burdens of sorrow and sadness from your

soul in my loving Embrace I offer you a Peace So profound a calm so complete

open your heart to me allow yourself to be enveloped in my care my words are not

idle nor are my promises Hollow my intention is to raise your spirits to

paint a smile on your face each Dawn as you seek my presence I love you this is

the heart of my message you know of this love you you believe in it but now I

urge you to truly live in this Divine love to ReDiscover Joy I have always

been with you and always will be in my hands you are safe your path certain

hold this truth firm in your heart my arms are forever open to you ready to listen to your prayers and pleas as each

new day begins open your eyes take a deep breath feel my presence surrounding

you I relish our morning dialogues where you come to me with boldness and Faith

trusting that I will attend to your every need lean on me when life storms

rage around you when you find yourself surrounded by trials and conflicts resist the pull of worry stand firm

Against The Whispers of fear your faith in me is well placed I Will Never Let

You Down treasure my word remember it recall how I have delivered you before how I

saved you from foes rescued you from death’s grip and freed you from

danger even in The Darkest Hours When Hope seemed distant I

returned with my mighty word I wrought Miracles there are endless wonders yet

to unfold in your life place your heart in my hands with unwavering trust let me

guide and support you further I yearn to protect you day and night keeping a Vigilant watch over you

do not allow despair to take root in your soul for my love for you is boundless I want you to bask in my peace

and ReDiscover true happiness I see each tear you shed and hear every prayer you

whisper especially those seeking protection and help for your loved ones often you selflessly pray for

others setting aside your own needs this display of worship and gratitude touches

my heart deeply as you approach me maintain this Spirit of reverence even

if you hold back your requests know that I am ready to shower you with blessings far beyond your

imagination stand firm in your faith trust that I will fulfill all my promises to you be wary of losing heart

when obstacles arise on your path remember your destiny is safely in my

hands you will reach your goals and your dreams will be realized no power can

strip away the blessings destined for you continue to walk with loyalty and

sincerity in your heart seek me each morning and let your first words be of

gratitude and praise do not let negative thoughts dim the light I shine upon your days embrace

the opportunities I bring into your life I will grant you the Divine gift of insight to see and understand the

benevolent plans I have for you despite recent challenges and uncertainties be

assured that no harm will come to you no one will bring you to shame you will

rise above your adversaries and Conquer every threat claim your rightful place

understanding your true identity as a beloved child of the almighty God no one can challenge or stand against you

Victory is already yours recognize that you are not defeated you have

triumphed rejoice in your Victory trust in my unyielding protection I will move

mountains for you you will stand in faith pray with conviction and walk with steadfast strength in your

heart Despair and sorrow have no place in you I’m aware of the family concerns

that weigh heavily on your heart causing distress you may seek moments of rest

Solitude and prayer for your Soul’s relief in these moments my Holy Spirit

Comforts and heals you you were not created for Endless sorrow

nor to be burdened by past mistakes failures and disappointments my love for you is

unwavering when you feel overwhelmed I am here to uplift you you shall not live

in defeat your heart is pure and beautiful do not hide it in Shadows step

into the light let your face glow with joy and rejoice in my name Jesus you are

my cherished child a beacon of my love I have performed countless miracles for

you and will continue to manifest Supernatural wonders in your life to

truly convey the depth of your importance to me I have been impressing upon you that Despair and Retreat are no

longer options for you you are like a Trailblazer cutting through challenges

and creating paths into the realm of blessings I have prepared for you I am expanding your spiritual

understanding so you can see your vital role as a forebear of future Generations there are countless Souls

who will be touched by your steadfast Faith do not be disheartened if you feel unnoticed today nor by the trials that

may cause you pain value the gifts and blessings I bestow upon you each has its

purpose and I am in complete control your attitude is crucial your

faith and how you choose to believe will lift you to new heights when you feel

weak Feast on my words kneel and pray when you feel drained when you look to

the heavens know that I am there and also within your

heart my blessings are not far off they are before you and your mountains of

problems will crumble your adversaries are already defeated tell me now do you believe in

me do you love me with your affirmation I will perform a profound Miracle Within you I offer you

three vital instructions to soothe your soul and ease your anxieties Heed These words let them

resonate within you bringing peace throughout your day first Surrender Your

Heart to me completely without reservation or fear my plan is to Grant you eternal

life and joy I do not wish to inflict suffering or trials

my design for you is one of prosperity blessing and a life filled with love I

long to Encompass you but I need your total commitment kneel before me each day offering yourself to do my will

placing your full trust in me doubts may come and challenges may arise but my

word is the anchor of your faith giving you the strength to endure yet if your heart is only

partially given or only only in times of comfort your faith will waver without a

firm anchor you will be lost in the storm carry to lands of Despair and

doubt I speak to you with a gentle voice but you must listen without me at the

center of your heart your thoughts will be scattered your emotions turbulent

some days will bring joy others sorrow without me reigning in your heart

instability will prevail you need not endure such Strife I ask only for your

heart and belief let your loyalty and Faith grow never deminish let them move

forward always progressing decide now take this pivotal step surrender your life to me for

eternity each day that passes is not a day lost but a day gained for you will

be with me forever more together we will Marvel at the extraordinary wonders of

creation surpassing all you have ever imagined or hoped for Abundant Blessings will shower

upon you your family will be United thriving in unison and Harmony my

blessings will reach you rendering your enemies powerless those who seek to harm

you will turn away and defeat the reward for choosing to follow me is an eternal Triumph a victory that

is already yours Your Role is to offer your heart your faith Your Allegiance I

urge you to do this today raise your hands if you can or simply close your eyes and dedicate a moment to me start

by expressing deep heartfelt gratitude reflect on each blessing those from

yesterday and even the small things that give you strength and reason to continue forward without

faltering offer your gratitude wholeheartedly even if it seems you have little to be thankful for for this act

will heal your soul lifting the veil that has clouded your vision a New

Horizon will unfold before you revealing the Myriad blessings that have already

embraced you and those that have always been there enriching your life and happiness giving you purpose and

