????God Says, It Is Over Unfortunately, Don’t Skip???? | DMFY-864

hey there my cherished friend I’m here

to share some thoughts with you to

illuminate your path and guide you

forward it’s crucial to be prepared for

Action yet equally vital not to let

troubles monopolize your attention

Instead try shifting your worries on to

me I have got the capacity to handle

them once you’ve done that smoothly

transition to the next task at hand

knowing that I have made a promise to

sustain you and fulfill your needs

abundantly you see I’m equipped with

abundant resources ready to provide

everything you require whenever you feel

inadequate to face a new day or a new

challenge remember this my grace is more

than sufficient for you the present

tense of this statement

emphasizes that my wonderful Grace is

perpetually available to

you so rather than squandering your time

and energy dwelling on your perceived

weaknesses rejoice in the awareness of

how much you depend on me embrace the

reality that you are not enough on your

own and freely ask for my assistance

Revel in the Assurance of my Limited


sufficiency it’s when you recognize your

weaknesses and joyfully rely on me for

help that my strength shines most

brilliantly together we can enhance your

endeavors improving your work as we

collaborate just imagine the Marvel of

working alongside me the King of Kings

had Lord of lords align your will with

Mine by offering your life as a

sacrifice and act of worship that brings

me immense joy and infuses your life

with meaning and

joy this act of surrender only offers

you a glimpse of the boundless and

imaginable happiness awaiting you in

heaven as you seek me let joy and

contentment fill your heart in my

presence take moments to praise me with

songs and Psalms reflecting on my

Grandeur Beauty and power consider the

selflessness of My Sacrifice leaving the

Splendor of Heaven to user you into my

kingdom of eternal life and

light your happiness in my presence

deepens our intimacy drawing you closer

to me and enriching your experience of

my holy presence this closeness will not

only amplify your joy but also bless

those around you your happiness has the

power to uplift others even those beyond

your immediate circle in a world

overshadowed by fear and uncertainty

your joy shines brightly pring others to

wonder about its source

be prepared to share the reason for your

hope at all times my power preserves you


stumbling understanding your weaknesses

and the Swift nature of your imbalance

without my intervention though you may

be growing in Grace complete freedom

from sin remains unattainable in this

Fallen world that’s why your continual

dependence on me is a

essential in my glorious presence you

stand Flawless free from accusations or

blemishes clad in the garments of

Salvation and righteousness you can wear

these Ro robes confidently knowing that

your security stems from my

righteousness not your own

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