🙏❗ God Message Today You can die if ignored… ❗🙏 |

God is saying to you today therefore God

has highly exalted him and bashed out on

him the name that is above every

name so that at the name of Jesus every

knee should bow in heaven and on Earth

and under the

Earth and every to you confess that

Jesus Christ is

Lord to the glory of God the Father God

is not man that he should lie or a son

of man that he should change his mind

has he said and will he not do it or has

he spoken and will he’ll know not

fulfill it this book of the LA shall not

depart from your mouth but you shall

meditate on it day and

night so so that you may be careful to

do according to all that is written in

it for then you will make your way

prosperous and then you will have good

success for we who life are always

begging being giv over to death for


sake so that the life of Jesus Also may

be manifested in our mortal flesh Type e

in if you believe in God

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