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my beloved this day I bid you to come stay with me a little while take my outstretched hand and

leave behind the sorrows and chains that have held you captive for too long I am bringing you out of Darkness

into my Marvelous Light I am your deliverer and I set you

free for I see the weights that have bowed your head low these many years the

abandonment that swept its cruel tide over your heart again and again eroding

fragile foundations of trust and leaving you afraid to Hope how it wounded you my

child it left you grasping its Shadows desperately trying to find permanent

Anchorage for your storm tossed soul I know how rejection stung you how

its poison seeped into your mind distorting your perceptions of yourself

and others the Insidious lies wore deep grooves into your thinking until you

almost believed the falsehood that you were unlovable unwanted you labored under misbegotten

Notions that something was inherently wrong with you something that repelled people and left you perpetually on the

outside looking in oh my precious child how grieved I

have been to watch this assault against your true identity which I so lovingly crafted but no more this day I shatter

your chains as though they were made of glass and set you free I the Lord your

God boldly decree your emancipation from everything that has tormented and enslaved you I blot out the bill of

accusations that stood against you I nullify every contract you ever made

with destruction no more shall the orphan Spirit of Rejection claim squatter’s rights in your heart and mind

eviction notices have been served and the usurper time is up behold I make all things new for you

today my beloved a fresh start a clean slate and a destiny replete with purpose

and joy unspeakable take my hand now do not look back to the dreary tombs

where parts of you had been buried Let the dead bury the dead gaze ahead

instead to verdant Landscapes blooming with promise and life Everlasting rivers of delight Sparkle

before you trees of healing and provision rustle beside restful Waters

and my goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life as you walk freed from shackles bathed in favor and

purpose this is the Heritage I have secured for you my dear one now come

claim it for years you face slammed doors and cold shoulders but you will

never experience abandonment from my hand have I not said I will never leave

you nor forsake you though Earthly loves May Fail and human comforters may prove

faithless I remain constant forever more my friendship will never falter my

affection will never waver you can trust me with your Fragile Heart weary one

hand it over to me now allow me to graft it securely to my steadfast nurturing

love until you are made whole the void rejection carved out so brutally my

tenderness shall fill those w Ed holes pierced through your soul I will heal

them closed through the power of my unconditional love for you the questions

echoing through wounded places is something wrong with me my spirit’s

Whispers shall counter you are made marvelously in my image you are my

precious treasure you could not be more loved as I clasp your hand in mine

knitting our hearts firm rejection shall Cut You No More You Belong to Me Now and

my friendship fulfills you as nothing else can at last addiction loosens its

choking grip upon your mind its hellish rain finished Freedom comes flooding into

your soul washing you clean I break this Pharaoh’s yoke from your neck no more bricks without straw

no more vain striving in bitter bondage child lift your eyes to meet

mine steady sparkling with pride and Delight over you I believe in you my Champion through

my power at work in you your greatest self shall emerge triumphant sin siren Call Rings Hollow

and Falls mute before my Warrior song Rising through your lungs Melodies of

Hope healing and purpose course through you The rhythms of Eternity to all the

toxic Messengers whisper wh sping Sinister doubts and dragging you backward into Old ruts to them I declare

this beloved treasure belongs to me be gone from here at once this child wears

my Royal robes now my Golden Crown we walk together into Destiny and

delightful adventure your Insidious calls drop impotent to the ground while

my love lifts you higher still upon Eagle wings you shall run and not grow

weary walk and not faint so Come Away With Me Now into Freedom overcoming

one leave behind the baggage that has slowed your feet for too long I carry

your burdens now the future beckons you onward to life and satisfaction beyond

all you asked or imagined continue looking to me as your truest

companion I know every winding Bend along this journey perils flee at the

pressure of my approaching footsteps my whisper ERS stir courage and vision within you when you feel

weary I swear to never abandon you nothing can halt my Kindle affection you

can count on my friendship to uplift and cheer you all your days when Stony trials test you my

Living Waters will refresh you again I am making rivers in your deserts

fountains in your wastelands all that once lay dull and dormant now floods with fruitful life

through my presence I breathe my spirit into you take deep drafts of my Essence

Now set your face ahead Like Flint unmoved by lingering shadows and siren

songs behind focus on me alone and I will lead you into the most marvelous

adventures the past lies mute and impotent its power broken

forever what potential I awaken in you today for I see see the gifts I have

embedded deep in your soul precious one radiant creativity profound wisdom a

shepherd’s Compassionate Heart such Treasures you hold within gems and veins

of gold await my mining to bring their riches into the light the deepest truths

most poignant songs and most powerful stories percolate within you just beneath the surface now do you begin to

