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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end engraving a practice as old as time

itself speaks of permanence of abund and

yielding to the ravages of time yet even

as time wears upon the edings as objects

are lost or stolen or melted down your

name remains engraved upon the palms of

my hands for you my dear one are ever

present in my thoughts an indelible Mark

of my

love people jut notes upon their hands

to remember significant things but I

have engraved your name upon my Palms

because you are eternally significant to

me rejoice in this Wonder knowing that I

the sovereign of the universe hold you

dear DM material possessions like gold

and silver hold value in this world but

they are as dust compared to the

magnificence of knowing me for eternity

your name upon my hands signifies your

worth your importance in my

eyes do not be swayed by the happenings

of the world or the reports of the news

for they often fail to acknowledge my

presence journalists sift through oceans

of information straining out everything

related to me and the work I do on this

Earth but whenever the world feels

daunting turn to me find solace in my

presence as David found strength in me

and his companions threatened

him summon cage by remembering Who I Am

by contemplating my inspiring glory and

boundless power take Delight in my

unending love knowing that you are on an

adventurous Journey with me and your

ultimate destination is heaven as you

keep your gaze fixed upon me and embrace

the deep relationship I offer fear will

recede and joy will surge within you

trust in me wholeheartedly for I am your

strength and your

song do not despise your tears my child

for they are precious to me just as

water is essential for seeds to flourish

into mighty trees your tears nourish

your growth into a resilient more joyful

follower of mind your willingness to

share in the Sorrows of of this world

grants you depth and

compassion enlarging your capacity for

Joy singing praises to me even when

sadness clouds your heart is a potent

way to elevate your soul as your joy in

the encounters might Delight in you you

can dance in the radiance of my presence

this is the joy of the Lord a gift I

offer freely to you

my beloved

child every blessing you possess is a

gift from my hand including each breath

you draw yet often these blessings go

unrecognized taken for granted but it

was I who breathed the breath of life

into Adam and so it is I who sustains

you each

moment my dear one one remember this

always you are cherished you are loved

and you’re never alone walk in the light

of my presence and know that I am with

you now and forever more with the

endless love your Eternal


companion to love child in the tapestry

of my existence your name is not just

woven it is intricately embroidered upon

the very fabric of my being

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