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God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end dearest child within the very

essence of my being your name is

engraved woven intricately into the

fabric of my existence this inscription

is not a fleeting Mark but an eternal

Covenant unyielding to the erosion of

time or the challenges of the world you

my cherished one are a possession bought

with a price beyond measure a treasure



Compare consider the act of Engraving

upon precious metals a practice meant to

signify permanence yet even these

objects subject to the wear of time may

be lost stolen or altered but but fear

not for your name is not etched upon

mere gold or silver which whole fleeting

value in this Trent World instead it is

engraved upon the palms of my hands a

gesture of Eternal significance ensure

your Perpetual presence in my thoughts

my heart my very

being as Mortals we often jot notes upon

our hands to remind ourselves of

something significant but I in my

boundless love for you have engraved

your name upon my Palms not as a

reminder but as a declaration of your

Eternal Worth to me Rejoice therefore in

The Wonder of knowing that you are

cherished beyond measure held close to

the heart of the

Divine and a a world where fear and

uncertainty abound where news reports

often paint a bleak picture of reality

remember this the world’s narrative is

incomplete without the recognition of my

presence journalists May sift through

mountains of information but they cannot

erase my mighty works or my steadfast

presence in the world when the world

feels daunting turn to me find solace in

my presence and draw strength from my


love like David who found strength in

the Lord amidst threats and turmoil you

to consum and Courage by remembering who

I am contemplate my glory Revel in my

love and find joy in our deep

relationship for in me you will find the

strength to endure the courage to face

adversity and the peace that surpasses


understanding do not despise your tears

dear one for they are precious to me

just as water nourishes the soil your

tears nourish your soul fostering growth

compassion and resilience Embrace both

the sorrows and the joys of this world

world for in them you will find the

depth of your humanity and the richness

of your

faith every blessing you possess is a

gift from my hand from the very breath

that sustains you to the countless

Miracles that surround you do not take

these gifts for granted but cherish them

as tokens of my boundless love for you

in all things Rejoice sing praise

Praises dance in my presence and know

that you’re are deeply love now and for


eternity to loved child inscribed upon

the very fabric of my hands is your name

a covenant Eternal unyielding to the

wear of time or the corrosive Touch of

worldly Decay you my cherished

possession purchased with the very

essence of my being

hold a place of unparalleled

significance in my heart

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