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today God wants to say something to you

from the heart my beloved ones I am now

not the God who fails you or forsake you

if I want to fail you or forsake you

then why did I created you if I desires

to fail you or forsake you then why

after I had send my son to die on the

cross my pricey child I loves you and

care approximately you extra than

everybody I am your father you’re my

very own toddler do you suspect your

father will fails or for sakes is

toddler always don’t forget you are

usually my own

child in the Bible verses Isaiah for

always says since historical instances

nobody has heard no ear has perceived no

eye has visible any God beside you who

acts on behalf of folks that look

forward to him like this video If You

Believe In Lord than

wavering my little son I realize your

sorrows and your hurts and I need to

heal you from your past traumas you

aren’t damaged through your

experiences however by your belief of

them which may be changed by using my

grace I even have heard your prayer for

emotional recovery and launch and I am

answering it I am providing you with the

consolation of my presence the

Forgiveness of my mercy and the strength

of my spirit which are the resources of

your healing I am additionally providing

you with the braveness to stand your

past the awareness to examine from it

and the wish to transport on from it you

are loose and complete in my love my

baby but you furthermore may have to do

your component my toddler you should be

willing to heal to Simply accept help

and to follow the steps that I guide you

to you have to agree with me and agree

with yourself and not permit your past

Define you you must do not forget what

you are my toddler and that I love you

irrespective of what I am pleased with

you my infant for achieving out to me

and for looking to heal yourself I am

always here for you and I will in no way

abandon you you have the power to

overcome your Beyond traumas or hurts

and to live a glad and peaceful

existence does preserve praying keep

recuperation and hold growing God tells

type why he asks if you want my truthful

blessings affirm I am freeing something

from this month that now not serves me

and I am stepping into the next month

with a clean thoughts and an open heart

I am prepared and excited for December

and I know that it will light be full of

benefits and breakthroughs I agree with

that my future his shiny and complete of

Miracles to confirm type I am thankful

the Divine message saying the joy I give

you transcends your circumstances this

way that irrespective of what is

happiness and your Lifestyles it’s far

feasible to be happy in me the prophet

habach index a series of dire

circumstances that he changed into

watching for then he

proclaimed yet I will have a good time

inside the Lord I may be joyful in God

my savior this is transcendent Jord I am

schooling you to view your existence

from a Heavenly angle through eyes of

faith when matters don’t move as your

head was hoping talk with me seek my

face and my guidance I will assist you

determine whether or not you want to

work to trade the situation or

definitely accept it either manner you

could educate yourself to say I can

nevertheless have a good time in you

Jesus this brief Declaration of Faith

expressing your confidence and me will

alternate your attitude dramatically as

you practice doing this and increasing

number of your joy will

increase this training additionally

prepares you too deal with the problems

waiting for you to your pathway towards

heaven rejoice in me

constantly come to me for understanding

on account that I know you a long way

better than you realize yourself I

realize you in all your complexity no

detail of your life is hidden from me I

view you VI eyes of Grace so don’t be

afraid of my intimate

awareness allow the light of my

recuperation presence to polish into the

deepest recesses of your being cleansing

healing refreshing and renewing you

trust me sufficient to be given the full

forgiveness that I provide you

continually this super present which

cost me my life is yours for all

eternity forgiveness who is on the very

middle of my abiding presence I will

never depart you forsake you or one no

person else seems to apprehend you

honestly draw in the direction of me

rejoice in the one I understand you

completely and loves you flawlessly as I

fill you with my love you end up a

reservoir of Love

overflowing into the lives of different


beings type I trust the divine plan to

agree I want you to experience the

riches of your salvation the joy of

being cherished constantly and perfectly

you make exercise of judging yourself

based on the way you look or behave or

sense if you want what you spy not

within the mirror you feel a bit more

worth of my love when things are going

easily and overall performance seems

good enough you discover it simpler to

agree with you are my cherished infant

when you sense discouraged you tend to

look inward so that you can correct

anything is

incorrect instead of looking to fix

yourself fix your gaze me the lover of

your soul rather than using your

strength to judge yourself redirect it

to praising me remember that I see you

clothed in my righteousness radiant in

my best love if you have assurance and

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individual the scripture Proclaim there

are many misconceptions approximately

God inside the international nowaday

days some people assume he’s mad at them

and others assume he’s maintaining a

list of all their wrongs but that isn’t

what scripture tells us scripture tells

us that God is gracious patient and

loving that he is forgiving and does not

treat us as our sins deserved scripture

tells us that God is for us and if God

is for us who can be in opposition to us

think about that for a moment The

Identical God who created the heavens

and earth the one who spoke the universe

into life and knows the whole thing

approximately you he is on your side and

wants the satisfactory for you today’s

verse is an Exquisite reminder that once

God is for you no one can win in

opposition to you

not the pain of your past not any

mistake you’ve made not the forces of

Hell your worst enemy a horrific

Financial system a hard housing market

or whatever else in this Earth today

rather than residing on what you are no

longer reside on what he is he is

devoted he is loving he is with you and

he is for you and with God on your

aspect you’re headed for victory all the

days of your life taipi door God be

alert and of a sober mind your enemy the

Satan prows around like a roaring lion

looking for a person to consume resist

him standing firm in the faith Peter

– dear listener join this faithful

prayer with me and repeat at after me

dear Jesus you are the wish of the

sector your love is unfailing and your

preference to welcome us into your own


humbling I’ll praise you for all that

you are and all that you do forgive me

God for once I vicinity my desire and

matters of This Global and neglect that

you alone are the anchor for my soul and

that you have welcomed me into your


Sanctuary what an honor and privilege

this is Father you are my source of wish

please fill me with pleasure and peace

as I consider in you I thank you in

advance for the overflowing holy

self-belief you will give me through the

strength of your Holy Spirit Lord that

you would love me so deeply as to

present your one and most effective son

is a sacrifice leaves me in all and

gratitude to recognize L am cherished on

this manner gives me wish past degree it

convicts me of all I can do with your

power that is in me it convicts me to

stroll with braveness and bravery

because I recognize you will in no way

go away me I recognize you will fight

for me and I know that nothing is

impossible with you therefore I will not

be dismayed or lose desire I will

consider I claim you Jesus as my Lord

and Savior as the Son of God therefore

there may be nothing I can’t triumph

over I love you and Praise You In Your

Precious call I pray amen I appreciate

your steadfast help our mission is to

help you live a better life and grow in

your commitment to God additionally and

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