🔴GOD SAYS- You Will Regret If You Skip This Now” । God’s Message Today #godmessagetoday

GOD SAYS- You Will Regret If You Skip This Now” । God’s Message

after the next minutes you will yourself feel that God is around you and

he is watching you make sure you watch the whole video and don’t forget to share this message with your loved ones

my child you are watching the video but you are not sharing the video so please

share my message to everyone close to your heart let the word of the Lord spread throughout the world type if

you are ready God is saying to you today my beloved child hear my voice carried

on the winds that stir the leaves I am calling to you beckoning you to a Journey of

Faith and Triumph from the very first steps you took my hand was there to steady you

guiding you through the darkest valleys and shadowy places even When Storms rage around you

and clouds obscure your vision remember I am the unwavering Beacon Lighting your

way this year unfolds filled with promise and blessings just for

you Prosperity awaits along with respect and accolades but this path requires

more than just your footsteps it needs your whole heart placed firmly in my

eternal promise do not cling to feelings of unworthiness or let doubts create

shadows in your mind my love erases all

condemnation you have been chosen to shine brightly for your family a vessel

overflowing with blessings to pour out over them cast off the shackles of

defeat I stand beside you to bring success in all you do come to me daily and be

refreshed cleanse your thoughts of Despair and hopelessness replacing them

with courageous faith Let My Words Be a sword and shield against the battles you

face Adorn yourself with humility and patience then watch as your life blooms

with blessing upon blessing enjoy your successes marked by

wisdom and modesty remembering they were forged through sacrifice there on the

Hallowed Ground of Calvary your Redemption was sealed by Bloodshed on a

cruel cross now claim the glory born from the power

of Resurrection given freely to you type if you believe in Jesus I vow to

remain at your side in good times and in bad your guardian and provider you are

never alone with me as your constant companion when assailed by negative

emotions or entrapped in defeat do not give into despair’s downward spiral

eclipsing The Joy meant to fill your your days my words are not idle platitudes

but Ironclad promises made and kept defeat holds no power in my

presence make your heart a sanctuary where my assurances reside in a Sacred

Space set aside just for me reject all Notions of I can’t I lack

or I am not replacing lies with my empowering truth

truth face each adversity with courage knowing I walk beside you my provision

never LAX so look to me as your Source obeying my Guidance with confidence do

not cast your eyes downward but lift your head high allowing me to lead you

safely along I am your loyal friend forever faithful never wavering I accept you

just as you are sharing in your joy and pains I celebrate your victories with

you and lift you up during defeats extending help when you need it I am everpresent closer than a

brother have no fear for I am your friend pay no mind to those waiting for

your downfall walk the path I’ve set before you for your loved ones but

mostly to return my great love for you remember the sorrowful Journey

journey I endured harsh blows and mocking leading to a cruel

cross I did this willingly out of my love for you it brought complete forgiveness and

healing Paving the way for your Liberation and salvation when besieged by challenges

recall I am with you together we will overcome commit to perseverance and my

strength will Infuse you with peace joy and confidence lift your eyes to the

Future and your wildest dreams contrary to doubts plaguing your

mind These Are Not Mere whimsies but true callings planted deep within your

soul by me banish all traces of disbelief from your heart even if facing scarcity in

Injustice be reminded this ground has been trod before in Victory you will f

face trials in this world yet take heart for I have already overcome allow that

promise to ignite flames of joy and anticipation for Triumph within

you you are of immeasurable worth a Priceless treasure your heart reflects pure beauty

your soul exudes light and your sincerity mirrors my nature know this truth deep within that

you were created in my very image a unique facet of my infinite being I

breathe life into you you belong to me your intelligence diligence and

fearless Spirit testify to your Divine inheritance in me your Earthly Origins

hold no bearing on your value in my eyes neither status nor wealth or poverty

diminish your Worth to me what others say about perceived flaws

and imperfection matters not you are my precious child and I Proclaim this truth

throughout the heavens as my child you are enveloped in

my blessings and love this is why the enemies of your soul regard you with such trembling