resilience yes challenges and hardships will persist but upon closer inspection

you’ll see the wisdom and insight gained from each or deal and how your faith has

grown stronger do it now express your gratitude to me let me hear The Melody

of your voice your words of thankfulness be grateful for Life the air you breathe

your family and even your current circumstances however imperfect they may

seem soon I will provide the answers and the Escape A New Path leading you to

where you need to be but but for now express your gratitude here and now be thankful in

moments of joy and in times of Sorrow appreciate the trials the failures and

the bitter experiences look in the mirror and give thanks for

yourself your attitude of gratitude holds immense power and starting today

you will begin to witness Miracles and significant transformations in your life

many around you may be laughing yet their souls are in anguish their hearts

Teeter on the brink of surrender as they search for a true purpose reach out to them share the

miracle of Love within your heart talk about the joy that fills you and all the

good that my presence brings into lives as you spread love I surround you

with peace Harmony prosperity and blessings free from worries or debts

free from tensions in this new day know that I heard your prayer last night before you slept I saw the tears in your

eyes felt your thoughts pressing into your pillow I was there in your fear and

you called out to me for courage strength peace and security to face life’s

challenges now as you awaken to this new day stand tall and empowered feeling the

Rejuvenation of your spirit gone are the days of fragility and despair in their

place courage now resides to face any challenge that looms large where fear

once lurked Faith now dwells where once timidity rained now courage takes

hold yesterday uncertainty shook your legs as you pondered the potential

misfortunes but today you stand unshakable and determined ready to

overcome you must rise and Forge ahead within your spirit I am igniting a

burning desire for victory trust in my power for it was I who guided you here

and it is I who Empower you to conquer and Triumph over Myriad challenges the hurdles you encounter

might seem daunting but always remember they are no match for my

might if I have led you to this place I will not forsake you in every struggle

battle and conflict you face I am steadfast ly by your side through my strength and love you

are more than Victorious each giant that stands against you is destined to fall I

impart to you the resolve and determination to overcome every adversity your mission is to conquer

these challenges to live in prosperity and peace now turn your focus away from your

worries and look to me this journey is all part of a grander plan plan

strengthen your faith with my words fill your heart with my promises and let all

fears fade in the light of my presence you can face anything and emerge victorious in every

challenge step forward today bolstered by my love at day’s end converse with me again

we will talk and I will bestow upon you a special blessing arise walk and engage

in battle with the strength of my Holy Spirit in confrontation you are invincible you

are not feeble you are imbued with strength you carry my love and faith

remember all things are possible for those who believe I love you and all

will be well trust in my perfect timing for I yearn to bless you I am preparing

your path arranging everything so that at the right moment you will receive your awaited blessing without comp

application or surprise I grant you peace and patience

use them wisely do not react impulsively under emotional pressure do not make

major decisions without consulting me avoid entangling yourself in complexities and misunderstandings steer

clear of false friends through this message I assure you of my help please wait patiently do

not rush into debt you have sufficient I do not wish for you to bind your future

soon your life will shine brighter and you will feel my grace and kindness I will break the chains that

bind you liberating you from dependence on others you and I will decide the New

Path you must take this is our secret a pact between you and me for now maintain

Silence about your plans and projects keep to yourself what we plan to achieve together for there are those around you

filled with envy and indiscretion they might mock you as they have in the past and attempt to

discourage you by reminding you of your previous failures in the past you acted

prematurely embarking on Ventures not aligned with my plan destined to crumble

as they were not founded on firm ground you built dreams on unstable Sands and when the tide of troubles

conflicts and scarcity came in these plans dissolved you expended so much

time and energy left feeling dejected disheartened breathless and lacking the

will to carry on but today your heart is renewed trusting fully in me in all your

future endeavors you will find success as I have said I will bless you

abundantly opportunities will arise and the burdens that weigh on you will be

lifted I will influence the the hearts of those around you friends family

judges authorities so they view you with favor and support your cause do not fear the actions of others

as long as you place your trust in me and act with Integrity no one will be able to stand against you those who try

will be overcome and unable to Rise Against you others will retreat in fear

and many will think twice before opposing you or your family know that I’m with you every day

until the end of time my words will bring healing to you the power that

flows from my voice is enough to breathe life into you and lift you up you may

feel Unworthy of my presence in your home but at this moment your faith and

humility have drawn my attention you may attribute your fortunes to luck or coincidence but know that it is I

everpresent guiding and caring for you in moments when you feel a drift in

darkness and uncertainty hold on to the truth that I am beside you illuminating

your path and providing the strength you need to rise above even in those Quiet

Moments when nothing much seems to be happening that’s when I’m there showering you with my love and

kindness when you whisper my name in the Stillness of the night or look for me in the early morning light I’m listening

and I’m right there my love for you is as as real as the morning sun and as important as the

air you breathe you might not see me but I’m always there wrapping you in my care

making sure you’re safe and guiding you along this beautiful Journey of

Faith nothing was mere chance I bestowed upon you my blessing extending my hand

with my divine power over your life I am the one who rescues you from the abyss

when you find No Way Out guiding you toward the the path of light in the darkest of nights everything that has

transpired in your life is Not Mere luck it all stems from my divine power I

remain present even in the smallest blessings that surround you in those minor events that reveal my grace and

kindness you seek me and you find me in the Silence of the night and I respond

to you at dawn I am as real as the sun you see in the mornings as essential as the air you

breathe you may not see me but you can feel my presence guarding you in every

step you take serving as your guide and Compass to ensure you don’t lose your

way on the path of Faith the world has attempted to seduce you leading you to believe that you are

worthless discouragement has tempted you to abandon your faith however in spite of

everything you continue continue to believe unwaveringly praying and reading my word nourishing yourself daily with

my eternal promises every word you read in my Sacred Scriptures is the truth beloved

storms may assail your being with a chilling wind making you feel as though I am distant from you but this is the

work of the malevolent one who seeks to make you fall and deviate from my will for your

