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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end these perplexing events that unfold

around you serve as beacons cutting

through the darkness allowing the

radiance of my Divine Light to permeate

the hearts of my faithful

deities this sacred light this holy

illumination is available for you to

bask in my beloved child rest assured

you are never alone my countenance

shines upon you enveloping you in my

infinite love and grace find Solace In

My Embrace for I am your constant

companion offering strength Solace and


happiness trust in me for I I am forever

with you ready to extend my helping hand

whenever you call upon me take comfort

in the knowledge that I love you

unconditionally eternally seek me out

each day for I am your Guiding Light the

very essence of life

itself as you Journey Through the

vicissitudes of Life remember that I am

your steadfast rock your sanctuary in

the storm your most precious possession

let your heart overflow with gratitude

and praise for my love for you knows no


bounds have faith my dear one and be

patient for my timing is immaculate do

not rush headlong into an uncertain

future nor cling to Trent Pleasures that

offer fleeting satisfaction rid yourself

of anything that obstructs the flow of

my blessings and distance yourself from

those who doubt my

existence continue to pray to study my

teachings diligently and refrain from

seeking quick fixes that may lead you

astray rest assured I am aware of your

every need cognizant of the burdens that

weigh heavy upon on your heart and the

trials that beset

you though the trials of illness and

financial hardship May weigh heavily

upon you open your heart to receive my

promises and guidance embrace my word

fervently laboring diligently to unearth

its Treasures for therein lies the path

the true

fulfillment trust in the process My

Sweet Child for everything will unfold

in its own time be not dismayed by the

minations of the wicked nor envious of

their fleeting success their prosperity

shall wither like the grass while my

blessings endure for


eternity share this message with others

if you hold love for me in your heart

subscribe to daily manifestation for you

where my voice shall continue to

resonate offering guidance and solace in

your daily life trust in me for I am

your everpresent guide leading you along

the path of righteousness and blessing



abundantly my cherished child within you

resides the essence of Light untainted

by any Shadow I Your Divine Creator

embody perfection in every facet devoid

of even the faintest


blemish while the world around you may

seem shrouded in darkness and overrun

with malevolence you must hold steadfast

to the understanding that I am the

radiant Beacon piercing through the

plume no force can extinguish or

diminish the Brilliance of my eternal


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