knowing the strong defense and provision I extend towards you in my presence you

lack nothing do not follow after those who turn from me believing themselves

unworthy and unloved orphans they chose to forsake me and now

wander lost devoid of comfort or peace that comes from knowing

me but I Stand Rock Solid beside you for so long I have urged you to trust my

words Above All Else my word Rings true with power to instill Faith within you

for it has always proven trustworthy I am with waiting for you to step out boldly encourage and claim your rightful

inheritance type Amen in the name of Jesus your enemies wield threats remorse

and past defeats as tools against you but they have no power except what you

give them choose instead to believe and trust wholly in me for it costs you nothing

you were destined not for failure but called by me to accomplish great things

I desire you to be a shining Beacon of Faith laying hands on the downtrodden

and using my authority to fell Giants this is my vision for you a

valiant unbreakable warrior cloaked in Holiness and wisdom yet marked by

humility a true hero embodying vibrant Faith to rise above and claim the

victory already won for you take ownership of this inherent worth I see

dwelling within you you are my beloved child my love for you transcends time

unconditional and unending draw near to me open your heart

and speak what you feel expressing your love I yearn to

hear you call me father and friend convey to me your sorrows and your Joys

unburden yourself of secret fears and pain your soul is precious beyond

measure measure to me and I wish for you to know beyond any doubt how profoundly

and deeply loved you are when you wake submerged in a nameless Melancholy that

pierces your soul know that this feeling arrives unbidden Heart Take hints at something

vital left unsaid understand that such sadness comes as your spirit resonates with

mine in the quiet morning your name Echoes from my lips my spirit gently

tugging you back from wandering too far often though the days demands and

snares capture you heedless of my call and my spirit warns grieving over

the distance stretching wide the sadness serves as a Clarion cry from your soul

laid bare thirsting for The Living Water I offer in boundless Supply to cleanse

replenish and restore what was taken if the hollow persists filling you with

despair know you have been too long apart from me this cannot continue without damaging

your soul in times of hardship instead of running to me as Refuge turmoil can

deceive even the elect into thinking I have abandoned and forsaken you my beloved

child I am not a deceitful God nor do I mislead those that seek me

for Endless ages my affection and mercy have overflowed deeper than the oceans

higher than the heavens let me envelop you that you may feel but a fraction of

my Divine sweetness and nourishment a profound love that brings tears of

utmost Joy wherever your path leads you shall not Plunge Into the Depths of Despair

should Sorrows rain down and curious Souls inquire why tears streak your face

speak to them of my magnificent embrace your father envelopes you

constantly in his tender and sincere words kindling a flame in your heart

that not even storms can extinguish your grief and troubles have been

banished replaced by new life and healing bomb I wish to extend this Aid

and salvation to all who earnestly seek me believe my words cling to them

fiercely allow them to penetrate deep into your spirit and refresh your soul

those seasons of hardship will inevitably arrive Stand Tall upon my

unshakable promises for I am already at work performing wonders and miracles on

your behalf my plans for you were established long ago blueprints of prosperity etched

into the foundations of Eternity expect Showers of Blessings to

Cascade down a brighter Dawning glow on the horizon my declarations cannot be

revoked or enou they shall come to pass in due time without

fail therefore lift your gaze to the heavens throw off fear and anxiety about

tomorrow do not permit doubts to besiege your thoughts or give them Harbor in

your mind worry serves only to hinder and distort your vision of my constant

loving presence ever by your side instead nurture your faith daily

that it may flourish brightly walk in peace through both Storms and Sunshine for I will be your

faithful guide and shelter from adversity I see clearly the schemes and

attacks the enemy launches he is cunning yet powerless seeking only to oppress

you and crush your confidence in my promises pay no heed to his contemptuous

goating instead stand courageous confront all obstacles that arise and

armed with my Living Word march on with renewed Vitality though exhaustion

Creeps in be assured that I walk alongside you imparting Direction and

Heavenly strategy to navigate difficult terrain therefore lift your head High

beloved child the power of darkness is feudal against you his toxic words hold not one

grain of Truth so Whom Shall you trust The Great Deceiver or your Creator

God who loved you enough to breathe into you the gift of life have I not spoken worlds into

existence and calmed the destructive sea my power power holds no limits or

constraints though surrounded on all sides none can ultimately cast you

down for a thousand times over I alone shall lift you up and restore you should

wounds slow your pace immediately I apply healing bomb and each moment you stumble in

