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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end have faith that all things will

align according to my divine plan for my

timing is impeccable do not rush into an

uncertain future nor claing to transient

Pursuits that offer no lasting

fulfillment release yourself from the

shackles of doubt and worry for I see

the burdens that weigh heavy upon your

soul embrace my promises allowing them

to permeate your being have faith work

diligently and bask in the Tranquility

of my presence know that every trial

shall pass and my blessings shall abound

abundantly in due

course be Discerning in your

associations steering clear of those who

lack faith and remain steadfast in

prayer and study of my teachings do not

succumb to impatience or seek shortcuts

for they may lead astray trust in the

abundance of my grace and refrain from

Envy for worldly Pursuits are fleeting

while my blessings endure for


rest assured dear child that I am

attuned to your every need and nothing

escapes my omnicient gaze even in

moments of sickness or financial Strife

hold fast to my promises for they are a

Wellspring of Hope and Assurance

surrender to the rhythm of my Divine

timing and I shall shower upon you peace

joy and manifold bless

blessings as you navigate the Labyrinth

of Life remember that I am your Guiding

Light Illuminating the path before you

trust in my unfailing love and

relinquish all haste knowing that I

orchestrate all things for your ultimate

good stay rooted in faith for in the

fullness of time every promise shall be

fulfilled and every prayer answer

answered in conclusion my beloved child

let the radiance of my love permeate

Your Existence filling you with

unshakable peace and boundless Joy trust

in my Providence and let your heart be a

vessel of unwavering Faith as you walk

in the light of my grace may you

experience the fullness of life’s

Blessings Now and for all all

eternity my cherished child within me

there is only radiant light illuminance

Untouched by any Shadow Of Darkness I

Your Divine Creator am am Perfection

personify Flawless in every


aspect while the world around you may be

veiled in shades of darkness and marred

by the stain of evil remember that I am

the everpresent beacon of light that

pierces through even the deepest Gloom

nothing can extinguish or even diminish

the Brilliance of my eternal


Essence one day you Shall Behold the

entirety of my Splendor and be enveloped

in boundless Joy beyond comprehension

but for now you must navigate through

LIF Guided by faith rather than

sight when the tumultuous Curr of the

world threaten to unsettle you grasp my

hand with unwavering resolve do not cow

in the face of evil instead wield the

power of goodness to Vanquish

it know that I am by your side and

through the sacrifice of my Divine

Incarnation and subsequent Resurrection

I have already triumphed over the



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