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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end work diligently to align yourself

with my will and Trust in the process

rejoice in my divine presence for

therein lies true peace and fulfillment

be patient my beloved for All Shall

unfold according to my divine plan

do not succumb to impatience or seek

expedient solutions for they shall only

lead you

astray rest assured that the trent lure

of worldly pleasures shall fade while

the Eternal blessings I bestow upon you

shall endure have faith in my promises

for they are immutable and true I am a

god of Miracles and my benevolence

extends ends not only to you but to your

loved ones as

well embrace the journey with unwavering

faith for I am the light that guides you

through the darkness do not despair for

I Am With You Always offering Solace and

strength in times of need trust in my

Divine timing for I shall never falter

or delay in fulfilling my promises

do not yield to The Temptations of the

wicked nor Envy their fleeting success

their prosperity shall with her like the

grass while those who remain steadfast

in their faith shall reap Eternal

rewards share this message with those

you hold dear and continue to cultivate

your connection with me through daily



my child take comfort in the knowledge

that you are eternally cherished and

guided by my boundless love walk in

faith knowing that I am with you every

step of the way guiding you toward the

future filled with blessings and divine

fulfillment my cherished child know that

I am the embodiment of light Devo of of

any Darkness I Your Divine Creator am am

flawlessly perfect in every aspect while

the world around you may seem steeped in

Shadows and

malevolence remember that I am the

Eternal Beacon of light that pieres

through even the darkest of

nights nothing not even the most

profound Darkness can diminish the rate

radience of my eternal

Brilliance in this journey of life you

may find yourself amidst unsettling

circumstances both in the world and

within your personal sphere yet amidst

the chaos I extend my hand to you

brimming with unwavering

strength fear not the malevolent forces

that may seek to intimidate date you

instead wield the power of goodness to

overcome them know that I am by your

side having already secured the ultimate

Triumph Through My Sacrifice upon the

cross and subsequent

Resurrection these tumultuous events

that unfold are but fleeting moments

designed to cleave through the darkness

and illuminate the hearts of my faithful

followers with the sanctity of my Holy

Light my countenance shines upon you

enveloping you in the warmth of my love

you are never alone for I am forever

present offering Solace fortitude and


Joy trust in me for I am your steadfast

rock your Sanctuary amidst The Tempest

of life let your heart overflow with

gratitude and adoration for I cherish

you infinitely

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