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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end those Shadows May Loom and

adversaries plot your downfall fear not

for I have dispatched Legions of angels

to encircle you their watchful gaze

shielding you from

harm I have carved a path for you

illuminated by the radiance of Miracles

and blessings walk not in the Wayward

footsteps of the unrighteous but tread

firmly upon the road I have ordained for

you the journey may be arduous fraught

with trials but rest assured Victory is


Birthright the cacophony of the world

may drawn out my voice but listen

closely and you shall hear the whisper

of my promises open wide the doors of

your heart invite me to dwell within you

in moments of turmoil find solace in myy

presence for I am the Cal amidst the

storm rise my child with the wings of an

eagle soaring above the tempests that

seek to ensnare you your adversaries

shall stumble and fall while you

emboldened by faith shall emerge

triumphant your destiny is one of

Brilliance a tapestry woven with threads

of Divine

Providence make time amidst the chaos to

commun with me to pour out your heart’s

burdens and joys in the sanctuary of

prayer find renewal find strength the

darkness May Loom large but remember you

are never alone my presence is a Beacon

of Hope guiding you through the darkest

nights to leave my beloved in the power

of my promises your journey may be

fraught with challenges but rest assured

I walk beside you a steadfast companion

in every step trust in my unfailing love

and you shall see wonders un full before

you promise me this dear one share these

words of encouragement with those who

cross your path that they to may find

Solace In My Embrace and as you navigate

The Maze of Life remember to subscribe

to daily manifestation for you a

sanctuary of spirit spiritual

nourishment and a world to

drift to loved child within you lies a

boundless Wellspring of strength and

resilience an unwavering source of

comfort and guidance I am the embodiment

of your sustenance the quickening force

that propels you forward when weariness

threatens to engulf

you in moments of

despondency I extend my hand to lift you

from the depth of Despair urging you to

seek Solace In My Embrace for I am

omnipresent a steadfast companion on

your journey through life’s tulous

Seas to those who beseech I bestow my

grace without hesitation to those who

earnestly seek I reveal myself in Myriad

ways weaving through the tapestry of

existence waiting to be discovered and

to those who persistently knock I swing

wide the doors of opportunity inviting

them into the sanctuary of my boundless

love my presence knows no bounds

accompanying you through every trial and


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