?God Says, It’s Really Over If You Skip Me Today! | God Message Today | Jesus Message |

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end when the weight of the world

threatens to overwhelm you turn to me

and Whisper my name let the light of my

presence wash over you filling you with

the warmth of my love thank me for my

steadfast devotion for my unwavering

Presence by your side affirm your trust

in me dear one and know that I will

never leave you nor forsake

you when doubts assale your mind and

fears Cloud your vision immerse yourself

in the depths of my word Let its wisdom

be a lamp unto your feet guiding you

through the darkest of nights for in my

word you will find truth and comfort

strength and


Solace Rejoice my belove and the joy of

my presence let your heart sing with

gladness at the thought of being Lov so

deeply and completely for you are my

cherished one the apple of my air and my

love for you knows no

bounds glorify my name dear one for I am

the Lord of lords the King of Kings

worship me with abandon for in me you

will find true fulfillment and joy let

your life be a testament to my goodness

and Grace a beacon of light and a world

shrouded in

darkness and when the trials of Life

threaten to overwhelm you remember this

You are not alone I am with you always

guiding you protecting you and loving

you with a love that knows no end so be

of good courage my beloved and fear not

for I am with you wherever you

go share this message with those you

love dear one that they to may find

comfort and strength in my presence and

subscribe to the Daily manifestation for

you Channel

that you may stay connected with my

voice and receive daily reminders of my

love for

you my dearest child within the depths

of your being I am the eternal flame

that keeps your spirit Al light in the

midst of your darkest moments it is I

who transforms the Shadows into

Illuminating Light there come times when

weariness weighs heavy upon your

shoulders threatening to extinguish the

flickering flame within

you in those moments amidst the trials

and burdens that assail you call out to

me breathe deeply in the sanctuary of my

presence and know that I am the very

essence that fuels Your Inner Light I am

your strength your Solace and your

Guiding Light

turn your gaze towards me allowing the

radiance of my presence to saturate your

being my Divine Essence like a beacon in

the night brightens your path and Alters


perspective when you Veer away from me

when the distractions of the world

obscure my presence Darkness may seem to

envelop you yet yet remember always that

I am the light that shines unwaveringly

in the depths of the night fear not my

child for I am with you

always trust in me

wholeheartedly even when the world seems

shrouded in uncertainty know that I am

ever present a steadfast companion in

the Journey of life when worries and

anxieties threaten too overwhelm you

turn to me and Whisper my


2 thoughts on “?God Says, It’s Really Over If You Skip Me Today! | God Message Today | Jesus Message |”

  1. As the whispering winds guide my direction I watch as the birds flutter against the wind. The rustling of the trees dancing with the wind remind me of the lord of the Holy father in heaven. He guides my way through these empty streets and sends friends to watch over me. I thank the Lord for his word like water crying out to me for a drink. The wars ravish the land which will someday end and we will.finally be at peace on our lovely planet he called Earth. He is our Lans Lord and our only begotten father of the spirit. He remains in heaven while se wonder when will he arrive. We wait for him on a daily as the critters upon the ground wait. One day we will meet our maker and he will be here with us and we will all be in loving harmony with our heavenly father. I believe in the Lord and his word. His words are like waterfalls crashing to the ground with a light fall to the boulders. As the water crossed over the boulders he left his word to be witnessed by thr seer. May our Lord continue to lead us into love.


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