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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end the act of Engraving upon precious

metals nears the permanence of my love

for you yet even these Earthly Treasures

pale in comparison to the magnificence

of knowing me intimately and eternally

your name engraved upon the palms of my

my hands serves as a constant reminder

of your indelible place in my thoughts

woven into the very fabric of my

being while Mortals May jot notes upon

their hands to remember fleeting tasks I

and my boundless love have chosen to

engrave your name upon my Palms

signifying your Eternal significance to

me Rejoice my cherished one and The

Wonder of being known and loved by The

Sovereign of the

universe amidst the tumult of this world

do not be disheartened for I am ever

present guiding and protecting you with

a love that knows no bounds Trust in Me

Above All Else and let not fear take

root within your heart the reports of

the world for presented through the

narrow lenss of mortal perception often

omit the most vital truth my steadfast

presence and the mighty work I am

accomplishing in every corner of the

Earth when the world feels daunting turn

to me and find Solace In My Embrace draw

strength from the example of David who

found courage in the midst of adversity

by fix fixing his gaze upon me as you

contemplate my glory and boundless power

allow joy to Surge within you for I am

your strength and your

song do not despise your tears my child

for they are precious to me just as

water nourishes the seeds of Mighty

trees your tears nourish your growth

into a resilient follower of Christ and

Embrace both sorrow and joy for they are

the threads that weave the tapestry of

your journey with

me sing praises to me even in the midst

of sadness for worship is a potent bomb

for the soul dance in the radiance of my

presence for this is the joy of the Lord

of joy that transcends

circumstances and fills your heart to or

overflowing every blessing you possess

is a gift from my hand bestowed upon you

with love beyond measure cherish each

breath as a miracle for it is the very

Breath of Life that sustains you as you

embark on this journey of Faith remember

that I am with you always guiding you

with love and grace share this message

with those those you love And subscribe

to the Daily manifestation channel to

stay connected with my voice echoing

through the depths of your

soul my dearest child in the tender

Embrace of Eternity your name is not

merely etched but woven intricately into

the very essence of my being you are not

just a fleeting thought or a passing

fancy but a cherished treasure a beloved

Masterpiece crafted with Divine


intention the act of Engraving a gesture

of permanence Echoes the Eternal nature

of our bond yet even as times Relentless

tide May wear upon the surface know that

the Ence remains untouched immutable in

its beauty and depth for you my precious

one are not merely a possession to be

held but a soul to be cherished a spirit

to be nurtured with boundless love and


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