?God Says, All Gonna Go To Hell Who Skip This! | God Message Today | Jesus message |

God says today if you love me then don’t

skip this video and watch this video

till the very


end my cherished child as the dawn

breaks and the new day unfolds let your

heart be lifted by the promise of

Abundant Blessings and endless

opportunities that await you from this

moment forward May every step you take

be guided by the hand of divine grace

leading you towards open doors and

beautiful connections that enrich your


life know that you are liberated from

the shackles of financial struggle freed

from the chains of scarcity for I your

ever loving Creator shall shower upon

you the blessings of prosperity and

abundance your prayers your efforts

every ounce of of dedication you pour

into your endeavors shall be met with

Divine favor for when I make a promise

it is bound to be

fulfilled fear not the challenges that

may rise for I am your steadfast

protector your unwavering comforter in

moments of uncertainty in the depths of

Despair I am there beside you guiding

you along the path of righteousness let

not confusion Cloud your mind for I

shall be a beacon of clarity

illuminating your thoughts with Serenity



peace your heart shall overflow with joy

your spirit resonating with the beauty

of existence the tears you once

shall be wiped away replaced by laughter

and exuberance my love for you knows no

bounds unconditional and eternal a

beacon of light in the darkest of

nights bring forth your desires to your

hopes your aspiration for I am here to

listen to answer your prayers with

boundless blessings and freedom peace

and abundance shall flow into your life

enriching every f facet of your

being to not falter in your faith for I

am ever present a constant reminder of

my promises and Commandments let

gratitude fill your heart for in

Thanksgiving you acknowledge the Divine

hand that guides your

journey even amidst the trials and

tribulations stand tall

for your success is assured The Valleys

shall turn green the resources

replenished as you walk in alignment

with Divine will trust in the Unseen for

I am orchestrating Miracles beyond your


comprehension do not let doubt Cloud

your vision for I have sent forth my

angels to surround you to protect you

from harm stay root it in the truth

steadfast in your devotion for in unity

with the Divine you shall find strength


measure Embrace humility for it is the

pathway to Divine Grace rise above past

mistakes embracing the promise of

redemption and renewal lift your gaze to

the heavens for I have chosen you to

inherit my divine

Legacy in my presence find Solace find

strength for I am the source of all that

is good and true stand firm in your

belief for through unwavering Faith you

shall move mountains and manifest

Miracles as you Embark upon this journey

of divine

manifestation share the light of love

and truth with others

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