life his schemes May promise you riches and love luxuries but his paths lead to

Desolation never place your blind trust in the Narrow Path the wicked may offer you for their deceitful lips are

enticing the righteous are wise and prudent in choosing their path my promises transcend all Earthly

advantages everything on this Earth is transient but my will for you goes

beyond your desires do not lose your way follow the path I have laid out for you

take the first step and do not break the Covenant I have with you I am calling

you leave everything you are doing in this moment abandon distractions and

thoughts that distance you from my presence listen to what I wish to tell

you I bring you my love and forgiveness I will grant you renewed strength you

will soar and not grow weary and you will walk and not faint

you may be wondering why your trial is so severe even though you have done everything right and things haven’t gone

as you planned but have faith keep believing remember that grapes must be

crushed to make wine diamonds are formed Under Pressure olives are pressed to release oil and seeds grow in

darkness even when you don’t understand what is happening I am working in your favor for your benefit I want you to

know that you are loved I know every detail of you in your weakness I am your

strength when you pass through hardships I am your breed in sadness I am your comfort in

weariness I am your energy I am everything you need to move forward I

tell you once more everything will turn out well because you have chosen to

believe and my response has arrived I will not let you go I hold your hand

you will pass through this dark path with my hand guiding you through all the trials and you will emerge

Victorious you may be in a place you don’t want to be right now but remember

everything is temporary the path may seem confusing and blurry but your destiny is one of

Triumph the decisions you make today will influence your tomorrow I give you the opportunity to

be wise and turn everything toward good good I am not lying when I say I will

help you tell me what you believe calm your soul fill your faith with

Tranquility you already told me what is happening to you and I have listened the

difficult time has passed now it’s time to act and not stumble upon the same Stone you have learned the lesson now

catch your breath and keep moving forward you are starting a new but this this time it’s with my guidance and

assistance keep these words in your mind when your trial comes that day is near but do not fear

for I have sent my angels to protect you the enemy’s Army cannot harm you or your

loved ones my grace and protection are with you now tomorrow and

always have faith everything happens in its own time let go and Trust keep your

faith burning and be patient remember that my timing is perfect do not rush

into the future nor cling to Vain and fleeting things that only bring discomfort to your life let go and rid

yourself of anything that hinders my blessings upon you distance yourself

from the unbelievers and persist in prayer trust in my timing and do not

despair for many blessings will come into your life adverse situations will soon be

left behind just be patient do not lose your composure or

seek easy paths as they may lead you away from me and eventually destroy you

keep praying keep delving into my word so that you will never be deceived by

false doctrines do not be anxious about material

possessions remember that what the world offers is temporary while what I offer off is

eternal and filled with blessings for your life continue to have faith in my

promises everything will come in its own time I never delay or forget I’m always

ready to meet each of your needs do not despair for I am with you do not be

impatient because of the wicked or envious of those who do evil for they will soon be cut down like grass and

wither away trust in the Lord Lord and do good you will dwell in the land and

be fed in truth Delight in the Lord and He will grant you the desires of your

heart commit your way to the Lord trust in him and he will act he will bring

forth your righteousness as the light and your justice as the Noonday be still before the Lord and wait for him do not

fret over those who prosper in their ways or over those who carry out evil plans

cease from anger and forsake wrath do not fret it leads only to

evildoing for the evildoers will be cut off but those who wait for the Lord shall inherit the land for in just a

little while the wicked will be no more though you look carefully at his

place he will not be there but the meek shall inherit the land and Delight

themselves in abundant peace the wicked plots against the righteous and nashes

his teeth at him but the Lord laughs at the wicked for he sees that his day is

coming the wicked draw the sword and bend their bows to bring down the poor and needy to slay those of upright

conduct but their sword shall enter their own heart and their bows shall be

broken it is better to have little and be righteous than to have the riches of many Sinners for the arms of the wicked

shall be broken but the Lord upholds the righteous the Lord knows the days of the

blameless and their inheritance will last forever they shall not be ashamed

in the time of evil in the days of famine they shall be satisfied but the Wicked Will perish the enemies of the

Lord are like the glory of the pastures they vanish like smoke they vanish

away the wicked borrows but does not repay but the righteous is generous and

gives for those blessed by the Lord shall inherit the land but those cursed

by him shall be cut off the steps of a man are established by the Lord when he Delights in his way

my beloved child listen closely for I speak to you with a heart full of love

and understanding in your journey through life you may stumble and fall but

remember this I am always with you ready to to lift you up I’ve seen the span of many lives from

youth to old age and I assure you those who walk in righteousness are never

abandoned my blessings and mercy flow ceaselessly providing for you and your

loved ones I urge you turn from the paths of wrongdoing and embrace

goodness by doing so you will find a home in my eternal Grace for I cherish

what is right and just and I never turn away from my devoted ones they are

protected forever while those who choose wickedness find their legacy lost the

earth and its richness are a promise to the righteous a place for them to

flourish the words of the righteous are filled with wisdom and fairness their hearts are Guided by my teachings

ensuring their steps are steady and true though the wicked May lie in wait seeking harm I will not allow the

righteous to fall into their grasp in times of judgment my protection is

assured stay patient and follow my ways in doing so you will rise and inherit

the Splendor of creation you’ll witness the downfall of those who Embrace sin I

have seen the wicked appear strong like a flourishing tree yet in a blink they vanish leaving

no Trace observe those who live with integrity and those who walk

uprightly their Journey leads to a peaceful and joyful conclusion but those who stray into

iniquity will find themselves lost remember the salvation of the

righteous comes from me I am their stronghold in times of trial I will

always be there to help and rescue them for their trust in me is their greatest

strength trust in me my child and find your refuge and hope I will watch over

you and be your Eternal support you need only trust me with all your heart and surrender everything into my hands in me

need and scarcity shall not harm you for I will make your dreams and desire as

possible I will improve your finances and prosper your familial relationships please place your trust in

what I tell you today for I’m not one who promises happiness and then fails to

deliver I am your father and I have loved you from the beginning of time I desire for

you to receive my love in your heart and embrace the grace and favor that I bestow upon your

path it is time to trust with your whole mind heart and

being let go of those feelings that only cause you pain and Lead You astray abandon those worldly anxieties

that prevent you from truly living and torment you from within for when you gave much of yourself you received pain

in return but in me you shall suffer no more I love you and even though it may

be difficult to comprehend I ask only that you believe and receive I love you so dearly because you

are my greatest treasure my child my Creation in my own image you are the

price of my precious blood I want you to understand that my desire is to go guide you to the destiny

