?Jesus: Only Few Will Watch This Message From God | DMFY – 363

God says today

Divine guidance is the foundation of

understanding and Trust close your eyes

and open them again just as you can’t

foresee your future with closed eyes

trust in God’s plan and timing

have faith endure challenges and rely on

patience God’s wisdom is a guiding

presence and uncertainty warming you

with knowledge and preparing you for

what lies ahead

your hearts whispers are heard by God

who offers you insight to navigate

life’s challenges trust your inner

energy to discern right from wrong

when doubt clouds your mind breathe and

focus on the answers within your soul

trust that God’s plan is unfolding even

when life’s path seems uncertain

You Are Not Alone God Is by your side

Whispering through Shadows guiding you

with every step

my child your words have reached me and

I’m right here a guiding presence for

your moments of uncertainty I envelop

you with a warm embrace of knowledge

prepared to illuminate the path ahead

as you stand at the crossroads of

decisions recognize that The Whispers of

your heart are not lost on me

I gift you with knowledge a beacon of

light to navigate the challenges that

lie before you

trust in yourself for deep within you

lies the energy to determine what’s

right when doubt clouds your mind take a

moment to breathe and focus intently

the answers you are seeking are Nestle

inside the sanctuary of your soul if you

agree type .

as you embark on this journey remember

that even when the path seems uncertain

I am by your side a gentle whisper

guiding you through the Shadows

embrace your instincts honor your values

and to Envision the future you aspire to

create every step you take no matter how

small is a testimony to your strength

and courage

Heavenly Father your word in Psalms

to says the fear of the Lord is the

beginning of wisdom o who follow his

precepts have good understanding

taipa man if you believe in God and

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it most


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