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after the next minutes you will

yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you make sure you watch

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my child you are watching the video but

you are not sharing the video so please

share my message to everyone close to

your heart let the word of the Lord

spread throughout the world type if

you are ready God is saying to you today

my beloved child trust in me and find

solace in

my protective arms I am the architect of

your destiny gently steering you through

life’s journey let your heart be light

for I am your unwavering Shield your

steadfast Sentinel everpresent by your

side with each Dawn as you greet the day

may you sense my loving presence

enveloping you let not the world’s

clamor distract you as daylight breaks

draw near and absorb my teachings listen

closely to the gentle assurances of my

spirit confirming my sovereign hand over

your life fear no challenge for under my

watchful eye you are Beyond reach of

harm the concerns that cloud your

thoughts are on the verge of unfolding


Clarity trust that in my perfect timing

Solutions will

emerge and the answers you seek will

find their way to you as you commune

with me know that I am meticulously

shaping your journey orchestrating each

chapter with Divine foresight the

blessings for which you fervently pray

are already on their way to

you doors being swung wide open I am

here to fortify your faith to lift and

lead you into a renewed existence a

rebirth where all will be transformed

dismiss the judgments of others walk

with your head held high living a life

of faith and honor let not the Envy of

others tarnish your

spirit Focus solely on my view of you

for in my eyes you are remarkable

endowed with a heart of Purity and Truth

carve my words deep into your heart When

The World Turns against you find

sanctuary in my bound less

love through every Skirmish and struggle

you’ve encountered I’ve remained

steadfastly at your side I’ve witnessed

each stumble every setback every Triumph

and the full breadth of your struggles

yet now it’s time for your Ascent for

elevating your existence to new heights

let go of past conflicts and embark on a

fresh chapter of Victory and

Rejuvenation this is the juncture at

which I redefine your story marking the

beginning of a revitalized narrative for

you let me lead you down

a road brimming with blessings and

enlightened understanding I extend to

you my love and my peace

offering your spirit and mind Serene

Solace will you accept only through me

can you find escape from your

tribulations only I can provide Aid

amidst the batt you wage by opening your

heart’s door to me you will behold

wonders unfold and uncover resolutions

to your plight type if you believe

in Jesus your decision to turn to me in

your moment of need is commendable

however I yearn for more than just your


attention I aspire to be the Pinnacle of

your affections for you to cherish me

with all your strength with every

essence of your being your soul and your

intellect pledge yourself to me this day

and witness the profound life-altering

impact of my presence within you you

sense the longing the void in your

existence that yearns for

fulfillment invite me into your heart

and observe the transformation that

ensues many who have wronged you will

come back filled with remorse seeking

pardon doors previously shut will open

wide and those who dismissed you will

recognize your worth I will bless you

with genuine and Lasting friendships

erasing sorrow and Solitude from your

life keep my message to you now my words

possess the strength to alter your

circumstances favorably even amidst the

adverse situations you

face do not succumb to fear or dismay

when confronted with unforeseen


let not your heart be troubled by the

harsh words of others nor let their

malice pierce your spirit shed no tears

for misinterpretations and turn a deaf

ear to the scorn derision of adversaries

those Green With Envy who plot against

you you are held securely In My Embrace

safeguarded from their malevolent

schemes awaken each morning with my

assurances on your breath for you reside

under the mighty wing of your all Mighty

God cradled by the protective arms of

your heavenly

father type Amen in the name of Jesus I

have borne witness to your afflictions

counting every tear through the night

beside you I have stood offering my

genuine Comfort like a parent to a

child I have held you close offering

Solace through nights filled with tears

and depths of grief my peace beyond all

understanding descended upon you

stilling your heart in the quiet of dawn

it was I who whispered to you laying my

hand upon you affirming my steadfast

loyalty upon waking your world

transformed Joy replaced sorrow hope

dawned a new confidence and Faith

solidified keep my voice for I long to

see your anguish dissolved and your life

beautifully remade never cease

in prayer never falter in

faith Victory is already yours to claim

you will surmount every challenge as you

draw closer to my strength a strength

