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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end in closing i b you to subscribe to

the Daily manifestation for you Channel

where my voice shall continue to

resonate with you guiding you on your

journey towards

self-discovery and spiritual

enlightenment trust in me beloved child

and together we shall conquer the trials

of life and emerge Victorious bathed in

the radiance of my boundless


love my dearest child and the depths of

your being I am the sustenance you seek

the Solace and weariness The Guiding

Light when Shadows Loom I am your


companion ready to lift you when you

stop stumble to buoy your spirits when

they falter seek me and I shall be found

ask and you shall receive knock and the

door shall swing wide to welcome


you in every trial and every

tribulation know that I walk beside you

my hand extended to uphold you with the

strength of unwavering righteousness

when doubt creeps sin rebuke it in my

name for I am your Shield against the

assaults of uncertainty let your prayers

be ceaseless your thoughts steeped in my

teachings beloved daughter it is time to

shed the shackles of doubt and excuses

to cast aside the burdens that weigh

upon your soul your resilience has not

gone unnoticed I have borne witness to

your struggles and your triumphs now let

us Forge ahead heedless of the naysayers

steering clear of the treacherous path

laid by the

wicked fear not for I have dispatched

Legions of angels to encircle you to

ward off danger and deliverance your

journey is marked by Miracles by

blessings that bear your name but tread

not the broad tempting road instead

choose the Narrow Path fraught with

challenges yet crown with


Victory I understand the trials of your

faith the obstacles that beset the

righteous but take heart for the Day of

Reckoning draws near when your

detractors will be silenced and your

righteousness Affirmed patience beloved

for all shall be revealed in due

time open wide your heart to receive my

promises to welcome me into the very

fabric of your being fear not the

darkness for I am the light that pierces

the Gloom the beacon that guides you

home feel my presence in every moment

drawing strength from my unwavering


like the eagle soaring on outstretched

Wings you shall rise above adversity

your enemies vanquished Beneath Your

Feet your destiny is one of Triumph of

unyielding perseverance in the face of

adversity believe in my words trust in

my guidance and you shall emerge

Victorious my child pledged to share

these words with those dear to you to

spread the message of Hope and Faith and

as you Journey forth let the daily

manifestations of your devotion serve as

a reminder of our unbreakable bond with

love and ending your everpresent

guy within you resides a boundless

Wellspring of strength and resilience a

Divine connection at trans ends the

trials and tribulations of this Earthly


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