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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end my dearest child in the midst of

life’s trials and

tribulations I am here ever present

ready to be your strength your guide and

The Melody of your heart within you lies

a Wellspring of untapped potential a

fusion of your your innate talents and

the supernatural empowerment that I

offer freely know that your achievements

are not merely your own but a testament

to the boundless capabilities I have

bestowed upon

you as you Journey Through the tapestry

of life I urge you not to falter in

seeking my guidance delve into the

scriptures explore the depths of your

soul and seek counsel from those wise

Brethren who walk alongside you my

purpose for you is not hidden it waits

patiently to be discovered as you open

your heart to my Divine

intent in moments of uncertainty do not

despair for I am the Everlasting Light

That illuminates your path guiding you

through the darkest of times trust in my

love for it knows no bounds it is a love

that has conquered even death itself

securing for you a Triumph that

transcends Earthly

struggles reflect upon the profound

depths of my love for it is the very

essence of your being you are not

defined by the fleeting perceptions of

this world but by the Eternal Bond we

share your soul dear one is eternally

intertwined with mine undergoing a

transformation from glory to greater

glory with each passing

moment amidst the chaos of the world

amidst the clamor of distractions I

beckon you to fix your gaze upon me in

my presence you will find boundless Joy

a joy that surpass passes all

understanding allow me to be your

constant companion your steadfast anchor

in the storms of

life as you Journey forward remember to

remain mindful of my presence let it

permeate every aspect of your being

empowering you to confront life’s

challenges with unwavering courage and

Grace with each step you take with each

breath you breathe know that I am with

you guiding you strengthening you and

filling your heart with unceasing

joy my beloved the path ahead may be

fraught with difficulties but fear not

for victory is already yours through my

sacrificial love and miraculous

Resurrection I have secured for you a

Triumph that surpasses is O Earthly

understanding trust in me rely on me and

together we shall

overcome share this message with those

who need to hear it for in spreading the

light of my love you become a Beacon of

Hope in a world shrouded in darkness and

as you do so remember to subscribe to


manifestation a channel dedicated to

keeping you you connected with the power

of positive affirmations and the

transformative love that resides within


you my dearest child in the tapestry of

existence I see the trials and

tribulations that beset your journey yet

know this I am the unwavering strength

at your side the melody that resonates

within your heart when the bird of Life

weigh heavy upon you I am here ready to

lift you up and carry you forward for I

am your Eternal support

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