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today the Lord Jesus have a message for

you my darling child I recognize you

have loads on your thoughts proper now

your own family your Fitness the fitness

of a cherished one your budget your

career it feels like the weight of the

sector is on your

shoulders you experience alone my infant

you are never on my own lay all of your

issues before for me through prayer I

will send help healing and assets I will

offer I will make a way for you all the

sources of Heaven are in the back off

you don’t fear I even have your lower

back like this video of your belief is

determination my loved child I’m here to

guide you through within the tapestry of

Lifestyles I’ve laid out a root for you

ENT woven with stories demanding

situations and discoveries no that

finding cause isn’t always an end point

however Voyage a wondrous exploration of

self-discovery and growth seek Clarity

within your coronary heart pay attention

to its mild rhythms for it beats in

Concord with the cosmos embrace your


the unique Melodies that compose the

Symphony of your being let them guide

you toward the shores of achievement

remember my dear one cause is not a

grand Revelation but often lies in The

Quiet Moments the regular acts of

kindness the pursuit of expertise and

the connections you forge with others

Embrace these moments for they form the

essence of your life I am your steady

partner providing Whispers In The Wind

the contact of the Sun’s Warm

temperature and the guidance in the

Stillness of your mind trust the univers

is unfolding for even in uncertainty

there lies the beauty of

possibility Lord tells tyal man if

you’re looking for my

instruction in the Bible versus Psalm

three who for always says even though I

walk via the darkest Valley I will worry

no evil for you are with me your rod and

your personnel they comfort me God says

to you stop trying to work things out

earlier than their times have come

accept the limitations of living at some

point at a time when something comes in

your interest ask me

whether or no longer it’s miles part of

brand new

timetable if it isn’t launch it into my

care and move on approximately modern

duties when you follow this practice

there may be a stunning Simplicity about

your Lifestyles a time for the whole

thing and everything in its time the

lifestyles live clothes to me isn’t

complicated or cluttered when your

cognisance is on my presence many

matters that after bothered you lose

their power over you though they re

around you as messy and confusing

recollect that I actually have conquered

the sector I told you these items so

that in me you could have peace this is

a t me on your life while you need to

discover ways to permit go of loved ones

of possessions of control in order to

let pass of something that is precious

to you you want to relaxation and my

presence wherein you are complete take

time to bask inside the light of my love

as you relax increasingly your grasping

hand regularly opens up freeing your

prized possession into my care you can

sense secure even within the midst of

cataclysmic adjustments through

consciousness of my chronic

presence the one who never leaves you is

the equal one who by no means

modifications I am the equal the day

prior to this today and for all time as

you release increasingly things into my

care take into account that I by no

means laow go of your hand herein lies

your safety which nobody and no

circumstance can take from you typs if

you trust God do not be afraid for I Am

with You Hear Me announcing peace be

nonetheless for your Restless Heart no

be counted what occurs I will by no

means depart you or forsake you let this

assurance soak into your mind and heart

till you overflow with Joe though the

Earth deliver Manor and the mountains

fall into the coronary heart of the sea

you need no longer worry the media

relentlessly Proclaim bad information

for breakfast lunch and dinner a regular

weight reduction plan of their Affair

will sicken you instead of that

specialized and fickle everchanging

information broadcasts sung into the

lying word the one who’s continually The

Identical let scripture saturate your

mind and heart and you may stroll

gradually alongside the course of life

even even though you do not know what’s

going to occur the following day you can

be in reality sure of your remaining

destination I preserve you via your

right hand and later on I will take you


Glory type thank you God if you

believe affirm with me I completely love

trust and accept myself I absolutely

love and believe the divine within me

everything I preference is available to

me and I love myself enough to allow it

all in L am worthy of the very very

exceptional of the whole lot I know what

that looks as if for me and today

recommit to loving myself enough to do

the paintings of co-creating the very

high quality of

everything La am powerful enough to

create all that I Choice yes I

completely love trust and accept myself

I see that now I personal my greatness

now I am enough

W the scripture says do you need extra

peace pleasure or provision for your

life we serve a God who is extra than

sufficient and he is extra than

sufficient the authentic Hebrew word on

this verse is El Shi this means that the

only sufficient one or the god of

masses in different words our God is

extra than enough he’s now not concerned

conned about how he’s going to satisfy

your desires he’s no longer questioning

how he’s going to provide for you he’s

already overflowing with the whole lot

you need on this existence and he longs

to bless you do you recognize why he

wants to bless you abundantly in order

that you could flip round and be a

blessing to other humans he wishes you

to be his reflection within the Earth

today keep an mindset of religion and

expectancy remember you serve the

almighty God he promises to deliver all

your needs due to the fact he is El

shadai the god of greater than

sufficient type

if you believe Heavenly

Father God says hey get your head up

stop blaming others for what to fell and

understand that this world is imperfect

look beforehand due to the fact

beforehand plays a blessing along with

your name my benefits for your new every

H every morning I don’t need you to

consider all the wrong things happening

in your existence instead I need you

pray to me because those problems will

bypass and will quickly be Vic iies with

my Divine help seek me not the pleasures

of This Global carry happiness This

Global will disappoint this world will

disappoint you please flip to me I don’t

want you to hurt can more typs to claim


blessing it is better to take shelter

within the Lord then to trust in human

beings it is higher to take shelter

inside the Lord than to accept as true

within princes Psalm

to attention listener join this

graceful prayer with me and say it with

me dear Lord thank you for giving us at

the present time we want to thanks for

our Buddies thank you for our Pals

co-employees and all of the humans in

our lives thank you for their lives

their Fitness and their impacts on us

thank you for all thesis they give us

thank you for working through them

whenever we had been in hassle Whenever

there was an emergency you had somebody

come to our

resource we are surely thankful for the

people you brought into our lives they

enriched our lives in methods we could

not believe thank you you for the gift

that they are they shared our sorrows

and they shared our pleasure we thank

you and bless you for them we ask that

you preserve to give all them their need

and solution all their prayers let us be

a blessing unto them simply as they have

got blessed us

amen we appreciate your time as you view

this video and enable us to share the

the message of God with you if you

identify as a Christian please type

thank you Lord hand if possible please

consider donating to us through super


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