?God Says, I’ll Save You From The Hell If You Watch Me Today! | God Message Today | Jesus Message |

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end pour out your heart to me sharing

your triumphs and tribulations Alik for

I am ever ready to land you my ear and

my guidance in the midst of life’s

storms I shall be your calm amidst the

chaos guiding you safely to the shores


Tranquility do not succumb to the

darkness that threatens to engulf you

for my light shall illuminate your path

guiding you through even the darkest of

nights know that you are not alone in

your struggles for I am intimately

acquainted with your pain and suffering

feel my presence envelop you granting

you the courage to press onward with

with an wavering

resolve rise now my beloved with your

head held high for you are destined for

greatness Let The Echoes of my promises

ReSound within you propelling you ever

forward on the path to Victory trust in

my words dear child for they are the

foundation upon which your dreams shall



know this my beloved daughter that my

blessings shall manifest in their

appointed time remain steadfast in your

devotion praying fervently and trusting

implicitly in my Providence promise me

dear one that you will share this

message with those dear to you spreading

the light of my love to all who will


it embrace the journey Journey that lies

before you for I Am With You Always

guiding you with a love that knows no

bounds together we shall conquer every

trial and tribulation emerging

Victorious on the other side believe in

the power of my love my child and watch

as Miracles unfold before your very

eyes and as you navigate the complexity

of Life remember always to seek solace

in our communion for therein lies the

key to unlocking the fullness of my

blessings with each passing day may you

grow ever closer to me basking in the

warmth of my love and the certainty of


promises trust in me beloved daughter

and together we shall navigate the two

tumultuous Seas of Life emerging

stronger and more resilient than never

before to my cherished child in the

Labyrinth of life’s trials and

tribulations I am your sustenance your

refuge in times of weariness when the

weight of the world presses upon your

shoulders I am the Steady Hand that

lifts you from


seek me earnestly and you shall find me

ask and you shall receive knock and the

door shall swing wide to welcome you my

presence is not bound by time or

circumstance I am with you always a

steadfast companion in your


journey when doubts assale you rebuke

them in my name let your prayers Ascend

like incense a fragrant offering of

faith and trust my child remember these

words I am your strength your Fortress

in the fry cling not to excuses or The

Whispers of naysayers their voices are

but fleeting Echoes In The Grand

Symphony of your

destiny you have displayed resilience

beyond measure

a testament to the courage that resides




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  1. Thank you Lord for your life today. Save my life today and forever in the name of Jesus I pray you are the only one who gives life help me Lord


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