?God Says, Please Don’t Let The Devil Win Today My Child | God Message Today | Jesus Message |

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end as you face the trials of Life know

that I am always with you ready to

illuminate your path and fill your heart

with my unwavering love when the weight

of planning and problems consumes your

thoughts turn to me and Whisper my my

name let the light of my presence shine

upon you as you bask in my boundless

love and find Solace In My

Embrace do not let worry or fear

dominate your thoughts for I am here to

guide you through even the darkest of

times immerse your mind and heart in the

teachings of scripture for my word is a

lamp to guide your steps and a Beacon of

Hope to illuminate your

path rejoice in the joy of my presence

for you are my beloved and I am the

eternal lover of your soul Delight in

the profound affection I have for you

and glorify my Holy Name which is above


name do not underestimate the power of

prayer for it is through prayer that you

forge a powerful connection with me seek

my face with humility and repentance and

beseech me to heal your


land make time to rest in my presence

for it is in Quiet Moments with me that

your soul finds true refreshment and

strength be courageous for I am with you

wherever you go fortifying your heart

and and guiding your


steps meditate on my greatness and my

unwavering commitment to you and share

the message of my love with those around

you subscribe to daily manifestation for

you a channel dedicated to helping you

stay connected with my voice and receive

daily affirmations of faith and


Embrace each day with faith and courage

knowing that I am always by your side

ready to light your way and fill your

heart with my eternal love with love

Eternal your

savior beloved child in the depths of

your soul where the flickering flame of

Hope dances amidst the darkness know

that I am the guardian of the that light

it is I who breathe life into your weary

Spirit transforming Shadows into radiant

beams of


light there are moments when the burdens

of this world threaten to extinguish

your flame when weariness Creeps in and

the weight of existence passes down upon

your shoulders in those moments my

beloved do not despair for I am here

ever present ready to fuel your lamp

with the Boundless Energy of my

love when the darkness looms large and

your lamp flickers perilously closed to

fading call out to me breathe deeply in

the sanctuary of my presence and feel

the warmth of My Embrace know that I am

the source of your strength the beacon

of your

light turn towards me dear one and allow

the Brilliance of my presence to

saturate your being for in me you will

find Refuge from the storms that rage

around you yes this world is shrouded in

darkness steeped in the shadows of doubt


fear but fear not for I am the light

that pierces through the night

Illuminating the path before you trust

me my child even when the world seems

Bleak and uncertain for in me you will

find Solace and peace beyond measure

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