I have for you a path of favor and blessing where everything will go well for you may you have a prosperous

present and future furthermore understand that following my

will will bring only Grace and happiness to your life and to every member of your

family know that you can confidently wait for me for I will answer your

prayers the doors of my heavenly Throne will always be open to you you can come

come to me freely securely and with trust for I do not disappoint those who

place their trust in me when the enemy seeks to steal your faith and confidence do not allow it do

not listen to his voice or heed his accusations do not be afraid or dismayed

be strong and courageous and I will bless you abundantly with goods and

mercies remember that my grace and power are always on your side I will be there

with you guiding you transforming your problems into blessings your sorrow into

joy and your weeping into rejoicing my child I love you and I will

always watch over you do not forget that I am thinking of you even in these

moments please trust in me and leave everything in my hands I will ensure that in me you have

a path of well-being prosperity and much happiness receive it and believe it you

have called upon me in your prayers and I have heard you that is why today I will visit your

house and change your destiny I know that you are suffering and that you need my help prepare

yourself for I am your Mighty God the doer of Miracles and today I come to

give you the courage and strength you need to overcome this trial you are facing do do not fear I know how you

feel this is the moment to acknowledge your need I know that you and your

family are going through a great desert where Solitude dries up hope and the journey through this desert Burns and

Makes You Weep in pain I know it is challenging to keep walking and believe that even in the

midst of this suffering my hand will sustain you but it is necessary for you to

understand that the key that unlocks the door to Miracles is and always will be

your faith therefore I want to tell you that everything you are going through is

just a process just as gold only shines when it passes through fire and is refined so

shall you shine and be purified from the negative things that still exist within you it is time for you to abandon anger

vanity fear doubt and lack of faith never look back for nothing from your

past can bring you closer to the joy and blessings that I will bestow upon you my

dear child let not your heart be troubled by the trials you face nor grow

impatient in the midst of them know that you are not alone in this journey I Am

with You guarding you against those who wish you harm do not dwell on the loss of

material things or MN over them insteed priorities what truly matters your love

for me and your earnest pursuit of my precense remember I am your God your

provider I have a multitud day of miraculous awaiting you and my power to

bless you is as strong as ever trust in me to fill your life with genuine blessings and open doors to new

possibilities I will shower you with blessings in abundance be assured that I can turn

around any negative circumstance for your good so do not lose hope behind every Challenge and

frustration behind each hurdle you face there lies a wealth of blessings and

prosperity that I have prepared for you ready yourself to receive and wisely

Steward these gifts understand that the happiness you find in me transcends your current

situation in my presence there is a richness of joy that is constantly with you for you are never apart from me me

as you navigate the Journey of your day earnestly seek me I take great pleasure

in revealing myself to you in various ways sometimes my communication is Grand

and unmistakable remarkable coincidences that clearly bear the mark of my

intervention other times I make my presence known subtly in ways deeply

personal to you perhaps imperceptible to others these gentle signs are special

gifts meant to bring a profound and intimate joy to your soul the more

attentive and aware you are the more you will find me in the smallest details of your life so remain Vigilant and

continuously watchful for my presence in all things keep your mind and heart

saturated with scripture where I reveal my nature and my promises most

clearly let these promises shape your thoughts and keep you in close communion

with me listen for my voice it is familiar to you for you know me and

follow my guidance I grant you the gift of eternal life and you are securely held in my

hand beyond the reach of any Force therefore rejoice and be glad celebrate

the joy of my constant presence the Assurance of my love and the the security of my eternal promise know that

in every moment whether filled with grand gestures or quiet Whispers I Am

with You guiding loving and revealing the wonders of my kingdom in both the

Magnificent and the mundane let this knowledge fill you with Everlasting joy and peace seek me

wholeheartedly cherish my word and never cease to pray for the Wonders I have in

store for you are far from exhausted concentrate on what truly matters be

Valiant and bold on this walk of faith for by doing so I will bless you

abundantly and bestow upon you blessings and Miracles more precious than gold

your time has arrived my Chambers are prepared for all that is to come at this

moment a shower of blessings descends upon you blessings that shall alter the

course of your existence the closed doors shall swing

open what appeared impossible shall become possible for me nothing is

impossible I am orchestrating my work in your life I am altering the path of

scarcity along which you were walking in these moments you shall sense

a transformation those chains that bound you that Affliction weighing upon your

heart shall shatter at this very instant I desire you you to live

joyfully to be whole to not be concerned with matters under my

control you are my son you are beloved you are my daughter you are

cherished In My Embrace you shall find the affection and love you have been

missing that understanding no one has bestowed upon you I have known your paths seen you

with each step aware of your distress listened to your thoughts amidst

tears I comprehend everything about you everything you are enduring everything

you have live through everything you have experienced I am not oblivious to your

pain my son I am not ignorant of your pain my

daughter you shall find in me all that you lack just open your heart as you

have been doing be patient when things do not transpire as you wish

you shall experience the fullness of my love and my promises that seemingly

Eternal pain shall dissipate I promise you shall rise emerge Victorious and

soar From the Ashes take courage have faith be strong

keep believing and trusting continue to pray continue to bend your knees for

your time is drawing near the drought has ended the time of

lean cows has reached its conclusion From This Moment onward you walk the

path of abundance and prosperity a unique path that I have prepared for you and yours in the coming hours the issue

for which you could find no solution shall be resolved I shall use my power to pave

ways where there were once Stones I shall transform your problems into

opportunities at this moment those who murmur against you shall fall silent

left speechless by my glorious work within you my angels are guarding your steps

those who seek to harm you shall have no power over you for my angels provide protection against all potential harm