weakness instantly my hands grasp yours to steady your steps a new I’ll allow

courage and bold confidence to swell up from deep within that of an undefeated

Champion Warrior who has weathered countless battles and emerged stronger

ascending ever higher upon the mountain of blessings reserved for you an enduring Banner of Hope and promise

unfurled over your life my spirit is alive and Burning

Brightly in your heart of hearts how I Rejoice over you tenderly as the apple

of my my eye before all the cosmos stretched out above I joyfully proclaimed here is my

precious treasure my beloved in whom I am well pleased cry out your love in

return declare it jubilantly for all to hear gone are the days and years

swallowed up in grief doubt or bitterness to haunt your

footsteps for in coming to me with sincere faith I set in motion the

reversible power to transform the old is replaced with

wondrous newness Stand Tall Noble Warrior Dawn is

the shame others heaped upon you without cause their scorn is replaced with awe

and wonder at this ° turnaround they are witnessing and

most astonishing of all your loved ones are dazzled by my glory and Power on

full display play in a life totally renewed and set free for my delight is

to take vessels others have cast aside as worthless marred by many failures and

turn them into my choicest instruments to pour out blessings and testify

of redemption’s Hope to multitudes hungering for truth type I embrace my power to

affirm therefore go forth boldly my son tell your story far and wide tell

them today the hand of God reached down in merciful Grace guiding your steps out

of the myy pit onto Solid Ground from death’s Dark Shadows into the Glorious

light of new life out of the stormy Tempest into an oasis of Tranquility

where you will rest in the shelter of his wings gone are the days of fruitless striving in my feeble

strength now my delight is walking the paths of righteousness God directs me on

every step infusing strength into my bones that withstands crushing pressures

when the Winds of adversity seek to sway me off course instantly God is there to

stabilize my steps till I regain firm footing and when called to sort to new

heights On Eagle’s Wings instantly his power lifts me up to Glide above the

Raging storm clouds finding renewed Vision perspective and Vigilant Clarity

to discern the snares and pitfalls in my way truly the joy of the Lord has

flooded my soul with irrepressible gladness that overflows into rivers of

blessing to quench The Thirst of every desperate soul I encounter my Fortress and mighty

deliverer stand Vigilant none can deter me from fulfilling the Glorious plans

decreed for me from ancient times in my weakness in times of need

his strength and wisdom rise up within me like a mighty warrior ready for

battle what enemy can oppose this might what forces or schemes suffice to

Halt the advance of God’s Invincible army soldiers equipped with indestructible weapons and words that

demolish relentlessly every defiant obstacle in their way hear me precious

child was there ever a time when I broke Faith with you have I ever revoked a promise on a

capricious wi my words are Eternal my character unchanging I swore by my

Holiness long ago and cannot recant therefore receive this day all the

spiritual blessings contained in my promises yet to be unlocked which I have

set aside for your your future inheritance rise up radiant one Dawn’s

first light kisses the Easter Sky gone the long night of weeping sorrow and

adversity’s cruel battering behold pure undiluted Joy

comes flooding in where Dark Shadows once brooded now brilliant sunlight

illuminates your path out of the Wilderness loneliness into paradise’s

Garden where I commune and fellowship besides soothing Waters no more an orphan stranger is my

beloved child but rather reborn by my spirit into an eternal belonging as my

precious son upon whom I lavish the fullness of my blessings Rejoice then at

each turning of the seasons for infinite storehouses of provision await your

asking if physical health eludes your grasp

my unlimited healing shall renew like Eagle’s Wings and if your nest remains

yet childless I shall send little ones to fill your home with joyful laughter

according to the longing etched deep in your spirit I shall Grant the desires of your heart release each burden that

threatens to crush you into my hands of unlimited strength offer up the Broken

Dreams and failed Ambitions I shall Breathe new life into them

hand over the relationship severed by offense I shall reconcile

and restore and draw the estranged back into

belonging yes I affirm this day my grace and power stand poised at the

ready only believe and it will be done for you come just as you are we one with

the mustard seed sized faith of a little child this alone suffices is to move my

hand on your behalf for genuine Faith opens access to the throne room of Grace

where I Delight to pour forth Abundant Blessings Withholding Nothing good soon

you will grasp what was previously unclear out of life storm the broken and

Shipwrecked washed upon these Shores destitute of all hope until glimpsing

the first rays of dawning light heralding my arrival upon on the scene for you my