mysterious yet potent kindling Faith and

Hope offering you a reason to persevere

I know you intimately even amidst your

self-doubt I look beyond the surface

Beyond societal Jud judgments type I

embrace my power to affirm type I’m

abundant to affirm let peace fill your

heart as you absorb these words kneel

and surrender your burdens to me there’s

no reason for you to be consumed by

anxiety or distress throughout your day

accept my peace this instant and be

comforted knowing your life and your

loved ones rest securely in my

care my steadfast ever lasting promise

is to Shield you and Usher you into a

future brimming with hope and serenity

the blessing you’ve longed for is on its

way your please have not gone unheard my

ears are always open to your

supplications and unseen to you I’ve

encircled you with Legions of angels to

safeguard and direct your path ensuring

you tread firmly I understand your

imperfections and acknowledge your


unlike those who claim faultlessness yet

live in Folly your

humility and authenticity will bring you

favor so let not your heart be troubled

by the apparent success of others in

times when you find yourself grappling

the seeds you’ve planted are

budding and the Harvest of your labor

near you’ve heard my voice sense my

nearness and I wish for you no further

Ang anguish this moment marks the

beginning of reaping the rewards of

Faith planted within your mind soul

heart and family the transformation is

underway affirm your belief and ready

yourself for the Marvel soon to unfold

before your eyes my love for you is

unwavering persist in your trust in me

never falter and continue to reach for

the heavens particularly in moments

of at most exhaustion when the path

seems insurmountable the warmth of My

Affection reassures you of my constant

companionship look not to mankind for

they might fail

you let not your spirit hinge on the

approval or affection of

others you were fashioned for love to

both give and receive yet remember the

sole enduring love that will forever

stand by you is mine a love infallible

everpresent and unshakable guard your

heart against those who might forsake

you and entrust not your destiny to

those who having gained all from you

might withdraw their affection your call

for Hope has been answered your plea for

peace has been

granted type to show your belief in

Jesus if rest is what you need then Rest


My Embrace if if perseverance is

required press on with

courage in my arms you find Refuge while

you sleep and as you Journey my mighty

hand Shields you from harm know this you

are never solitary you are not

forsaken even when those closest to you

may drift away the most profound and

magnificent love still seeks you out

it’s a remarkable Comfort to recognize

your heaven fathers care for you I

understand your needs extend beyond mere

sustenance you thirst for every word

that flows from my heart your true

nourishment now comes from peace

encouragement calm and faith I bestow

upon you my peace a Tranquility that

neither the world nor its inhabitants

can offer love and calmness my joy

to give despite the assaults and the the

unjust suffering you

faced my blessings continue to pour upon

you embrace them and cast aside fears

stirred by those who wish to intimidate

you you are blessed indeed you are privy

to Revelations and words unheard by

others stand firm in this let not your

resolve waver remain focused jealous

Souls have tried to entangle you in

hardships to pull you down to to malign

you yet you stand resilient your faith

unwavering I admire your ability to

discern what truly matters ignoring the

harmful chatter

and schemes of your foes their jealousy

obscures the light shining within you my

presence in your life agitates them and

my favor over your household drives them

to vexation while they toss and turn in


you can rest assured and at peace

knowing I am your protector I keep watch

over you your family your home and all

that you hold

dear leave them to me their attention

will soon turn elsewhere they’ve come to

realize their efforts to dismay you are

in vain their households falter because

they spurn my word and my love I

extended my guidance for their welfare

but they dismissed it straying from my

path you however chose to walk with me

understanding that the resolution to

your struggles lies within my

embrace you surrendered wholeheartedly

to my will embracing my word without

doubt you recognize not everyone shares

your conviction look around many could

bask in my love yet their hearts have

hardened their troubles unceasing and

they blame me

me but you you are different now you

grasp that your joy and your destiny are

not anchored in others your life and

blessings are Anchored In Me Alone type

to manifest miracles in your life I

encourage you to persist on this path

with each passing day you’ll grow

stronger and more resilient to such a

degree that even those who once opposed

you will seek you out Longing To Learn


me a more significant blessing lies

ahead on your

journey hold fast to this faith and your


