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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end in the Journey of life my beloved

child you may encounter numerous

challenges obstacles that seem

insurmountable and trials that test your

resolve but fear not for I am with you

my presence an unwavering Beacon of Hope

amid the tumultuous Seas of

uncertainty wherever your path may lead

listen intently and you shall hear my

voice a soothing Melody of reassurance

and love guiding you through the darkest

of nights and the stormiest of

days feel the warmth of My Embrace for I

am ever present Whispering healing words

into the depths of your soul let not

your heart be troubled nor your mind

deceived by the illusions of fear and

doubt for I am the Eternal Flame Burning

Brightly within you Illuminating The Way

Forward even in the midst of darkness my

light shines forth dispelling the

shadows of Despair and filling your

being with courage and strength

know that you are never alone for I am

here watching over you with eyes of

boundless compassion in times of sorrow

and distress turn to me and I shall

comfort you with the Gentle Touch of my

spirit my love knows no bounds reaching

out to you in moments of joy and Triumph

as well as in times of sorrow and and

defeat trust in my unwavering devotion

for I am the Steady Hand That guides you

through life’s everchanging

Tides release your burdens unto me my

child for I am the bearer of all sorrows

and the bringer of Eternal peace let go

of past mistakes and regrets for in my

eyes you are forever forgiven and

embraced with infinite love do not dwell

on the paths left unchosen but instead

focus on the journey ahead filled with

endless possibilities and boundless

Grace I offer you a choice my beloved

the path of truth and life leading to a

glorious eternity in my presence or the

path of Separation which fears you away

from the the warmth of my love though

the road may be fraught with challenges

know that I walk beside you every step

of the way my hand outstretched in


support open your heart to me dear one

and pour out your sincerest prayers and

desires I am here to listen to guide and

to bless you abundantly your family too

rest in the palm of my hand surrounded

by a mantle of divine protection and

Grace trust in my promises for they are

steadfast and true offering refuge and

solace in times of

need remember my child that I am the

same yesterday today and forever more

just as the sun rises and sets so to

does my presence Encompass you a

constant source of light and love let go

of all doubts and fears for in me you

find Everlasting peace and


security so fear not for I am with you

always my beloved child embrace the

journey ahead with confidence and

courage knowing that you are cherished

beyond measure share this message of

hope and love with those around you that

they to may find solace in my eternal


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