Glimpse your potent value beloved do you perceive how you Shimmer and Sparkle

with my glory as I set you free from rejection today see how you shine with

my loving Delight over you no need to shrink or hide any longer you have no

flaws from which to cower I understand you and cherish you

now Lift High your head and pour out the gifts inside before multitudes this is my child in whom I am

well pleased hear this ringing declaration resounding through Realms seen and unseen silencing the cruel

taunts that once screamed condemning lies into your ears every foul

tormenting messenger now scatters before my Angel armies rallying around you you

are dignified with my honor and clothed in my righteousness indeed such Royal

robes and radiant Jewels now Adorn you as you walk with me hand in hand into Destiny I have set my affection upon you

like a seal over your heart you have captured my gaze beloved and it shall not turn away my eyes will never

leave you for I know the years of isolation and inward obsessing left deep

ruts in your mind beloved but now I Infuse your thoughts with Kingdom perspectives that renew and

uplift you the trivial matters occupying my people shrink into proper size before

Heavenly realities Dawning in your awakened understanding as you fix your gaze upon

me mundane Shadows give way to Glorious light and stagnant places burst into

life-giving movement at long last the networks and connections I am

assembling around you look nothing like the unsupportive systems of your past Dear Heart hold out your hands

expectantly for I am weaving Living Water communities where each strand shall lift up the others into their

highest callings like iron sharpening iron you shall stimulate one another in

nurturing cander and wisdom together you shall raise banners of unity rings of prayer surrounding

families cities and Nations as fervent blessing flows freely through each member joined in me every gift magnifies

the others , fold every weakness transformed into a conduit of

Supernatural Grace this is the fellowship I lovingly architect just for

you its foundations of loyalty honor and nurture shall never crack or

crumble no more Sandy Shores washed away in changing tides now Bedrock of Ages

upholds you settle into this Pleasant land with me beloved does this thrill your soul my

child does Hope and fulfillment stir to life deep inside the past Fades smaller and

smaller behind us as I lead you into vast lands of promise and joy look no

more behind you beloved only the Glorious await you now

I have seen your struggles and I want you to find peace for so long you have sought

fulfillment in Earthly things substances to numb the pain food to fill the voids

within my heart breaks as I watch you trapped in cycles of addiction losing

yourself a little more more each day but no longer today is a new dawn I am

breaking every chain and setting you free no more will cravings and torment

pull you back into Old Habits the spirits Whispering just one more time

are silenced as you walk with me you will find true freedom I know the

pullback is strong the world offers fleeting escapes while I ask you to face

life headon but I will give you strength wisdom and discernment to stand firm

surround yourself with my truth soak in the grace and Liberty I provide keep

your eyes fixed on me as you walk forward one step at a time the path will

not always be easy but I will light your way there may be times you stumble but I

will pick you back up and set you on your feet you were not made for the Temptations of the world you were made

for so much more more I have exciting Adventures planned for you my precious

child Adventures overflowing with purpose impact and joy beyond your

wildest dreams so leave those old habits behind don’t keep looking over your

shoulder Longing For What enslaved you eyes front focused on me together we

will move mountains in the past your heart has led you down painful roads you have settled

for less than my best chased fleeting affection compromised your

values I weep with you over the hurt this has caused but a new season is Dawning one

where you will finally experience love as I intended the first step is learning

to love yourself to see your incredible worth through my

eyes my child you are fearfully and wonderfully made treasured valued and

adored beyond measure any voice telling you otherwise is from the enemy so reject those lies you are beautiful

talented and overflowing with Divine potential how I beam With Pride over the

remarkable person you are becoming now let these truths sink deep into your spirit for only when you love yourself

can you properly love another those who belittle you control you dismiss your

needs or fail to honor this Temple I given you do not reflect my heart walk

away from anyone stirring up confusion anxiety or guilt your joy and freedom

come first instead watch for someone who celebrates the real you someone

committed to growth and integrity someone who fans your dreams into flame

this love will Empower not weaken you it will bring peace not

drama I have incredible blessings in store once you break free from past cycles and

align your relationships with my will I know the waiting and loneliness hurt

sometimes but don’t settle out of fear or impatience stay close to me and trust

my timing for now pour your energy into the passions I’ve placed within you

invest in family friendships and serving your community become whole within

yourself so you can give that wholeness to another my precious child I am right here

walking with you during this journey of renewal sometimes the process feels

overwhelming but take heart together we will transform your life into a beautiful

