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today Jesus is speaking to you my

beloved child I recognize you are going

via tough time for your Lifestyles right

now and you’re coping with multiple

instances and a lot of emotional ache it

seems as even though before you could

get through one factor any other


happens I do not usually still the

typhoon round you sometimes I

nonetheless the hurricane raging in you

do now not faint I am strengthening you

in regions which you cannot to even see

right now you and I will get through

this together like we continually do

everything could be

okay remember James says if any of

you lacks wisdom you have to ask God who

offers generously to all without finding

fault and it will likely be given to you

like the video if you need Lord

Direction my dear kids I understand that

the arena seems to be cruel and unjust

and that you do not know how to deal

with your State of Affairs I recognize

what you are grieving for what you have

got lost and what you have to face but I

need you to know that I am your healer

and your helper I am the only who heals

your wounds and Comforts your Sorrows I

am the one who enables you bring your

burdens and offers you energy I am the

one who works miracles and makes all


new I am the only who restores your hope

and renews your cause I am the only who

loves you unconditionally and accepts

you you completely you can locate my

peace and attractiveness my toddler by

using trusting in me and thanking me to

believe in me way to consider that I

have a great cause for everything that

occurs and that I will in no way depart

you nor forsake you to thank me method

to well known my goodness and beauty and

to reward me for what I actually have

done and what I will do as you agree

within me and thank me you’ll Revel in

my peace that surpasses all

understanding and my acceptance that

transcends all

situations God says type amen if you

believe in my sermon affirm I actually

have the entirety that I need I lack not

anything positive strength flows through

me people are enthusiastic about what I

deliver to the desk I’m thankful for all

opportunities abundance flows VI me each

single day I am a beacon of light and

pleasure for

others Lord claims I am taking warmth

and safety of being enveloped in my

loving presence every element of your

life is below my control moreover the

whole thing suits right into a sample

for True to folks who love me and are

referred to as consistent with my design

and reason care of you feel the because

the world is in an strange Fallen

condition people generally tend to

suppose that danger governs the universe

events May also seem to rise randomly

with very very little meaning people who

view the world this way have disregarded

one basic fact the constraints of human

expertise what you recognize of the

world inhabit is handiest the top of the

iceberg submerged beneath the floor of

the scene International are Mysteries

Des sizable with the purpose to

realize if you can only see how close I

am to you

and how continuously I work on your

behalf you will never again doubt that I

am wonderfully beinging concerned for

you this is why you must stay through

religion not through sight trusting in

my mysterious Majestic

presence come to me whilst you are

susceptible and weary rest snugly in my

eternal Palms I do now not despise your

weak point point my child actly it draws

me closer to you due to the fact weak

point stirs up my compassion my craving

to help accept yourself in your

weariness knowing that I apprehend how

tough your adventure has been do no

longer examine yourself with others who

appear to pass alongside their

Lifestyles both simply their trips have

been different from yours and I actually

have proficient them with apple

energy I actually have proficient you

with fragility providing opportunities

on your spirit to Blossom in my presence

accept this gift as a sacred treasure

sensitive but sparkling with Incredible

light rather than suffering to hard or

deny your walk permit me to bless you

richly through it share this video to

help us spread the

message come to me and relaxation in my

loving presence you realize that this

present day will convey difficulties and

also you are seeking to assume your way

VIA those trials as you anticipate

what’s ahead of you you overlook that I

am with you now and usually rehearsing

your problems consequences and

experiencing them often times whereas

you’re meant to undergo them simplest

after they honestly occur do not

multiply your suffering in this manner

instead come to me and loosen up in my

peace I will make stronger you and put

together you for at the moment reworking

your fear into assured

believe time if you trust

Lord the scripture says does there seem

to be a problem waiting for you know

matter in which you switch do you from

time to time Marvel if your goals are

ever going to return to skip maybe

you’ve requested why God would assist

you to struggle in your process your

relationships your health are some

different vicinity of life

sometimes God lets an us to go through

demanding situations due to the fact he

knows it is the Battle of existence that

builds strength in us if God genuinely

added us from each struggle then we

won’t maintain to grow and learn to

trust him when you stretch your faith

endure conquer and persevere through the

tough times you will start to comprehend

a greater degree degree of joy peace

Victory and abundance than you ever


possible remember God loves you to a

good deal to leave you wherein you are

he’s getting ready you for some thing

higher type yes if you agree God is

saying I am making all matters new you

are the apple of my eye and the

satisfaction of my coronary heart all

matter are operating together in your

appropriate I have not forgotten you nor

deserted you I even have listened for

your prayers. focus on me do you no

longer concentrate to the voice of

discouragement from thamy you are one

step towards your breakthrough just

maintain going I recognize you’ve got

been in

aulus hold on change is coming I’ve

heard your prayers and I am making a

manner for you you’ve been through a lot

however you are none ofth less right

here you’re going to make it there must

be a trade today do now not go lower

back to the way things had been in order

to trade you have to start converting it

all begins right now at this very moment

I’m guiding you down the right direction

I will order your step s but you need to

circulate your

toes right I trust the divine plan to

agree whether you turn to the right or

to the left your ears will pay attention

to a voice behind you announcing this is

the manner stroll in it Isaiah

– dear people join me in prayer and

speak loudly dearest notable God our

creator and Redeemer I pray that we will

place you first greater than something

else in our lives more than ourselves

our possessions and our

assets let us Supply you the honor that

you deserve in all that we have and the

whole thing that you do thank you that

you are effective God your word can

exchange our life’s situations to

fulfill your best plan for everyone

folks for that motive assist us now not

to doubt your

steadfastness thank you that you make

your plans be manifested in our lives

for our mind oh God in order that they

may be Godly work via our hands in order

that you can attain the needy the

helpless and the

misplace speak through Us in order that

we can consolation and weary and hurting

Souls make our lives as dwelling

witnesses to every person we meet be the

Salt and Light to this loss of life

world thank you that you watch over us

who obey you you Hold Us Alive in each

season that we are going

through you are our protector and help

bless your holy name oh God in jesus’

name I pray

amen thank you for watching this video

and sending your precious time with me I

hope this message cheers you up and if

you want you can donate us through super


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