🔴Jesus: The Devil Will Smile If You Skip This Message Today! | DMFY-572

me much like the Earth spins ushering in

day and night and in Stars Grace your

nights I shall be a constant presence in

your life let there be no doubt any

adversary daring to challenge you will

face me directly fear not for there is

nothing and no one to stand between you

and your family

share this manifestation with those dear

to you and let the Ripple of love and

protection spread Embrace this alternate

approach to

affirmations incorporating daily

manifestations into your routine for a


experience in lie of subscribing to the

Jesus affirmations Channel explore the

realm of daily manifestation to stay

connected with the voice of empowerment


positivity in conclusion remember this

You are not alone and you need not fear

anyone or anything only you and your

family remain and together we shall

Triumph to love Soul embrace the

serenity that surrounds you as you close

your eyes and draw in this sacred breath

bre if the need arises for a swift

departure carry this profound

Tranquility with you leaving the burdens

of worry far

behind you may Harbor doubts about

deserving such Grace but rest assured my

love for you is

unwavering I pledge to Stand By Your

Side steadfast and Resolute should fear

hinder your approach to me

preventing the release of those elements

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