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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end let go of the shackles of financial

burdens for you are destined for freedom

and abundance beyond

measure know that your prayers Endeavors

and every heartfelt effort are seen and

cherish when I make a vow it is

eternally sealed with certainty I am by

your sigh an unwavering presence through

every trial and Triumph no matter how

daunting the challenges may appear I

stand as your protector and source of

solist guiding you along the righteous


path release all confusion and doubt for

I am a steadfast Beacon illuminating

your way may your mind find Tranquility

filled with the serenity that flows from

my unconditional love your heart will

brim with Cho and laughter show replac

the tears of yester years’s my blessings

upon you are ceaseless for my love knows


bounds bring forth your desires

aspiration and need s for I am the

provider of all that is good and holy

your prayers shall be met with the

shower of blessings and Newfound Freedom

peace and abundance shall be your

constant companions enriching every

facet of your

journey in moments of uncertainty rest

assured that I am ever present reminding

you of my promises and guiding

principles nothing in this world can

rival the profound peace that emanates

from My Embrace I have heard your

Praises your pleas and your moments of

gratitude amidst

adversity your unwavering Faith moves me

deeply for even in the darkest of nights

you lift your voice in gratitude and

trust your resilience amid trial speaks

volumes of your unwavering belief in my

Providence continue to stand firm in the

knowledge that all works together for

your ultimate

good Rejoice for the barren valleys of

your life shall flourish once more

abundant resources flowing to replenish

what was once depleted be vigilant

against the deceit of the adversary for

his lies hold no sway over the truth of


promises in times of conflict call upon

me and my angels shall encamp around you

safeguarding your every step you are a

cherished member of my flock and I

implore you to remain steadfast in the

face of adversity embrace my correction

with humility for it is born of love and

and a desire for your

growth rise dear one leaving behind the

Shadows of the past with unwavering

Faith lift your gaze Skyward for the

blessings I bestow upon you are as vast

as the heavens you are chosen my beloved

destined to inherit the riches of my

kingdom find solace in my presence draw

dra strength from my promises and let

your faith be your Guiding Light stand

Resolute knowing that I the creator of

all am ever by your sigh leading you

onward with Grace and Divine

Purpose may this message resonate within

your soul igniting a flame of unwavering

faith and boundless hope share these

words with those dear to you that they

to may find Solace T strength in my



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