those who aim to make you stumble shall not succeed do not heed their words turn

a deaf ear to their utterances my light shall dispel all darkness my light shall

illuminate your path I know your wait has been long but your time is here and

the Miracle shall be grand prepare yourself for the extraordinary change that lies

ahead when you witness all that I have done for you you shall remember this day with tears of

joy you will recall these words and know that I did not leave you alone that I

did not forsake you in your moment of Agony my presence envelops you dear one

I with you beloved like a white mantle that Shields you from all harm doubts

criticisms malicious comments shall be erased I am restoring your being today I

am changing your roots eradicating the curses placed upon you I am elevating

you placing a crown of Victory upon your head it is your moment and you are aware

of it I sense the restlessness in your soul and heart there is an issue that

has stolen your sleep and you have been unable to find peace due to it but today

I grant you my peace today you shall feel the relief you have sought a peace shall come to

you that fills every corner of your being a door is opening at this very moment a door of

opportunity go for it someone the least expected shall extend a hand to you and bring an

opportunity into your life take that path take take the first

step I have prepared this journey for you do not give up at this stage of the

trial you must be strong you must be brave you have done well thus far but it

is not over until you attain Victory come dear son come beloved daughter

regain your strength fill yourself with courage and continue on this path with

determination you shall Triumph in your trial you shall not be defeated remember

that you are with me and with me nothing is impossible I am here to guide and enrich

your life to offer a sense of fulfillment joy and abundance as you listen to my words

today I urge you to understand and believe that I am beside you in this very

moment even in times when you feel misunderstood unheard and isolated in

your struggles remember that I am there with you my love for you is profound and

unparalleled this is why I come to you now ready to listen and assist to bring

joy blessings and prosperity into your life pay attention to my message for

everything I will share with you today will bring peace comfort and Liberation to your

soul my child do not try to flee from my presence for there is nothing you can do

to make me depart from you do not give in to discouragement nor allow the burdens of life to

overwhelm you do not let the destructive works of the enemy affect you rather

allow me to help you to hold you in my hands and to guide you on the path of

life on the path of righteousness where all is peace joy and

Tranquility let me take your hand and lead you toward the Fulfillment of my

promises no matter how difficult the situation may be right now I will not

abandon on you I shall always be by your side supporting and cradling you in my

arms for all I desire for you is a full and happy life a life of purpose filled

with Abundant Blessings blessings that shall meet your needs satisfy the yearnings of your soul

and heart that is why my child I shall never forsake you I shall always remind

you of how much I love you for you are my unique and marvelous creation I called you to be blessed and

prospered so that you may live happily here on Earth even if at times you forget who

you are losing sight of the purpose for which you were called have patience I am

here to remind you to guide you and to help you fulfill it no matter how great your dreams and

goals may be I shall help you attain them for you are my special treasure and you deserve to be happy

I know the times when you feel burdened by the mistakes and failures you commit by the extent to which it is hard for

you to forgive yourself and if there is something to forgive I always extend my forgiveness

to you I shall never pass judgment upon you for me the most Paramount thing is for

you to distance yourself from the malevolent and learn from your errors to grow and evolve into a finer

individual ual understand that every trial challenge or adversity are but

opportunities to advance and fortify yourself remember that adverse moments

are but steps that will Elevate you to a higher level of Faith to a life filled with purpose and

blessings you shall Ascend towards your goals and dreams to a place where you can

perpetually Thrive and flourish so irrespective of what may come to pass

regardless of of the challenges that lie ahead I shall watch over you and fulfill all that is inscribed in my word just

keep moving forward do not be disheartened when you endure difficult times for such moments are indicators of

the great things I shall bring into your life my beloved child never forget that

my love for you is immeasurable unparalleled and eternal my greatest desire is to Shield

you bless you and nurture your prosperity to make you a happy individual who even though you cannot

perceive me comprehends that I shall always be by your side in Every Beat of

your heart in every breath and in the sigh of your soul I shall always care

for you loving and sustaining you regardless of what occurs in this

world thus my child I implore you to trust in me to open your heart to me to

surrender the Reigns of your life into my hands allow me to handle everything that

seeks to distract you and steal away the promises of blessings I have ordained for you in these days entrust everything

to me and I shall mold you into a successful joyful and prosperous

person I promise you that I shall never disappoint you that I shall always be

there for you to listen to you console you and assist you in a achieving all

that you set out to do I beseech you to have faith in me alone and I assure you that you shall

receive a multitude of blessings I shall cause you to abound in

all things so that your life becomes a living testimony of my love my grace and

my forgiveness may all witness that those who place their trust in me shall never

be let down therefore cherished child always remember that I love you I love you with

a love that surpasses all human comprehension do not try to rationalize

it for you shall not fathom it just believe it I shall always be here for

you to love you and guide you on the path of happiness joy and

prosperity have faith in me and it shall be so do not doubt it I love you with an

eternal love that knows no bounds or conditions today I wish to speak directly to your

heart to remind you of how much I love you my child I do not want you to forget that

you are my most precious creation the most Sublime work of my love even before you were born I had

thought of you designed you with affection and placed my divine plan in

your heart when you arrived in this world I was already caring for you as you grew I

watched over you guiding each of your steps even when you did not know me I

was always with you in moments of joy and in moments of pain the proof of the

boundless love I have for you is the work of my son Jesus Christ through him

I have demonstrated my unconditional love my commitment to your well-being

and my desire for you to have a full and Abundant Life my son Jesus was the greatest gift

and evidence of my love for you please never forget that what he did was out of

love for Humanity he came to Earth to save you to Bear your burdens to heal your wounds

and to show you the path to Eternal happiness I promise you that I shall

never disappoint you that I shall always be there for you to listen to you

console you and assist you in achieving all that you set out to to do I beseech you to have faith in me

alone and I assure you that you shall receive a multitude of blessings I shall cause you to abound in

all things so that your life becomes a living testimony of my love my grace and

my forgiveness may all witness that those who place their trust in me shall never

