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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end yes this world is fraught with

Darkness deeply fallen and bound by its

grip but fear not for I Am The Beacon of

Hope amidst the Gloom trust me

wholeheartedly even when the path ahead


uncertain I will guide you at

Illuminating the way forward with my


light when the weight of planning and

problems threatens to overwhelm you

whisper my name let the light of my

presence wash over you filling you with

peace and reassurance trust in my

unfailing love for I am always watching

over you guiding you with tender


express your Devotion to me affirming

your trust in my divine plan though the

world may present challenges and

obstacles do not let worry or fear

consume you keep your focus on me and I

will illuminate your

perspective guiding you with Clarity and

wisdom immerse yourself in the wisdom of

scripture for my word is a lamp to guide

your steps by studying and internalizing

its teachings you will find Solace and

strength in the face of adversity let my

truth resonate within you guiding you

towards a life of purpose and

fulfillment rejoice in the joy of my

presence for you are deeply loved and

cherished like a beloved loved couple

reunited let your heart leap with joy at

the thought of our communion find

delight and our relationship knowing

that I am the eternal lover of your

soul glorify my holy name for it is

above all names let your worship be a

testament to my greatness and Majesty in

me you will find strength Jo and

Everlasting peace do not underestimate

the power of prayer for it is your

direct line to me seek my face with

humility and repentance knowing that I

am always ready to hear your cries join

with others in prayer lifting up your

voices in unity and


Faith take time to rest in my presence

for I am the source of true refreshment

and renewal in the midst of life’s

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