devotion I will accompany you every step

of the way continue to strive and Never

Surrender my love for you is boundless a

profound blessing is just on the verge

for you accompanied by an unmistakable

sense of impending Joy I implore you to

feed your spirit with my teachings and

not let doubts erode your belief remain

unshakable my decree is

final I will relieve you of all

afflictions stand with Valor and all

curses deaths and the shadows of past

Sorrows will vanish from your existence

your Liberation is imminent today marks

the day of Breaking Free and joy and

contentment will flourish in abundance I

am about to manifest a miraculous work


you and your words and heart will brim

with gratitude you will be endowed with

all you require and even Surplus to

share with others and support the needy

pray with passion invite my

transformative power into your being

dispelling all despair open your Soul’s

doors wide to me and be imbued with my

serenity you’ve battled Brave aely

holding firm enduring and

Resolute you disregarded the naysayers

and the critics the moment has arrived

for you to seize Victory gain provisions


Thrive rejoice in my company and I will

fulfill the desires of your

heart call upon me and I will disclose

to you things both great and hidden I

challenge you to place your trust in me

my assurances stand before you you’ve

been told time and again that all things

are within reach for those who believe

show me your faith affirm your

belief the time has come for you to

choose to step away from distractions

and companions that draw you from my

side they will not stand by you in

moments of dire need worldly possessions

will hold no value if your faith wavers

clasp tightly to my promises with

steadfast resolve seek me earnestly From

Dawn till Dusk and in the quiet before


falls lay your petitions at my feet

believing wholeheartedly that I will

grant all that nourishes your growth and

uplifts your spirit dear cherished one

Nestle in my heart I am set to transform

your grief type yes if you are ready for

the blessings that you are about to

receive I promise to bestow upon you

health and happiness easing your

afflictions should you wish to escape

the oppressive Shadows of Despair and

Melancholy place your trust in the words

I impart to you

today follow me with your whole heart

for it is righteous to do so submerge

yourself in my might and

vigor Adorn yourself with Spiritual

armor to achieve a resounding victory in

the Ethereal battle for your essence

the foe aims to sever you from me

eternally yet I know your wish is to

endure and

Advance be comforted for I vow never to

abandon you continue the struggle wield

the sword anchored in my

teachings your conflict is not with

Mortal foes but with forces in Heavenly

places when besieged by the spiritual

armies of malevolence kneel instead fast

prayer call upon me and I will respond I

will furnish you with the tools for

Triumph and unveil Marvels before

you you are on the verge of attaining

the objective for which you’ve shed

tears dismiss all despair expel from

your thoughts any discouragement and

sense of defeat type if you are a

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Jesus I Aspire for your bond with me to

strengthen and Blossom into something

truly magnificent do not let your spirit

Wayne may

you experience feelings of beauty the

Supernatural and renewal within your

soul I will bestow such a profound

blessing upon your spirit that both you

and your family will be drawn to seek me


love and I will dissolve all Strife from

your household believe that I can grant

you a new beginning miraculous

Transformations are on the horizon for

both your life and the lives of your

loved ones hold on to faith for nothing

is beyond my reach if today finds you

with a wounded Spirit disheartened and

uncertain about the future trust in my

assurances and believe that I will soon

bestow upon you the love Grace

forgiveness and understanding you seek I

will eradicate all

scarcity Discord and division within

your family the moment you’ve awaited is

nearing prepare yourself to embrace it

fully ensuring Joy does not Escape your

grasp your character will mature you

will gain

wisdom and you will not be misled or

robbed of this blessing I intend to

bless you richly safeguarding all that I

impart to you those Green With Envy may

approach with smiles and sweet deceits

attempting to lure you into error and

pil for what’s rightfully yours then

Revel in your distress for a long time

you’ve yearned for prosperity and now I

I am introducing Divine Prosperity into

your life untainted by sorrow or stress

filled solely with happiness and

blessings in moments of

weakness you’ve doubted my existence and

questioned the reality of my love for

you here is my response you will feel it

in your heart and you will see with your

own eyes that my promise endures and

everything I’ve said will indeed come to


type Amen in the name of Jesus type amen

if you believe in God if you’re all set

type yes take care of yourself type I

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