be let down therefore cherished child always remember that I love you I love

you with a love that surpasses all human comprehension do not try to rationalize

it for you shall not fathom it just believe it I shall always be here for

you to love you and guide you on the path of happiness joy and

prosperity have faith in me and it shall be so do not doubt it I love you with an

eternal love that knows no bounds or conditions to today I wish to speak

directly to your heart to remind you of how much I love you my

child I do not want you to forget that you are my most precious creation the

most Sublime work of my love even before you were born I had

thought of you designed you with affection and placed my divine plan in

your heart when you arrived in this world I was already caring for you

as you grew I watched over you guiding each of your steps even when you did not

know me I was always with you in moments of joy and in moments of pain the proof of

the boundless love I have for you is the work of my son Jesus Christ through him I have demonstrated

my unconditional love my commitment to your well-being and my desire for you to

have a full and Abundant Life my son Jesus was the greatest gift and

evidence of my love for you please never forget that what he did was out of love for Humanity he came to Earth to save

you to Bear your burdens to heal your wounds and to show you the path to

Eternal happiness you my child will always be important to me so do not listen or

believe anyone who says otherwise disregard those absurd ideas

that make you feel sad telling you that your life has no value you are my greatest treasure and

your life has a special purpose in this world I called you for great things you will achieve Feats in my name

be a light and salt in this world bless it to bless others I also want you to

remember that I am with you at all times even when you may feel alone like no one

understands you or when everything seems to be against you remember that I am there in your heart accompanying you in

every step you take holding you in every fall and lifting you up to keep moving

forward my love for you is infinite and nothing can separate you from

me if at any point you decide to take a different path I will always be here

waiting for your return no matter how many times you may stray my forgiveness

will always be available to you for my Mercy is eternal and my grace is more

than sufficient to cover all your shortcomings my presence in your life is

what will give you the strength to overcome any adversity and obstacle my child I want you to

understand deep within your being that I love you regardless of your circumstances you will always be my

beloved child valuable and special to me nothing you have done or can do will

change that my love for you is not based on Deeds goals or

achievements it is something I freely give you pure unconditional and

eternal there is nothing you can do to earn it and nothing you can do to lose it for you have always had it even

before you were born I know that in this world there can be many things that make

you doubt my words and make you feel insecure or desperate perhaps you will face

situations where sadness and fear overwhelm you or where anguish and pain wreak havoc on you but remember that I

will always be there with you to help you overcome all these difficulties my love is stronger than

any adverse situation my power is sufficient to transform your life and make it full

blessed and abundant my beloved child today I ask

you to trust me to have faith in my words allow me to be a part of your life

to give you through my son Jesus Christ a life of Peace joy and

prosperity not as the world gives it but a life that is complete abundant filled

with grace and blessing for he is the way the truth and the life and through

him you can come into my presence know me deeply and

authentically therefore my child I ask you to keep your gaze fixed on me for in

this busy and changing world it is easy to lose sight of what truly matters but if you trust in me if you

trust in my promises nothing harmful will happen to you no evil will touch

you for I shall be your shield and protector under my wings you shall

always be safe remember my child that I love you

and even when the winds blow against you and circumstances seem unfavorable I will always be with you

loving you encouraging you and strengthening you ready to reward your

efforts and dedication you just need to trust in me

and I shall make your dreams in your heart come true Everything you ask in faith and in

the name of my son Jesus I shall do for I love you today I reaffirm irm my

commitment to you I promise that I shall always be by your side guiding you at

every stage of your life you do not have to look to the left or the right I am holding you leading

you to your destination of blessings joy and prosperity trust in me and I assure you

that you can overcome any adversity I love you with an eternal love a Love Without Limits or conditions

and please please always remember that you are my child my most precious creation and my greatest treasure Above

All Things hear me my beloved child and let your heart be stilled by the promise

of my unwavering love and guidance trust in me for I assure you of

blessings abundant and the flourishing of your endeavors today receive these words not

as mere Echoes In The Wind but as a Divine whisper to your soul a bomb for

your spirit and a beacon to light your path understand that I your God the

creator of all am also your heavenly father your unyielding Guardian my love

for you knows no bounds and my commitment to your well-being is eternal at this moment in your life I

beckon you to lay down the burdens that weigh heavily upon your shoulders do not

tread this journey alone for navigating life’s challenge is without my Aid will

only lead to exhaustion frustration and a weakened Spirit therefore I implore you to

surrender all to me hide nothing for I am already acquainted with the deepest

recesses of your heart and the most Earnest of your desires place your complete trust in me

I am your steadfast provider the Vigilant Guardian who watches over you even in your least aware moments let me

steer your life bestow upon you wisdom and entrust you with resources to manage for it is my

utmost desire to see you thrive in every aspect of your

existence when you place your trust in me doors of blessings shall open before

you and the windows of heaven will unveil showering you with spiritual

riches that fill your soul with Indescribable joy and peace believe in

me and I shall bless the work of your hands your endeavors and your aspirations with each step you take even

in the face of challenges my blessing will be your constant companion trust in my ways and you will

see how I amplify your efforts and lead you to prosperity in all that you

undertake it is my deepest desire to see you thrive and your life shine

brilliantly growing ever more radiant until it reaches its full Glory I

understand that life on Earth can be fraught with hardships and uncertainties and you may encounter trials that test

your faith however be assured in facing these trials I will never abandon you rely on

my plans for you for I’m always with you working in your favor and in the favor

of all who love me do not fret about the future or be overwhelmed by present struggles for with me your path is

secure I have destined you for victory not defeat trust in me and I will direct

your steps remember true prosperity and success are not confined to material

wealth do not fixate on Earthly Treasures but prioritize seeking my

kingdom and righteousness hold my teachings dear embracing them

wholeheartedly I assure you that all else you need will be provided your heartfelt prayers and the desire s of

your heart will be fulfilled bringing to life the dreams you have nurtured through your efforts having been blessed

