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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end the act of Engraving a practice as

ancient as time itself imuse objects

with a sense of permanence yet even the

most precious metals may be lost stolen

or melted away however your name etched

upon the p Palms of my hands remains

indelible to an Ever presentent reminder

of your enduring importance to

me in the grand tapestry of existence

cold and silver May hold value but they

pale in comparison to the magnificence

of knowing me of being in communion with

the Divine for all eternity your name

inscribed upon my Palms signifies your

Perpetual presence in my thoughts a

constant reminder of your significance

in the vast expanse of

creation while Mortals May jot notes

upon their hands to recall fleeting

reminders he The Sovereign of the

universe have engraved your name upon my

Palms as a testament to your Eternal


Rejoice my beloved in The Wonder of this

truth you are treasured beyond measure

valued above all Earthly riches trust in

me and let not fear take root within

your heart do not be disheartened by the

trials and tribulations of the world for

the reports of the news are but

fragments of reality often devoid of

acknowledgment of my presence and the

mighty works I am accomplishing on

Earth when the world seems daunting turn

to me and find Solace In My Embrace draw

strength from the example of David who

found courage in his faith amidst

adversity contemplate my inspiring glory

and boundless power and take Delight in

my unending love for you

know that you are embarked on an

adventurous Journey with me and your

ultimate destination is the Embrace of


Heaven as you fix your gaze upon me and

embrace the deep relationship I offer

fear will recede and joy will surge

within your soul trust in me

wholeheartedly for I am your strength

and your song Those Who who s in tears

will reap with songs of Joy so do not

despise your tears for they are precious

to me each tear shed nourishes your

growth into a resilient more joyful

follower of the

Divine your willingness to share in the

Sorrows of this found World grants you

depth and compassion enlarging your

capacity for joy to not neglect the

delightful worship of singing praises

even amidst sadness for it is a potent

way to elevate your soul to Me dance in

the radiance of my presence for this is

the joy of the

Divine every blessing you possess is a

gift from my hand including each breath

you draw I lavish countless blessings

upon you yet many go unnoticed in the

hustle and Bassel of daily life

recognize the miracle of inhaling the

breath of life for it is through my

Divine breath that you have become a


soul in sharing this message let it

serve as a reminder of your Eternal

worth and significance in the eyes of



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