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God says today if you love me then don’t

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till the very


end the act of Engraving upon precious

metals is a ritual imbued with symbolism

of permanence and endrance yet even the

strongest of metals can succumb to the

Relentless passage of time lost to the

elements or reshaped by external forces

but fear not for your name is not

engraved upon mere gold or silver but

upon the very fabric of my


being gold and silver while esteemed by

Mortals are but dust compared to the

unfathomable magnificence of knowing me

they hold fleeting value in the Trent

World whereas The Treasure of knowing me

is beyond measure Beyond Compare your

name etched upon the palms of my hands

is a constant reminder of your cherished

place in my heart an everpresent Beacon

of love and

devotion gold and silver while esteemed

by Mortals are but dust when you feel

the weight of the world bearing down

upon you remember that I hold hold you

in the palm of my hand in a world

consumed by chaos and uncertainty my

presence remains steadfast and

unwavering the reports of the news May

paint a bleak picture but they are but

fragments of a greater truth a truth

that is often obscured by the clamor of



world in times of trial and ulation turn

to me and find Solace In My Embrace like

David who found strength in me amidst

adversity draw Courage from the

Wellspring of my love for I am not a

distant deity but a loving father who

Delights in your presence rejoice in the

knowledge that you are embarked on a

journey with me a journey that leads to

Ultimate fulfillment and eternal

joy in times of trial and tribulation

turn to me and fine Solace do not

despise your tears for they are precious

to me just as water nourishes the soil

and brings forth New Life your tears

nourish the soil of your soul fostering

growth and resilience embrace the depth

of your emotions for they are a test to

your Humanity a reminder of the profound

capacity for love and compassion that

resides within

you every blessing you receive is a gift

from my hand a manifestation of my

boundless love and grace yet all to

often these blessings go unnoticed or

unappreciated take a moment to pause and

refle reflect on the countless gifts

that surround you from the air you

breathe to the beating of your

heart as you journey through life may

you always remember the depth of my love

for you may you find strength in my

presence Joy In My Embrace and peace in

my unfailing grace and may you never

forget that you are cherished beyond

measure n for all eternity with all my

love your heavenly

father my dearest child inscribed upon

the very fabric of my being is your name

a covenant Eternal and unbreakable

nothing in this world no Force no time

can erode or scrape away this sacred

inscription you my beloved are not

merely a possession but a cherished

Jewel bought with the very essence of my


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