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that this is in which I intend you to be

you get through these days one step one

moment at a time your fundamental

obligation is to remain attentive to me

letting me manual you through the

various selections alongside your

pathway this sounds like a smooth

assignment however it isn’t always your

choice to stay in my presence is going

towards the grain of the World the Flesh

and the Satan much of your weariness

effect from your consistent conflict and

opposition to these

opponents however you are at the

direction of my selecting so do not

surrender hope in me for you may again

reward me for the assist of my presence


if you needed

this dearly adored child of mine you can

rely upon me at all times whenever you

believe me I could be in a position that

will help you tuing your belief on Meek

can assist you Revel in much less stress

much less tension and much less

despair in me you will locate strength

and refuge through me you may Revel in

joy and

relaxation don’t stress about what is

going on stop looking to parent it out

together with your own information it’s

going to be adequate leave it for me to

address the life I gave you isn’t

approximately you you have been created

in my image totally for me and to be a

supply of Love help and luxury for

different humans seek me and you will

locate your reasoned restrain from doing

what you need and question me to reveal

to you what I need from you type I Adore

You Almighty father listen up I really

felt to LEAP on here proper now too

someone realize you’re at the verge of

breakthrough you’ve hung in there in

spite of the pain confusion

misunderstandings false accusations

betrayals Heart Take disappointments and

discouragement you’ve desired to tug

again or cease a times you felt by

myself deserted and forgotten via the

very guide you stepped out to follow

you’ve puzzled in case you even heard

God inside the first area despite it all

you’ve got stayed the root hung in there

and kept showing up you want to know

what you’ve beyond the check your

religion has been established in the

Hearth it’s a season wherein you will

see sudden possibilities come your way

unusual prefer poured out upon you and

and plan provision coming to you no

extra striving pleading or waiting doors

that were once slammed closed are about

too open expect to see the goodness of

God poured out upon you type thank you

Father I will educate you and train you

in a manner you should move I will

recommend you with my loving eye on you

Psalm to to Dear audience join this

prayer with me and repeat after me oh

blessed Lord you recognize my scenario

you recognize my life it’s complex and

densed there is no men are out why is

that this happening to me oh loving Lord

help me I want you so much right now let

me look upon the life and death of Jesus

for noow he could have run far from the

move instead he served he gave his life

let me know Christ oh Lord help me

prehend that each one the solutions re

him and understanding Jesus I emerge as

extra like him I am converted service

struggling and pain transform into Glory

only the spirit can resurrect me nobody

sees high conflict nobody but you oh


Lord show me the Liberty in giving it

all as much as you Jesus cherished his

father and all humankind that’s why he

suffered and bled he gave it concerned

about them for me

May the spirit of God screen to me a

deeper hope and joy in giving my

Lifestyles for others lift up and hold

this negative Spirit oh loving Lord let

me recognize that in your arms I even

have need in Jesus call

amen I appreciate you still watching you

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