child I am performing a Swift and radical transformation Out of the Dust will

emerge gold refined by fiery trials all to bring you more perfectly into my

glorious image first glimpsed faintly through a darkened mirror but soon face

to face seated at my banquet table of overflowing abundance the time decreed

since ancient ages for birthing has arrived D suddenly your barrenness and

Brokenness are being displaced Now by my entrance onto your scene to restore the

ruined places and Grant you the desires of your heart your story shall

end well in Triumph and joy therefore fix your eyes with unwavering Assurance

upon the clouds gathering on the horizon soon they shall burst open with all my

long awaited blessings and Promises reserved specially for you since time’s

beginning so lift your head up from its Dro position my weary child grounded

down by adversity’s pounding assault allow your neck to regain strength and

your eyes to lift up out of the storm clouds churning at your feet higher and

higher as you ascend into the clear blue Heavens where no turbulence can reach or

unsettle your peace for above o the Raging Tempest dwells your refuge in

sanctuary under the shelter of my wings find your soul restored and each

gaping wound tended with gentlest care as you regain

perspective growing smaller will seem the obstacles towering over you until

fading from view entirely replaced by resplendant Vistas unfolding to your

renewed vision for as my Eagle you shall soar on the currents invisible to

Earthbound creatures below I grant you spiritual Wings to ascend beyond the

range of danger from this lofty Vantage you may gain Heaven’s Outlook when

Fierce unrelenting enemies seek to batter down your Gates and swarm over

protective walls instantly I shall bring reinforcements rushing to the

battle my Ang Angel standing guard shall Shield you safely through days of

darkness and Peril until at last peace has returned to your borders and joy

comes in with the morning sun hear and receive the promises I

speak over your life today soon very soon long delayed Justice and recompense

will manifest suddenly Out of the Shadows where they lurked unseen shall emerge every enemy as Salient and AD

adversary dragged forth into the piercing glare of my Holiness exposing

every hidden motive and scheme crafted in darkness thinking my eyes were

averted during their evil unrestrained but now the Day of Reckoning has dawned

no longer shall my beloved child endure scorn and Injustice from such

unworthy vessels with furious Vengeance I now rise up to demolish strongholds of

of deception built on sinking sand and to shatter completely those Earth and jars who dared assault and wound without

cause my precious child behold this day a new erod dawn

whereas observers were once filled with contempt witnessing your stumbling henceforth All Shall Behold your arising

transformed into my likness the scorned now honored the destitute lavished with

abundance exceeding their capacity to contain it these declarations carry all

the force and authority of my eternal throne and word Heaven and Earth shall pass away

before my promises to you return void without bearing fruit child you have endured the

darkness now comes your Dawning your season of obscurity flees away before

the approaching brightness where you walked sightless now stands Dazz dling Splendor your soul encompassed in my

comfort and Delight on all sides surrounded by my Pleasures never alone I

have promised to reside perpetually deep within you bringing strength when yours

runs out my Living Word imparted into your thoughts supplies strategy and Heavenly

wisdom for each battle and hardship my eternal resources poured

out upon you in a abundance when exhaustion dampens your inner fire

threatening to extinguish your flame of devotion instantly I Infuse fresh oil to

make it Blaze ever brighter for nothing gladdens my heart more than receiving your offerings of

worship and adoration I cherish profoundly these gifts of yourself laid

humbly at my feet for herein dwells the sweet fragrance my spirit Delights to

breathe in you’ve had your struggles on this long journey but your love for me

never wavered nor did you turn away from me completely you always came back

admitting your mistakes without making excuses this honesty brought you back

into my loving arms where you found mercy and forgiveness

restoring our closeness so don’t keep thinking you’re beyond saving or worthless I’m always ready to help you

back up to heal your wounds and set you free giving you a fresh

start reach out to me again let me show you the way beyond the troubles you face

I’ve guided you through beautiful places that refreshed you preparing you for what’s ahead my plan for you was set in

