😨🫡🏻 Jesus Says today, I will never forgive you if you ignore this… πŸ™β— | God Message Today.

today my beloved child I just want you

to recognize that I love you a lot

nothing can separate you from me I am

usually there with you you can agree


me I will be

no means feel you I will blast you I

will prosper you I will manual you I

will usually Define you you recogn one

day you will see me had to her I am so

agly waiting for that day subscribe to

the channel if you truly believe in

Jesus when your eyes are closed you will

no longer have the ability to see

anything but when your eyes are opened

you will be capable of see the whole

Lord but in your existence even if your

eyes are opened or maybe your eyes are

closed you will never know about what

your Destin is or what is going to


subse but you not L stay in religion and

hope we announcing my God will offer the

anity then why you continue to worry

while you are in a State of

Affair and the actual God but who you

still believe long earlier than your

conditions I already deliberate the way

to carry you out of it so do not worry

accept as true with me type him in if

you accept Lord blessings thank you for

watching me God bless you all and don’t

forget to subscribe my channel for daily




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