😨🙏 Jesus Says Today, If you Skip this Video You Will definitely Die today 🙏😨 | God Message Today


God message for you

today my beloved

children you have to learn how to trust

God’s timing you can be sure that proper

now God is arranging all these pieces to

come collectively to work out his plan

on your

existence he has been walking in your

want LLY eler than you encored the

problem don’t grow impatient and try to

for doors open don’t try to make things

accur for your every on

power the answer will come and it will

be proper on time as lord said my love

child if you love to listen to my voice

then I urge you to watch this video till


end hear my words I know it’s for talk

but a vist is coming your manner a

harest of benefits a harvest of Peace a

harvest of abundance everything you have

got been waiting crying looking and

praying for is appro mly to land in your

lap the only issue you have to do is not

give up Pres my child I thank you God if

you love Jesus thank you for watching

may God bless you


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