Masterpiece if doubt anxiety or despair creep in come sit with me a while let my

presence wash over you until peace returns I will never leave you stranded or ill equipped my grace is sufficient

for every battle my strength is made perfect in weakness call on me and I will

respond also remember that progress not Perfection is the goal growth happens

one small step at a time when you stumble and you will stumble get back up

leave the past behind and keep striving forward I forgive you now forgive

yourself my Mercy has no limits let this knowledge free you from guilt and shame

we can pick up where we left off with joy and expectation because Victory is

assured I Delight in you my precious one even when the road gets hard and

progress feels out of grasp you remain the apple of my eye my love for you is

steadfast and true each moment we share is a gift so

walk with your head held high if loneliness persists know that

you are never alone I will be your constant companion filling your heart with comfort and care

talk to me anytime about anything on your mind and heart share your dreams fears questions struggles every part of

yourself safe In My Embrace let your walls come down so true intimacy can

blossom between us I loved you before you were born and will love you for all

eternity no one understands you like I do or wants Greater Joy for your life

I will listen without judgment speak healing to your soul and walk by your side every step of this journey I will

unleash restoration breakthrough and blessings Beyond imagination stay near me my child and

watch in awe as Grace transforms all the broken places into something beautiful

the chains that once bound you will serve as testimonies of my redeeming love I have seen the struggles you face

The Temptations that beckon the relationships that seek to lead you

astray and I tell you flee from these things do not look back do not return to

the life from which I have delivered you for too long you lingered in darkness

Bound by the shackles of sin but did I not send my angels to strike your

oppressors with blindness to open the door for your Escape yes it was I who

freed you I who led you out by my mighty hand do not doubt that I desire only the best

for you my precious one yet you waver glancing backwards with longing at the

life left behind I urge you resist the temptation keep your eyes fixed ahead on

the destiny I have prepared for you the mountains await high places where you

will soar with me as on Eagle wings leave behind the regret the sorrow the

fets of iniquity your future Glory far outweighs any fleeting pleasure sin might offer

remember Lot’s wife who disobeyed and met a terrible fate she too was

delivered but still attached to the unrighteousness of Sodom how her heart

clung to its Comforts and lusts even as judgment rained down so also I warn you

what has held you captive still seeks to ens snare you but will you listen and obey this time will you trust in my

power to transform you completely as you walk with me into freedom for I tell you truly if your

heart remains chained to the Past then my Deliverance has been in vain outwardly removed from adversity

yet inwardly still in bondage is this not a miserable State indeed heed well my warning given in

love just as lot’s daughters though physically rescued carried sodom’s

depravity in the their souls so also you may Escape one manifestation of sin only

to fall into another immorality breeds only more immorality in an unending cycle unless

your mind is renewed your inner being washed clean then and only then can my

Deliverance produce lasting fruit within you come therefore to the Open Arms of

your father do not shy away but bring to me your pain your question s your

struggles lay them down at my feet and receive joy and peace in return allow me

to lift you up to the heights for which you were created for you see I take no pleasure

in seeing my beloved mired in the muck and chains of the enemy schemes sin’s

transient Pleasures Fade Into nothingness compared to the Eternal rewards of walking with me so as clay

let me reshape you into a vessel of Honor precious Jewel let me polish your

your facets until my glory streams out brilliant and unded beloved one take

hold of the new story I long to inscribe across the pages of your life a story of freedom of purpose of intimacy with me

unlike anything else this world can offer I know the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and give you hope

in a future trust in my plans Lean Into My Embrace take refuge under my

protective wing for storms will surely come the forces of Darkness will not loosen their grip so easily but have I

not already displayed my power to save how many times have I guarded and guided

your steps and yet still you question still you strive under your own strength

when will you learn that resting in me brings the greatest reward I do not call

you to endless toil devoid of my presence come now and discover true life

in the shelter of your maker here fruitless striving seed cees burdens

lift peace pervades here you gain Clarity to walk out my purposes Vision

to see the world as I created it here you become whole all Brokenness healed

my perfection in place of your deficiencies do you perceive now the wondrous gift I extend to you this day

come take your rightful place at my side no more aimless wandering for you my

beloved your values and priorities align now with my kingdom not the fleeting

kingdoms of this world no longer will The vain Pursuits of man entice you away from me your ears

attune to The Whispers of my spirit your heart forever bound to mine in a love no

force can break you shall be called mine joyfully obedient to the governance of

your lord forever more for did I not purchase your freedom at the utmost cost

that you might walk walk in Liberty and truth then enter into the fullness of an Abundant Life by my

design The Narrow Path of Righteousness leads only upward so fear not the

sorrows and trials along the way I go before you to make the Crooked places straight I surround you on all

sides my shield of protection against the wicked one’s schemes you will succeed my child for I

have spoken it I will pave the road toward your destiny and what I have promised I bring to completion without

