?God says:- I Will Smile Again If You Watch | God Message Today | Jesus Says |

God has a special message only for you

he has been waiting to communicate with

you watch the entire video to receive

his hidden message my dearest child I

come to you with a heart filled with

both sorrow and joy for too long I have

watched as you journey through life your

steps faltering your ears deaf to my

Whispers And your heart closed off for

my guidance I have witnessed your

struggles your pains and your Joys all

while yearning for you to turn towards

me to seek Solace In My Embrace and to

find wisdom in my words know that it is

never too late to come back to me to

seek forgiveness for your

transgressions and to embrace the love

and grace that I offer freely to all who

seek it my arms are always open wide

ready to welcome you home with love that

knows no bounds so my beloved child I

implore you to listen to my voice to

heed my words and to follow the path

that I have laid out before you trust in

my guidance and have faith that I will

lead you to the Fulfillment joy and

peace that your heart truly desires for

in listening to me you will find true

happiness true fulfillment and true

purpose and in surrendering to my will

you will discover a love that surpasses

all understanding a love that will

sustain you uplift you and carry you

through the trials and tribulations of

life my child I am here for you always

ready to guide you support you and love

you unconditionally may you open your heart

to me may you listen to my voice and may

you find peace in the knowledge that you

are forever loved cherished and valued

in my eyes amen

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