place long ago and now I’m making it happen step by step what you’ve seen so

far was just the beginning now we’re moving to a phase where everything comes

together quickly and amazingly you’ve seen the slow progress

but soon you’ll see the final pieces fall into place transforming everything

swiftly like wheat into bread a seed into a tree a caterpillar into a

butterfly this is how I work often saving the best for last and surprising

you when you least expected from what seemed ordinary something extraordinary

will come from emptiness a rich fruitful life will emerge for you my

child a dramatic change is coming that will sweep away the old and bring in a

new vibrant life the signs of change are already here like the beginning of labor

before a birth so get ready for the final effort keep holding on to me

because we’re almost there what I’ve planned for you cannot be stopped

get ready for a sudden breakthrough full of raw power and Glory your destiny is

about to unfold bringing everything into perfect alignment blessings that have

been waiting just for you will overflow breaking down barriers and aligning

Heaven and Earth Justice for past wrongs freedom from hardship and recovery of

what was lost are all coming I will show my power in incredible ways Beyond what

anyone can imagine so to those who doubt watch as I work wonders for my beloved

child bringing life where there was none turning deserts into rivers and darkness

into light get ready for something so amazing it’s hard to grasp my beloved

you have endured much the burdens upon your shoulders grow heavier by the

day your trials seem endless your your tribulations multiply yet I see all my

gaze Falls gently upon you now in this moment of Stillness between us lay down

your troubles and be filled with my peace your exhaustion Despair and grief

bring them to me without hesitation unburden yourself fully and find respit

in my presence for I am your rock and salvation and everpresent help in times

of need my strength will uphold you when yours fails and when doubts arise cling to

me I will illuminate the path ahead though Shadows surround I know the

secret fears that whisper lies in moments of doubt and weakness silence

them with the sound of my voice I speak words of life love and affirmation over

you my precious one you are seen known and cherished be beyond measure never

alone abandoned or invisible in my eyes the yearnings of your heart are

understood the deepest longings for purpose and belonging in me you discover your true

identity you are my beloved when rejection stings and

friendship Fades My Embrace envelopes when wounds of the past reemerge my

healing bomb soothes when tears fall let my Gentle Spirit comfort you I see the

deposits of greatness within though you may Overlook them in

seasons of hardship and lack but do not despair my child your appointed time is

coming the talents I’ve bestowed cultivate fully the dreams I’ve birthed

nurture completely and watch them unfold in due time the assignment set before

you ordained with purpose embrace them trusting my outcomes though mystery

abounds I am actively involved behind the scenes ordering your steps according

to my plans for goodness not Calamity plans to

prosper you and give you hope the Winds of Change are already stirring sudden

blessings and breakthroughs on the horizon that which seemed irrevocably broken and damaged Beyond repair watch

me make all things new stand firm on my promises which

remain yes and amen they will never turn void but accomplish great purpose

refresh your spirit in my Living Waters find strength again to Believe In

Miracles with me nothing is impossible the desires of your heart I give you as

high as the heavens are above the Earth so high are my thoughts above your thoughts and my ways above your ways

trust in my infinite wisdom and capability even when the way seems

unclear my timing delayed wait

patiently for it is in the waiting that strength is renewed and character refined like gold the Harvest comes to

those who persevere I am faithful to restore and recompense you for all that

has been taken no more will the enemy steal kill or destroy for I have come to

give life abundant Fix Your Eyes Upon me not the stormy seas or the winds that

rage I am the Lord who steals the storms and calms the wind and waves with a

word it is done peace be still my beloved why do you insist

on carrying burdens too heavy for you why try to solve problems s beyond your

capability when I stand ready to intervene on your behalf where does this mistaken notion arise that you must

handle life alone cast off this false belief once and for all I crafted you for

relationship designed you to thrive through relying on my wisdom not your own cease striving and acknowledge your

need for me success is not found in self-sufficiency but in the surrender of

trust l down the weight of expectations heaped upon you by others and even

self-imposed the need to perform perfectly to achieve lofty goals in your

own power Let It Go such feudal striving misplaced

identity will only lead to exhaustion disillusionment and

burnout you were not meant to bear fruit through self-effort but through abiding

in me allowing my life to flow through you remain in my love and fulfillment

will come naturally why do you anxiously attempt to control all outcomes have I not shown

myself faithful in times past

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