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today God is communicating with you my

beloved children I realize you don’t

recognize a lot that is happening proper

now there are such a lot of matters

taking place around you which you are

burdened about in the scenario you

locate yourself misplaced do no longer


afraid I’m here to help you everything

will fall into area mountains are going

to move Joy comes inside the morning

keep praying keep believing I’m with you

constantly in the Bible verses Isaiah

– always says the Lord will manual

you continually he’ll satisfy your

wishes in a sun-scorched land and will

beef up your

frame like the video of assurance and

Heavenly Father

My Sweet Child I am continually with you

even whilst you experience bad and needy

I recognize your State of Affairs and

your demanding situations and I need to

provide for you in instances of

financial want or

scarcity you are not depending on the

world how however on me who’s the source

of all abundance and generosity

I have heard your prayer for divine

provision and I am pleasing it I am

supplying you with the resources to

satisfy your needs the possibilities to

Boom your income and the knowledge to

control your price

range I am also providing you with the

religion to believe in my promises the

Gratitude to understand what you’ve got

and the generosity to proportion with

others you are wealthy and rich in my

love my

toddler but you furthermore May should

do your part my toddler you ought to be

diligent and responsible and no longer

lazy or wasteful you have to plot and

prioritize and now not spend or borrow

recklessly you ought to store and make

investments and now not hoard gamble you

must consider me and trust my timing and

no longer fear or complain you should

don’t forget but you are my toddler and

that I love you greater than a

whatever Lord says enter yes to indicate

that you have free will daily

affirmation I am happy with the

character I am turning into every day I

am mastering to like myself only a

little bit

greater I am focusing on my goals in

addition to my bodily and intellectual

Fitness I am constantly growing and

evolving as a person I am satisfied with

the path that I am stepping into my

Lifestyles God wants you to know this


things one no don’t forget how horrible

your day is going to not lose sight of

what is vital your family and your

health everything else is

secondary two the global might not care

about your problems so do not even

trouble complaining appr proximate tum

instead do something positive about it

display the area that you are going to

be simply exceptional that you could

overcome any impediment due to the fact

you had been constructed Ed for

extra three there is not something you

cannot gain in case you set your

thoughts to it and paintings tough for

it for as you go through Lifestyles it

is smooth to get stuck up with the rat

race and your profession which you

forget about about what’s crucial in

Lifestyles type I love dearly you

father Lord claim waiting attention to

me in hopeful anticipation of what I

will do it entails trusting me with each

fiber of your being instead of seeking

to discern things out yourself waiting

on me is the way I designed you to live

all day each

day I created you to live conscious of

me as you cross approximately your each


responsibilities on on me means

directing your I have promised many

benefits to individuals who wait on me

renewed power living above one’s

situations through surgence of Hope

cognizance of my continual

presence waiting on me permits you to

glorify Me by means of living in deep

dependence on me ready to do my will it

additionally lets you experience me me

in my presence is fullness of joy look

to me continually for help consolation

and companionship because I am always by

using your aspect the briefest glance

can join you with me when you look to me

for help it flows freely for my

presence this popularity of your want

for me and small subjects an addition to

in massive want

continu as you spiritually alive when

you need comfort I love V and fold you

in my hands I permit you now not most

effective is since comforted how ever

addly to be a channel through War my


OT thus you are doubly blessed due to

the factor residing Channel absorbs some

of something flows through it my


companionship is the peace D resistance

the summit of Salvation advantages no

count number what losses you enjoy in

your existence no one can eliminate this


present share this video with nine

people who believe and Lord by typing

Jesus is savior in the comment box do

not expect to be dealt with fairly in

the this life people will say and do

hurtful matters to you matters that you

don’t deserve when someone mistreats you

try and view it as an possibility to

develop in Grace see how fast you can

forgive the one who has wounded you

don’t be worried approximately setting

the document straight instead of

obsessing approximately different

people’s evaluations of Youth

preserve your recognition on me

ultimately it is my view of you that

counts as you think about regarding me

remember that I have clothed you in my

righteousness and Holiness I see you

attired in those radiant garments which

I offered for you with my blood this

also is no longer honest that smile’s

natural gift when others deal with you

unfairly remember that my ways with your

an awful lot better than truthful my

ways are peace and love which I actually

have poured out into your coronary art

with the aid of my spirit type thank you

God if you

believe listen carefully in order to

satisfy your reason run your race and

finish your course you have to

intentionally select to foro comparing

your lane to every person

else’s you will need to live laser

targeted and now not allow yourself to

be distracted by using lesser things

especially when the ones things are


matters you need to ignore outside

voices that are seeking to take you off

Direction and your personal inner voice

that steadily reminds you of your

barriers shortcomings inadequacies

mistakes and

failures you will should day byday

select to make what Jesus did for you

bigger than what each person has done to

you or said approximately

you this race we are going for walks

isn’t for the faint of heart it takes

subject dedication resilience tenacity

strength and braveness you do your

element and permit God do his enter our

men if you believe in

Christianity do you no longer comply

with the sample of this world however be

converted by the renewing of your

thoughts then you’ll be capable to check

and approve what God’s will is Romans

– dear listeners let’s join our

prayers together dear God I come before

you with a humble coronary heart

recognizing my own shortcomings and the

mistakes that have led me right here I

acknowledge you as the god of second

possibilities the Redeemer who makes all


new father I confess that maintaining

onto unforgiveness has hardened my heart

IL valow bitterness and resentment to

separate me from others or even from you

I recognize that by retaining a grudge I

am going in opposition to your will and

your command to like one

another I thank you Lord for your

ultimate Act of forgiveness via the

sacrifice of your son Jesus Christ

because of your mercy I am forgiven and

I have the ability to forgive others

your grace compels me to a seeking

reconciliation and for this I am without


thankful today I ask for the energy and

braveness to increase that forgiveness

to those who have wronged me soften My

Heart Lord and guide me in taking steps

in the direction offer

conciliation I additionally are

searching for your forgiveness from my

very own moves which have triggered ache


Discord help me to make amends and let

your love be the Cornerstone upon which

damaged relationships can be rebuilt

fill me with your Spirit of Harmony and

peace so I may also method others with

humility and love mirroring your

personal Divine love help me Lord to now

not handiest forgive however to also are

seeking actual

reconciliation residing in harmony with

others to glorify your name dot in

jesus’ name I pray

amen We Appreciate You viewing and I

hope the message has resonated with you

we will be doing more you can accomplish

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