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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end to love child in the depths of your

being I am the eternal flame that keeps

your spirit burning bright in times of

darkness and weariness when burdens

threaten to overwhelm you know that I am

the source of your light

there are moments when the flicker of

your lamp seems to dim almost running

out of fuel but in those times call out

to me breathe deeply in my presence and

remember that I am the one who fuels

your inner fire I am your strength your


Light when the weight of the world seems

to heavy to Bear turn to me

let the radiance of my presence saturate

your being Illuminating the path ahead

it is easy to lose sight of me amidst

the shadows of doubt and fear but

remember that I am always with you

shining brightly even in the darkest of

times trust me

wholeheartedly even when the world

around you seems


Bleak and in the midst of planning and

problem solving do not lose sight of my

presence whisper my name and let the

light of my love shine upon you seek

solace in scripture allowing my word to

guide your steps and illuminate your

path by immersing yourself in my

teachings you will find Clarity amidst

the chaos making space for more of me

and your


rejoice in the joy of my presence for

you are deeply loved and cherished just

as a beloved couple’s Hearts Leap with

joy upon being reunited let your heart

rejoice in our Eternal connection take

joy in glorifying my name for in doing

so you will find strength and Delight


measure never underestimate the power of

prayer it is not a feeble Last Resort

but a powerful means of connecting with

me through persistent heartfelt prayer

you can bless not only yourself but also

those around you seek the guidance of

the Holy Spirit and join with others in

seeking my face with humility and

repentance make time for restful moments

in my presence for in doing so you will

find refreshment for your soul be of

good courage knowing that I am with you

always strengthening you for the journey

ahead train your thoughts to focus on me

finding comfort in my unwavering

commitment to

you know that you are never alone for I

am your Living Lord your rock and your

savior meditate on my greatness and let

your heart be filled with the Assurance

of my love share this message with those

you love And subscribe to the Daily

manifestation for you channel to stay

connected with my

voice to love child within the depths of

your soul I am the eternal flame that

keeps your your lamp burning it is I who

turns your moments of Darkness into

radiant light there come times and

weariness and burdens threatened to dim

the Brilliance of your lamp causing it

to Flicker and sputter almost running

out of

fuel in those moments I Ur you to call

out to me breathe deeply in my presence

and remember that I am the one who fuels

your lamp your strength and your Guiding


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