😢 CAN YOU HEAR ME FOR TWO MINUTES? | God’s Message For You. 🙏

dear children of God today I invite all

of you to reflect on the importance of

seeking the presence of the Lord in your

lives the Journey of Faith is a journey

of trust love and Promises fulfilled in

moments of doubt and darkness remember

that as your heavenly father I have

promised to always be by your side

believe in my words for they are words

of eternal life when you face challenges

uncertainties and difficulties do not

forget that I said come to me all you

who are weary and burdened and I will

give you rest no matter the size of the

obstacles you encounter faith in me will

guide you through all storms also

remember that I said pray and watch

prayer is the key to communion with God

When you pray you are seeking the

presence of the heavenly father and he

is always ready to hear your petitions

cultivate this relationship with God for

he Longs for communion with you if you

believe in the Lord’s promises please

like this video and comment I believe

believe and at the end of the video if

this message resonates with you

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community of worshippers of the Lord my

promises are true and faithful when I

said seek first the kingdom of God and

his righteousness and all these things

will be added to you I was emphasizing

the importance of prioritizing God in

your lives when the Lord is at the

center of everything he provides

protects and blesses therefore do not be

dis encouraged in the face of adversity

believe in my promises and seek my

presence Daily Find strength hope and

love in me and know that you are never

alone I am with you today and

always I feel a deep love for each of

you I am aware of your Joys and Sorrows

your struggles and triumphs know that I

am always willing to extend my hand to

you to comfort your troubled hearts and

to guide your steps on the path of

righteousness life is f filled with

challenges and I know that at times it

may seem like Divine promises are

distant however when You Face difficult

moments remember my words in the world

you will have tribulations but take

courage I have overcome the world I have

already conquered the darkness of the

world and with faith and perseverance

you can overcome as well when you seek

God with all your heart transformation

occurs he is The God Who restores heals

and transforms lives approach him with

humility and confidence and you will see

His abundant grace in your lives and

remember the words all things are

possible to him who

believes faith is the key that unlocks

The Impossible my message of Love and

Hope is eternal I am the way the truth

and the life follow me with dedication

and you will find true peace and joy

believe in my promises for they are

steadfast and true May the Divine Light

illum illuminate your paths May the

grace of God be upon you and may the

pursuit of the presence of the heavenly

father be the purpose of your lives life

can be challenging and often worries and

fears may try to suffocate your faith

however remember that I told you if you

have faith as small as a mustard seed

you can say to this mountain move from

here to there and it will move nothing

will be impossible for you trust in me

and trust in the promises of God the

Lord is merciful and always keep his

word he is the god who never fails when

you seek his presence you are seeking

the source of all love wisdom and power

in times of distress he is a safe refuge

in times of Joy he is the reason for

gratitude also remember that prayer is

the direct channel of communication with

the heavenly father when you pray you

are strengthening your connection with

God and laying your concerns before him

have confidence that he hears every word

and knows the sincere desire of your

hearts in The Pursuit Of God do not

forget to seek one another love for your

neighbor is a fundamental part of the

path of faith when you love and support

each other you are living according to

my commandment love one another as I

have loved you in all circumstances know

that I am with you guiding strengthening

and blessing each step of your Journey

Keep Believing keep seeking and you will

find the love and peace that can only be

found in the presence of God nothing

brings me more joy than seeing the flame

of Faith burning in your hearts the

Quest for God is a journey that fills

your lives with meaning and purpose when

you turn to the heavenly father you find

not only promises fulfilled but also

unconditional love that transcends human

understanding remember that in seeking

God you are also seeking the truth I

said You shall know the truth and the

truth shall set you free the truth is

rooted in Divine love and Justice and it

is what will free you from all the

prisons of life whether they be physical

or spiritual it is essential to maintain

Faith and Hope in times of adversity I

myself faced challenges and trials but I

never wavered in my trust in the

heavenly father in moments of pain and

suffering I said father remove this cup

from me nevertheless not my will but

yours be done submitting to God’s will

is an Act of Faith that leads to

overcoming any obstacle when you hold on

to my words and the Divine promises you

are building an unshakable foundation

for your lives God is faithful and he

will never forsake those who seek Him

sincerely remember that I said I am the

way the truth and the life follow me and

you will find the path to True Life the

Abundant Life that God has for you may

the love of the heavenly father always

be present in your hearts lighting the

way and strengthening your faith keep

seeking keep believing and keep loving

one another for in doing so you are

fulfilling the Commandments of the Lord

with infinite love and gratitude Jesus



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