?God Says, I Urge You Please Don’t Ignore Me This Time! | God Message Today | Jesus Message Today |

end in times of hardship surrender your

burdens unto me for I shall fortify your

spirit and imbue you with unwavering

resolve know that I your Eternal guy

shall never forsake you but shall P you

with the righteous hand of my

Providence when doubt assails your

Consciousness rebuke it in my name for I

am the Bedrock upon which your faith is

anchored let not your prayers be faint

Whispers but let them ReSound with the

fervor of your devotion for in communion

with me you shall find Solace and

strength beloved daughter the time has

come to cast aside the shackles of

excuses and embrace the boundless

potential that resides within you though

you have weathered storms and faced

adversity with courage know that your

journey is far from

over pay no heed to the voices of desent

for I have ordained a path uniquely

tailored to your destiny a path adorned

with Miracles and blessings of

Plenty shund the alure of easy paths for

they lead only to fleeting

gratification Embrace instead the narrow

road for though it may be fraught with

challenges it shall ultimately lead you

to the Fulfillment of your Divine

Purpose be not swayed by the opinions of

others for I alone hold the blueprint of

your destiny and it is a destiny marked

by Triumph and

Vindication in The Crucible of life’s

trials I have dispatched Legions of

angels to safeguard your journey to

Shield you from Harm’s Way trust in my

Providence and you shall emerge from The

Crucible and scath your spirit unbroken

and your resolve unyielding

take solace in the knowledge that I am

ever present a Beacon of Hope amidst the

darkest of nights let not fear Cloud

your vision for I Am With You Always

guiding you with a steady hand and

infusing your spirit with the strength


eagles rise belov daughter rise with the

full measure of your strength for I have

have destined you for greatness though

the path may be fraught with obstacles

know that I walk beside you lighting the

way with the radiance of my

love make of your heart a sanctuary a

vessel through which my blessings May

flow unhindered engage in fervent

dialogue with me for in communion with

your creator you shall find peace of

midst life’s

storms as you navigate the trials of

existence remember that you are never

alone feel my presence in every breath

and every heartbeat and let it bolster

your spirit and embolden your

soul no beloved child that your destiny

is written in the stars ATT test testate

to your inherent worth and Divine

Purpose trust in my

promises in moments of doubt and moments

of Despair hold fast to my words for

they are the Bedrock upon which your

faith is built believe and you shall see

my blessings manifest in wondrous ways

transforming your life into a symphony

of joy and

fulfillment and so I implore you beloved

daughter to share this message of Hope

and inspiration with others that they to

may find solace in my eternal love

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