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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end my cherished child as the sun rises

on a new day let the dawn bring forth a

symphony of blessings and opportunities

into your life from this moment onward

may you find yourself surrounded by open

doors adorned with the treasures of

beautiful friendships and graced with

the Divine Embrace of prosperity it is

time for you to break free from the

shackles of financial slavery for I am

here to bestow upon you my Abundant

Blessings your prayers your labor your

every Endeavor shall be adorned with my

favor know that when I make a promise it

is bound to be fulfilled for I am

steadfast in my commitment to you I am

with you my presence a constant Beacon

of love and guidance ever by your side

through every trial and

Triumph in the face of adversity fear

not for I am your protector and your

Solace when the burdens of Life weigh

heavy upon your shoulders lean upon me

and I shall lend you my strength trust

in my Divine wisdom to illuminate the

path before you shielding your mind from

confusion and leading you towards

righteousness let your heart be filled

with the serenity of my eternal love

overflowing with boundless joy as you

embrace the beauty of existence the

tears you once shed in anguish shall be

replaced with laughter for I shall wipe

away your sorrows and bring an end to


pain my love for you knows no bounds for

it is unconditional and and wavering

bring forth your desires your needs and

lay them at my feet for I am here to

answer your prayers with blessings and

freedom peace and abundance shall flow

into your life like a gentle stream

washing away all traces of doubt and

fear know that you are never alone for I

am always with you my presence a

steadfast companion in the Journey of

Life allow my words to resonate within

your soul guiding you towards humility

and simplicity for it is through these

virtues that you shall find true

fulfillment rise up my child and leave

behind the Shadows of the past for I

have chosen you to inherit my Divine

blessings Stand Tall with unwavering

faith in my Providence and face each

challenge with

determination and Grace for I am the

creator of all things and in my my

presence you shall find rest and


strength embrace the power of

manifestation my beloved and let your

faith be a beacon of light in the

darkness share this message with those

who seek Solace and guidance that they

too may find comfort in my words and

remember subscribe to the Daily

manifestation for you channel to stay

connected with the Divine wisdom that

guides your

path the love child as the dawn breaks

embrace the promise of a new day filled

with blessings opportunities and

boundless Grace from this moment forward

may your path be adored with open doors

nurturing friendships and divine


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