fail so lift up your eyes precious one see the Horizon resplendant with the

dawn of a new day the Shadows flee away no longer hold sway here your path

shines bright with my glory each step illuminated by my presence within you

yes extravagant is my love poured out for you poured through you out of your

innermost being flow rivers of Living Water freely receive that you might freely give to this world parched for

lack of Truth go now in boldness and declare the freedom I grant see the

captives delivered even as I have delivered you the mountains await high

places with me no more shrinking back in fear no my precious child each moment offers

boundless opportunities to partner with me in restoring what sin has corrupted

that glorious day fast approaches already the first fruits ripen and swell across the Earth sweet nourishment for

longing Souls where Grace takes root righteousness Springs up in verdant

Splendor Barren wastelands transform into vibrant habitat nourishing

sustenance for all inhabitants streams of crystal clear waters flow into

parched deserts bringing life and healing wherever they course so too

shall you Channel rivers of of Living Water to all who cross your path freely

dispensed abundantly supplied by my spirit who makes his home within you

never Fear The Well running dry for my reserves cannot be exhausted drink deep daily from this

overflowing tide Let its current carry you into breathtaking adventures with your God surging waves of my love will

crash over you plunging you deeper Still Into My Embrace immersed fully now you will

emerge dripping with Grace and power not your own for my power infuses all who

yield themselves fully to my purposes yes my power working through

common Souls accomplishes the extraordinary have I not always led a

faithful Remnant to carry my glory unveiled before Kings and commoners alike so too shall you bear the light of

my presence into palaces and HS across every sphere of influence no location lies outside my

jurisdiction no heart beyond reach light pierces Darkness displaces it entirely

leaving no crevice untouched thus I charge you blazen my

glory undeterred and unintimidated by the forces competing for

control not all will accept your message gladly for Love’s penetrating gaze exposes festering Darkness yet speak and

demonstrate my truth graciously gently to all dislodge assumptions shatter

barriers tear down cultural idolatries by the Brilliance of my love on display

through your words actions and lifestyle yes the most convincing testimony

broadcasts its message through life poured out for others Hearts soften visibly manifest changed attitudes

priorities now aligned with my Kingdom’s values herein the Lost Glimpse shards of

Eternity planted in their soul desire awakens for more more Graces more

intimacy more surrender to their benevolent King in this newfound Freedom

you my child discover the richness of a life walked in tandem with me where once

laid desolation and despair now Springs forth a garden of Abundant Life I The

Gardener of your soul cultivate the once Barren lands planting seeds of hope

faith and love that will bear fruit in due season with each step forward you will

encounter challenges but they are no longer insurmountable obstacles they are opportunities for

growth for showcasing the strength I have placed within you in your weakness

my power is made perfect in your uncertainty my wisdom shines forth you

are not walking this path alone my presence is a constant guidance ing

light as you Journey the memories of past pains and failures may try to ens snare you but remember I have called you

by name you are mine those old identities those lies

that sought to Define you have no hold on you anymore you are a new creation

remade in my image reflecting my glory let go of the fear of the unknown

embrace the adventures lie ahead with an open heart knowing that I Am with You

leading you into experiences that will shape and refine you your story is one of redemption a

testimony to my unfailing love and grace share it boldly for in your story others

will find Hope and courage to seek their own Freedom as you walk in this newness of

Life remember the power of community I have not called you to a solid Ary

Journey connect with fellow Believers those who will encourage you pray with

you and walk alongside you together you will strengthen each other building up the body of Christ

your unique gifts and experiences are invaluable to this community share them generously for in giving you receive and

in serving you are served in moments of Doubt or weariness come to me find Rest

In My Embrace my yoke is easy and my burden is light I will refresh your soul

and renew your strength you will rise on wings like eagles soaring above the trials of Life equipped and empowered by

my spirit as you grow in faith be a Beacon of Hope to others let your light

shine brightly Illuminating the path for those still walking in darkness your

life transformed by my love will be a Living testament to my power and mercy

reach out to the lost the broken the downtrodden show them the way to me the

source of true life and eternal Joy Embrace each day as a precious gift an

opportunity to live out my purposes for you walk in integrity and Truth grounded

in my word let your words and actions be a reflection of my character drawing

others to me through your love and compassion as you Journey with me know

that I am shaping you into a vessel of Honor fit for my use you are being prepared for Greater Works

for a destiny that far exceeds your wildest dreams trust in my timing for it

is perfect the plans I have for you are plans to prosper you and not to harm you

plans to give you hope and a future so my beloved child step forward

into this new chapter of your life with confidence and joy you are no longer defined by your past but by the future I

have secured for you walk boldly in the freedom I have given you living each day

as a testament to My Endless Love and boundless Grace for in me you have

everything you need to live a life of purpose passion and peace

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