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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end to all who inquire my Grace Flows

abundantly to all who see my Essence

reveals itself and to all who knock the

door to My Sanctuary swings open

wide I walk alongside you a constant

companion in your trials and

tribulations when the burdens of Life

weigh heavy upon your shoulders trust in

me for I am the steadfast pillar that

fortifies your

spirit fear not for I am Forever by your

side my righteousness has Shield against

the onslaught of doubt and despair with

unwavering Faith rebuke the Shadows that

seek to envelop your path for in my name

they hold no dominion over

you never cease in your supplication for

therein lies the key to unlocking the

depths of my love and guidance let your

thoughts be consumed with the truths I

impart for they are the compass that

guides you through the tempests of


remember always my cherished child to

Heed These words of wisdom trust in my

counsel for therein lies the path to

Enlightenment and

fulfillment rise now beloved Daughter

cast off the shackles of excuses and

self-doubt that bind you your resilience

has not gone unnoticed I have witnessed

the battles you have fought and the

scars you

bear yet the time has come to March

forward undeterred by The Whispers of

naysayers and the snares of the wicked

know this my child that I have

dispatched Legions of angels to

safeguard your journey their watchful

gaze ever upon

you a path adorned with Miracles and

blessings awaits bury your name upon its

Hallowed Ground do not stray from this

sacred Trail lured by the false promises

of fleeting Pleasures though the road

may be

arduous and the trials daunting cling

steadfast to my teachings for they shall

be your Guiding Light in the

darkness I understand the burdens you

carry as a follower of my word but take

heart for victory shall ultimately be

yours the descenting voices shall fall

silent and the righteousness of your

cause shall be Vindicated patience my

beloved for in due time the fruits of

your labor shall be revealed in all


Splendor embrace my promises with open

arms allowing them to permeate your very

being invite me into the depths of your

heart where I shall dwell eternally a

Beacon of Hope in a world fraught with

uncertainty fear not the trials that lie

ahead for I shall be your steadfast

companion empowering you to soar to


unimagined with each obstacle you you

overcome know that you are not alone for

I Am With You Always Feel the strength

of my presence Infuse your soul

emboldening you to rise above adversity

with the grace of an eagle in Flight let

not dispair Cloud your vision for I have

ordained your destiny With Victory and

Triumph take solace in our communion my

child for therein lies the source of

your strength and


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