by me it is your calling to be a vessel of blessing for others share the grace

you have received and be generous always therefore my beloved Child come

and find Solace In My Embrace I will strengthen Enlighten and embolden you

fear not to entrust your all to me have faith in my guidance and know that

difficult times will not overpower you do not lose heart in the face of

Trials or tribulations for they serve to fortify your faith and remind you of

your Reliance on me when you face battles or challenges

call upon me and I will respond I will grant you wisdom and the means to surmount any

obstacle I will open doors that appeared shut and lead you to opportunities that

will enrich your life in unexpected Ed ways once again I say to you surrender

everything to me place your finances your dreams and your desires in my hands

and you will witness how I bless your work and every Endeavor remember that I am the true

owner of all things and my provision Shall Serve to bless and prosper you in

every facet of your life I shall ensure that all goes well for you there will be

Harmony in your family relationships you will enjoy health and emotional well-being and you will both love and be

loved for I shall be with you at all times reminding you that my love for you

is complete and encompasses every aspect of your existence trust in me and allow me to be

your guide beloved child I shall Lead You Down Paths of

righteousness and into lands of abundance I will never abandon you for

you are my most precious treasure the apple of my eye I will always be by your side so

fear not the future for I have marvelous plans in store for you walk with me in

faith and obedience and you shall witness how I transform your life and fill it with wondrous blessings I am

your God your father and your provider place your trust in me and you

shall prosper on your journey May these words my child touch

your heart and strengthen your faith may you perceive my love manifesting through

the blessings that shall come into your life never doubt me or my words believe

in them and treasure them in your heart always maintain an attitude of

gratitude for what you have and for what is Yet to Come gratitude will open your eyes to

the abundance that already exists in your life and enable you to receive more

of my blessings continue onward my child believing in my promises and working

diligently and wisely Above All Else never allow circumstances to divert you

from my path nor let the distractions of the world sway you utilize your gifts

and talents to flourish in your work and business demonstrate integrity and generosity in all your endeavors only

then will you witness how I multiply the work of your hands blessing and prospering you in every facet of your

life soon your struggles and trials shall draw to a close do not yield for I

shall reward your Valor beloved child lend a keen ear to my words for today I speak to you urging

you not to surrender nor to despair I beseech you be Resolute and

steadfast do not allow fear to encroach upon your heart nor doubt to obscure your mind for even when the night is

shrouded in darkness and uncertainty looms large I shall remain steadfastly by your side walking with you even

amidst your trials and tribulations I shall not forsake you for

I am here to uphold and shield you as you Journey Through This World therefore

raise your gaze to the heavens and call upon me for I shall come to your Aid I

shall not leave you I shall never abandon you regard less of the trials

you currently endure know that I shall always stand with you remember that no

matter how dark the night may be there will always be a Dawn and within each Dawn an

opportunity for there is no storm that does not ultimately yield to calm all in

this life is transient but my word and those who place their trust in me endure

eternally just as the heavens and the Earth shall pass away way so too shall all things pass and in due course these

trials and struggles in your life shall conclude have faith for what I tell you

today is the truth I shall not abandon you nor release you from my grasp for I

am with you enfolding you in my love and illuminating your path with the most

radiant light child always give your utmost at every moment persist in

pursuing your dreams and strive for your goals and projects Forge ahead

unwaveringly pay no heed to the words of others do not allow malevolent comments

or malicious gossip to affect you listen to my voice attend to my words for in me

you shall find grace and favor to achieve all that you set out to do place

your trust in me to attain your goals I shall bestow upon you the peace you require a peace that transcends sends

all human understanding capable of bringing tranquility and freedom to your

soul child I shall always be with you watching over you and I shall richly

reward your effort and dedication all that you have sown with passion and devotion you shall soon

reap then you will gather the fruits you have eagerly awaited and your life shall be full happy and

prosperous remember never yield in the face of a adversity remain steadfast

with courage and integrity for in this life no burden shall be too great for you to bear I shall provide you with the

strength to overcome every Temptation and evil deed be strong and courageous

for regardless of how harsh or Dreadful your circumstances may be I shall always

be with you do not forget that the stronger your trials the greater your blessings for

what is today a severe trial shall soon become one of the grandest victories of

your life continue forward my child with steady and confident steps battle with

faith and unwavering resolve always remember in every step you take in every

obstacle you encounter you are never alone My Embrace surrounds you at all

times providing the strength and courage you need to keep moving forward even

when the journey seems tough and the burdens feel too heavy believe in your ability to surmount any hurdle maintain

the light of Hope in your heart despite the storms and trials for there is a reward for persistence and a prize

awaits those who endure to the end recognize that you possess more

strength than you realize in this strength you will find the power to turn

challenges into opportunities tears into laughter and fear into

bravery don’t surrender do not turn back for your determination and faith will

carry you to places Beyond Your Wildest Dreams place your trust in me and in the

innate potential I have instilled in you to navigate life’s challenges within you lies not just

skills talents and gifts but also a profound strength that will illuminate

your way even in the darkest times therefore my child child proceed

with bravery and stand firm in resolution for I am everpresent supporting each step of your journey

have faith that through your life I will perform great and wondrous acts and your

every effort tear and prayer will find its fulfillment in My Endless Love let

my love wrap around you now guiding you towards the fruitful and prosperous future I’ve planned for you remember you

are my precious gem and I’m always with you guiding your dreams Ambitions and desires with

infinite love your story is still unfolding and in each chapter you’ll find lessons love

and personal growth hold fast to Hope knowing that even this challenging phase

will pass when you reflect on your journey you will see the extent of your

growth and the distances you’ve traveled fueled by your strength and persistence move ahead my child

