🔴God Says, My Guidance Encourages Your Motivation | gods message | DMFY-327

something you deeply desire is Drawing

Near I acknowledge your needs

tomorrow morning a miracle is set to and

full before you countless remarkable

blessings await as my divine grace

Embraces you

stay attuned to this video until its

conclusion to witness the miracle that

will Grace your life

the message from God as conveyed by

Jesus on the Mount of Olives serves as a

Perpetual reminder of the challenges

Humanity may confront

when the disciples inquired about signs

of his return and the world’s

culmination Jesus warned against

deception and false leaders who would

mislead many

he prophesied Wars famines and

earthquakes he advised his followers not

to be disheartened for these occurrences

were only the Inception of a greater


Jesus unveiled that persecution and

enmity would befall Believers causing

betrayals and animosity among people

cautioned against the rise of false

prophets who would spread confusion and

lawlessness potentially causing people’s

hearts to grow coal

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