I lead the way like a formidable Force infusing you with love strength and

hope my love for you is unending and I will always cherish you no matter the

distance you may not feel my presence but know that I am with you watching

over each step you take on this challenging journey I have seen the difficulties you face and the tears you

shed understand that it was never my desire for you to endure such hardships

for my love for you knows no bounds This Love Remains constantly available ready to envelop you with open

arms in times when you feel lost in the darkness remember that I am here for you

I will always be by your side guiding and guarding you never leaving you to

face the world alone reach out and let me take your hand guiding you towards the light in a

path filled filled with peace and hope in this place you will discover Joy

abundance and happiness trust in me my child for the

life I have planned for you is filled with remarkable purposes giving you a meaningful existence and a future rich

with victories and blessings no matter how distant you may feel from me now you

are never out of my reach my grace and forgiveness are always available to you remember my love

can overcome any obstacle and conquer any challenge just trust in me and I will be

there to answer your prayers even in times of pain and sorrow I am listening

to you and my heart is filled with compassion for you there is nothing you can do that

will separate you from my love no mistake too great no sin too grave my

love overcomes all faults and weaknesses it surpasses all understanding and reaches beyond the heavens

let me embrace you in your moments of need and show you the grace and forgiveness I

offer understand that my love knows no bounds no matter how many times you

stumble I shall always be there to lift you up no matter how often you Heir I shall

always be there to correct your steps and Lead You Down The Righteous

path my love is unwavering and inexhaustible forever present in in your

life granting you the strength and courage to overcome any adversity my child close your eyes and

allow me to embrace you let the warmth of my presence be like soothing energy

let my love envelop you and provide Solace cradling you in my arms and offering you encouragement come

Surrender Your Heart To Me beloved child fear not for I shall Grant you

Freedom peace and tranquility trust in me for I shall be your refuge

and strength allow me to embrace you and reveal true love to you a love capable

of healing any wound and restoring your soul always remember that you are my

greatest treasure and my love for you shall never waver no matter how challenging the

circumstances you face I shall always be there to support you my child on this

day let me embrace you and allow me to bear all your burdens you need not bear

the weight alone for I am here to assist you today I shall take charge of all

that you lack even to the fullness of your soul remember that I shall always be with you providing you with the

strength you need to confront any adversity simply trust in me even when

you feel no one understands or when you think you are alone in your battles I shall always be here listening

to every Whisper of your heart loving you and aiding you in every

way in this moment my child I want you to feel the warmth of my love surrounding and comforting you

comprehend that my love for you shall never wne it shall be here for you in every moment of your life ready to

embrace and console you whenever necessary beloved child raise your hands

now and bask in my love a love that never falters or fades it is my pure

Sublime and unconditional love for you accept it now receive my Embrace in

which you shall find the strength to carry on the hope to face challenges and the certainty that you shall never ever

be alone I love you my child with an eternal love I shall Endeavor to

accomplish something of great significance in your life for you have been chosen to Triumph and be

blessed listen attent attentively to my voice for today I speak to reassure you

urging you not to despair nor to fear the impending challenges do not permit anxiety to

invade your heart nor allow fear to obscure your path I am at your side I walk alongside

you even in the midst of your struggles and trials I shall not abandon you I am

here to sustain and shield you as you navigate this world do not allow

adversity to overpower you nor let the criticisms and murmur of others weigh you down for in the midst of all your

trials and battles I am with you I have witnessed your faith even in

the face of the adversaries assaults I have observed your unwavering and Resolute stance serving as a genuine

Testament to my love and power you have shared my word with courage and determination and this fills me with

pride and joy regain your strength now my child and rise with

determination do not forget that at the end of the dark Valley of Shadows lies the vast Garden of my

promises in that place you will find joy peace and Abundant

Blessings it is in that place where you will see how blessings flow for you and

for Generations Yet to Come always remember that I fulfill my promises and

I shall fulfill them in you therefore my child I implore you to exert yourself

and be courageous maintain your patience and place complete trust in me for I am

working in your favor my grace and mercy shall never forsake you and my love for

you is boundless yet to fully receive my blessings you must free yourself from

all doubt and rid your mind of impure and impr proper thoughts that distance you from me discard them and uproot them

from your heart then you shall enjoy all the unique and special blessings that are the fruits of righteousness and

integrity do not surrender in the face of difficulties for you have been

predestined to overcome from the outset I designed you with a Divine Purpose so that you may

live a blessed prosperous and Victorious Life do not fear the struggles tests or

tribulations that may come for I shall be by your side encouraging and strengthening you in every

challenge remember that each difficulty you encounter is but another opportunity

to rise and become stronger as you strive and remain Brave

I shall complete the work I have begun in you I shall pour out upon your life joy and Abundant Blessings leading you

to a life filled with peace and prosperity do not forget that my presence protects you and my grace never

diminishes nothing and no one can snatch away the blessings I have prepared for you and your future

Generations therefore my child on this special day I beseech you once more not

to give up do not Surrender Your Will to Vain and dishonest things resist and

maintain your strength and courage for in the midst of the storm I shall work

miracles in your life I will work wonders through you showcasing my

boundless love and power always acting in your favor so you can lead a life filled with joy and accomplishment my

child have faith in my assurances and hold tightly to my promises rest assured I will be with you

until all that I have pledged to you is fulfilled when doubts Cloud your mind

seek solace in me in moments of grief let my eternal love be your comfort my

arms of Love Are perpetually extended to you offering support I have envisioned extraordinary

and Splendid plans for you trust in me and witness the light piercing through

Darkness Reviving hope within your heart abide in my grace walk boldly and rise

with resolve for I am with you at every juncture of your journey believe that I will bring about

wondrous and magnificent deeds in your life know that your efforts tears and

prayers will be rewarded in the vastness of my love in turbulent times cling

firmly to your faith in me do not allow life’s challenges to Deeter your victory

in unity with me face every hurly conquer every difficulty and let nothing

stand in your way remember I am your guide your truth truth and your life as

you Traverse life’s Peaks and troughs I will be right beside you steering you toward the destiny I have destined for

you since time’s beginning you are my cherished child graced and

favored within you lies the power to create change in the world your

testimony of my love and truth can transform hearts and Spark hope never

undervalue your influence on others for through you my my love flows into the

world so my dear child proceed with bravery and faith in me let my love

surround you and lead you to the flourishing Destiny I have crafted for you always remember you are my treasured

possession I am by your side guiding your dreams aspirations and yearnings

with immeasurable love

amen [Music]


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